Wake me up in San Francisco

Technically this was my second time visiting San Francisco but the first time I was there it was for an incredibly short visit (17 hours to be exact!) But it was enough time for me to fall in love with the city and my second trip back was no exception. I love San Francisco and it’s a city I can see myself going back to time and time again.


Leigh and I arrived at around 2pm on Friday afternoon and took the BART into the city together. By the time we’d walked up the giant hill to our amazing Air BnB rental I was sweaty and tired. So we spent a bit of time catching up with Lauren and Lisa at our apartment before setting out in search of a grocery store so we could make dinner at our apartment that night!

IMG 3351

Our apartment was near Dolores Park in the Mission area of SF. I loved the area we stayed in and would highly recommend it!

DSC 0469

The first night we enjoyed yummy crackers with hummus and tapenade on our deck and then had a delicious pasta dinner that was mostly made by Lauren and Lisa. It was a nice and light pasta dish which was perfect. It was so nice to have dinner in!

DSC 0476

The rest of Friday night was pretty low key and we were all in bed decently early!


Saturday was all about the race! By the time we were all finished running it was 12:30pm and then we went out to lunch at this amazing place in Albany called Sam’s Log Cabin. Seriously traveling with a local is the best. If we hadn’t had Kyria with us we never would have known about this gem! My fried chicken sandwich really hit the spot!

IMG 3287

After we had lunch we headed back to the apartment so we could all shower and get ready for the evening. Kyria was planning on meeting us back there in a few hours so we decided to walk to see The Painted Ladies. I had actually never heard of them before (sorry not a huge Full House fan!) but of course I recognized them once we got there since they are such an iconic San Francisco landmark.

DSC 0478

DSC 0491

It was about a 5km walk there and back so we definitely earned all the food we ate on Saturday night! Once Kyria got across the bridge she took us for a famous mission burrito. She also took me for one the last time I was in SF and it was so amazing I was still thinking about it. The second time around did not disappoint either. I know I look terrified of it in the below picture but I swear I was excited. It is one of the most delicious things I’ve ever ate!

Mission burrito

After the burrito’s we decided we could definitely fit more food in our stomach and headed to Mitchell’s for ice cream. Luckily we had about a 30 minute wait before we could get ice cream so that gave my stomach some time to settle. We spent most of our waiting time talking about what flavour we would get and debating between getting two scoops or one. That about concludes Saturday! We all collapsed into bed that night in a food coma and exhausted from the race.


We were up bright and early on Sunday morning again as we had big plans to rent bikes and bike across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito!

DSC 0494

Of course we stopped for some amazing views of the bridge along the way.

DSC 0504

IMG 3307

Not going to lie, of all the cool experiences I’ve had in my lifetime, biking across the Golden Gate Bridge has got to be in the top five or ten. It was one of those “is this real life?” experiences for me. So fun and amazing. I highly recommend it.

IMG 3317

Once we got across the bridge we booked it into Sausalito so we could go for brunch. We knew we didn’t have that much time to spend there as we had to catch the 11:30am ferry back.

Thanks to Yelp we went to Fred’s Coffee Shop and it once again it was amazing (seriously so much good food you guys). I would say this was probably the top meal for me of the weekend other than the burrito. Of course I’d worked up an appetite with all the biking so I got the “Fat Fred” aka deep fried french toast with a side of bacon and eggs. Oh my god. So good. And yes, I ate every bite!

IMG 3315

The ferry ride back from Sausalito was pretty beautiful as well!

DSC 0510

DSC 0513

Once we arrived back at Fisherman’s Wharf we bid farewell to Lauren as she was flying out on Sunday evening. Then Lisa, Leigh, Kyria and I biked to the Ferry Building!

DSC 0524

We just walked around a bit and then ended up sitting in a coffee shop for about an hour. Finally Lisa, Leigh and I said good bye to Kyria and headed to return our bikes. By the time we returned our bikes and caught a cab back to our apartment it was late afternoon. We spent a couple of hours resting and freshening up at the apartment before going to dinner in the North Beach area. I sadly didn’t take any photos of our meal in North Beach but we ate at this amazing italian restaurant and had really delicious pasta. It was fun to see another area of the city.

