Relaxing Weekend Recap

I had a great weekend! I actually felt ready for the week to start on Sunday night and I can’t even remember the last time that happened. Over the weekend I realized that the last time Eric and I were both home on Friday AND Saturday night was July 12/13. Holy smokes, I do not know where our summer went but a weekend at home was much-needed. Here’s what it looked like…

Friday after work I cleaned the house top to bottom! Cleaning for two hours isn’t the most appealing thing at the end of a long work week but I was happy to get it out of the way before the weekend hit. Then we went over to my mom’s house for dinner and board games. We played Scattegories and Clue!

Saturday started off bright and early when Eric and I crawled out of bed for a morning run. We met up with my friend Carmine and her pup Donut for a 13km trail loop. Eric was on fire and ended up leaving me and Carmine in his dust about 6km into the run and actually ended up doing another 4km at the end for a total of 17km! What a rockstar.

After our run, showers and coffee we headed down to the Farmer’s Market. This was a good reminder to me as to why I don’t go to the market after 9:30am ever. It was so busy! Like literally shoulder to shoulder with people. We grabbed some bannock, kale, lettuce, peppers, nectarines, plums, eggs and strawberries. We then went to say bye to my dad as he was heading back up north after being down here for the past three weeks. It was great to have such a nice, long visit with him!

Then in the afternoon Eric and I went to the movie with my mom and brother. We saw “The Giver” and I really enjoyed it. After the movie we ended up having a two hour nap! It was much needed after our long run that morning but it was actually a bit too long since I felt groggy afterwards.

Mexican feast

Saturday evening we prepared a mexican feast for my mom, brother and cousin Megan. It included chicken enchilada’s, beef taco’s, spanish fried rice, refried black beans and homemade pico de gallo. It was sooo good! Then my lovely friend Jen stopped by and I helped her pick out an outfit for her maternity photos, which she looked gorgeous in!

Sunday morning we enjoyed a leisurely morning laying in bed until 9:00am! I can’t even remember the last time I stayed in bed that late. Since I was washing the sheets that day we let Chloe sleep in the bed with us the night before and she was just as sleepy and cuddly. Once I got my butt out of bed I headed to a 10am hot moksha yoga class. I haven’t been going to yoga enough lately and I was very stiff and sore but it felt good.

Lazy sunday morning

After yoga we basically puttered around the house all day on Sunday! I did some laundry, we purged and reorganized our spare bedroom and I had a nice long video chat with Lisa. In the evening we went out for ice cream in waffle cones. We had plans to go fishing on Sunday afternoon but the purging/reorganizing took way longer than originally planned so we’ll have to save that for the long weekend.

Overall a really fabulous weekend! I know that when I posted my blog on Friday and listed some of the things I was going to do this weekend people were like “umm, that doesn’t sound unplanned to me!” but for me an ‘unplanned’ weekend means that I don’t have certain things scheduled at certain times. I personally don’t find doing nothing relaxing but rather having the right mix of activity, productivity, social time and laying around in my weekends is the most relaxing combo for me!

How was your weekend? What does a relaxing or “unplanned” weekend look like for you? 

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  1. Sue says:

    Sounds like an idyllic weekend to me. I had a super quiet, productive one. Breakfast out with friends both days and a market run yesterday for this weeks produce were my only real outing. The rest of time was more or less spent pottering about on house and garden tasks. As well as the regular cleaning, I sorted some cupboards (linen press, cupboard above the fridge, the spare room cupboards etc), meal planned, cooked a feast, painted a picture, watch my footy team win etc. If every weekend was as quiet and homely as it, it would be dull but to have so much free time to just get things done as I chose felt like a real treat.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend as it was a good mix of being productive, being active, spending time with family/friends and relaxing! I am glad we got a chance to catch up as we were way overdue for a video chat! I can’t believe how busy your summer has been! It’s no wonder it has flown by since you have had so much going on.

    My definition of unplanned is the same as yours. I considered a weekend unplanned if I don’t have too many things scheduled that require me to be somewhere at a certain time. I had a really great weekend but am always surprised by how fast the time goes. I’m looking forward to the long weekend ahead. My goal is to get all my to do list items done on Sunday so that I can fully enjoy Monday and only do things that I enjoy!

  3. Kelly says:

    I’m the same as you- that totally counts as an unplanned weekend! 🙂 I also had an unplanned weekend here and got a ton done because Eric’s mom took Max most of the day on Saturday!

  4. Stephany says:

    That sounds like quite the relaxing weekend for you! Especially with how crazy your weekends have been lately. I’m sure it was so nice!

    I definitely understand what you’re saying about busy vs unplanned weekend. I guess I’m different (helllllo introversion!) because I can only have 1 or 2 actual THINGS to do before I feel overwhelmed. So this weekend, all I had planned was book club on Friday night and having my brother & nephew over on Saturday night. That is PLENTY for me. If I had something else to do (even if it was as simple as a coffee date!) on Sunday, I would start feeling a little crazed and as if I didn’t get enough “weekend.” I think it’s partly being an introvert, partly being a highly sensitive person because it’s very easy for me to feel overwhelmed with activities.

  5. Nora says:

    It was insanely hot (still is) here this weekend so our outdoor time was minimized but that didn’t stop us from getting stuff done: workouts several times, BBQ dinner with friends Saturday night, house work, a family event (baptism + luncheon yesterday) followed by bowling with my dad & a quick dinner. Then it was bed time! I like weekends to be a mix of productive, relaxing and working out, so similar to yours.

  6. Alli says:

    What a lovely weekend. I’m with you on the definition of unplanned; it doesn’t mean I’m going to sit on the couch all day, it means I can do the things I’d like to get done in whatever time/fashion I want