IMG 3319

Before taking the bus home we hopped across the street to Z. Cioccolato and had some absolutely amazing gelato! I also bought a whack of salt water taffy to bring home with me.

IMG 3326

Sorry for the blurry photo but I had to show you the mounds of taffy they had! We were pretty exhausted Sunday night so hit the hay early agreeing to let ourselves wake up naturally on Monday for our last morning in the city.


We were all up and showered and out the door by 8am on Sunday morning and decided to walk a few blocks to the Noe Valley area. I really wish we’d visited this area earlier because it was SO CUTE and had some really cute little shops and boutiques (none of which were open that early). Definitely an area I will spend more time in the next time I visit!

DSC 0531

IMG 3329

We had a yummy brunch at a gluten free restaurant so Lisa could enjoy pancakes! After my deep fried french toast the day before I was ready for a more savoury breakfast so had the Huevos Rancheros.

IMG 3328

On our way back to the apartment we walked through the Castro area of SF and also stopped at Tartine Bakery (and waited in line for 15+ minutes) so I could get a pain au chocolat which I enjoyed later at the airport. It was good but maybe not worth the 15 minute wait.

IMG 3337

IMG 3341

And finally we took one last photo from Dolores Park, which was right across the street from our apartment, before dragging our bags to the BART where we said goodbye to Lisa as she didn’t have to head to the airport for a couple of hours.

IMG 3352

San Francisco, thanks for being so good to us! I can’t wait to come back.

What city could you visit over and over again? Once again, I’m biased, but there are so many places in BC I can (and do) visit over and over again. I just think I live in a really spectacular province. If I’m paying money for a flight somewhere I will usually opt to visit somewhere new.

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  1. Kelly says:

    SO much good food on that trip ha ha!
    There are some cities I would happily visit again and again: obviously Boston ha ha, Chicago I like enough to go often, definitely Washington DC, Seattle, Vancouver… and definitely Rome, Sydney, London, Paris, Barcelona all those fantastic international cities. I love cities 🙂

  2. Fun! Your recap was great. I am hoping to work on mine this weekend but I think I will have to break it into 3 posts! It was such a wonderful trip!

    Cities that I can and have repeatedly gone back to are Paris, Chicago, San Francisco, New York, and Vancouver! It is tough because there is so much to see and do so sometimes I feel guilty going back to the same places, but then again, I love them so much that I know I’ll always have a good time. And luckily most of the cities are domestic cities that are an inexpensive flight away or a place I travel to for work. I don’t think I will be doing anymore Paris trips for awhile, though, as I need to explore a different area of Europe next time I make it over there.

  3. Caroline says:

    Looks like such an awesome weekend! And such good food! I’m glad you enjoyed biking over the bridge, that is definitely a highlight for me as well – I’ve done it twice now!

    Hmm.. places I could return to again and again.. Chicago, New York, London, Rome.

  4. Nikki says:

    I have been to SF 8 or 9 times in past 12 years and it is where my heart lives for sure. You basically hit all my favorite spots in the city! It made me want to go back really soon. As many times as I’ve been there, I never get sick of it. Next time you go, checkout Golden Gate Park and the Sutro Bath ruins. Very cool place.

  5. Kara says:

    San Francisco looks like such an amazing place to visit! It’s not on my “must go to” list, but if the mood or opportunity strikes, I’d definitely visit one day! I’d like to visit their Chinatown, if I did go. It’s the oldest one in North America and I love the bizarre things you can find!

    I could probably visit Las Vegas over and over again and never get bored! It’s such a fun city, even without the gambling and drinking, lol. And of course, Vancouver! It’s such a beautiful city and we’re so lucky to live just a few hours from it!

  6. Bronwyn says:

    Amazing! The food looks delicious. And San Francisco looks beautiful as well. I’m similar about traveling; I love visiting places in BC over and over, but if a flight is involved, yeah I usually go somewhere new!

  7. Leigh says:

    I knew I was missing something in my Saturday recap…our trip the painted ladies! That’s what I get for not writing stuff down…this brain of mine doesn’t work so well anymore! Haha. It was such a great trip and loved spending time with you girls!

  8. Nora says:

    Love all of these photos; what a fun trip full of fabulous ladies and some delicious looking food. Delightful.

    I will always go somewhere tropical if I am given the option but like you, I like to go somewhere new if I can. However, Door County is one of my favorite places EVER and I hope that we can get back there in 2015. Later this year I’ll be going to San Diego for the first time and i am so excited. Beyond excited, in fact.

  9. Stephany says:

    I just ate lunch, but this post made me hungry! You had SO much good food! Oh, goodness. I really, really want to visit San Francisco sometime in the near future. Flights to California are not cheap, but it would be so worth it!

    One of my most favorite city to visit is Orlando because you can’t grow up in this area and not become a Disney/theme park fan. 🙂 I love taking long weekends to explore some parks and eat some good food. I also adore Key West. Annnnd I need to do more domestic travel because my favorite places are all in Florida. Oops.

  10. I love san francisco!! my absolute favorite city!

  11. Sherry Sim says:

    I so love San Francisco too!!! Such special memories…, but I also love Seattle…, I find it has the San Franciscan feel but it is much closer to home. You girls should run the Nike Womens Race sometime in San Francisco. That’s a super fun run! IF you can get in. It is lotto driven now 🙁 That’s what happens when races get too popular.

  12. Vanessa says:

    I have never been to SF, and it is high on my list of places to travel! Biking across the Golden Gate Bridge has now been added to my bucket list. 😀

  13. What a fun trip!!!!! I have only been to SF for a weekend, and was alone (for a blogger conference) and really didn’t do or see too much. I’d love to go back.

  14. Travel Spot says:

    I am so glad you guys came my way! I had such a great time, and seeing all of your photos reminds me yet again, of why I love living here! Thanks for that! However, you HAVE to come back, as I have a list a mile long of other things that we need to do. If you are ready to lace up your running shoes, there are so many fun places to see, and you can run to them and get exercise at the same time. That is my favorite way to explore the city! Plus, there are the Marin Headlands, and places like Lake Tahoe where you can run for literally hundreds of miles without stopping!

    I have been to Vancouver three times and would go back there again. There are several other places, both city and non that I would go to again, but usually I try to go and see new places when I am on a vacation, as there are so many places and so little time to see them all!

  15. Abby says:

    Love this recap! You guys covered a ton of ground, too!! Looks like such fun time! I adore San Francisco! I’m pretty sure I could visit San Francisco over and over again. I also feel that way about San Diego. There’s something that restores my soul about the beach, carefree atmosphere, and all those delicious fish tacos!!

  16. Carissa says:

    Sounds like an amazing trip! Being a California native, I have been to San Francisco several times and adore it. So much to see, explore, and eat 🙂 You always discover something new. Maybe one day I’ll even live there… Lots of Coast Guard jobs near SF!

  17. What an amazing trip. I love seeing all your photos – SF is definitely a photographic city! What city would I do over? That’s a hard question … I’d definitely love to spend more time exploring/discovering Florence; I could probably spend a summer (or year?!) living in Barcelona. Stateside, I’d love to go back to Savannah and would, in a heartbeat, jump on a trip to Denver at a moment’s notice. The hard thing about that question is every city is so different, so unique — there are lots of urban areas I’d like to spend more time in … and, like you, there are many more I’d like to visit for the first time!

  18. Shoshanah says:

    I love reading both yours & Lisa’s recaps because even though you’re writing about the same basic events, it’s fun to see it from a different perspective. Funny enough though, I’ve haven’t really ever been to San Francisco except for may 6 hours or so on a summer camp field trip, but I’d love to go back and really spend time there eventually.

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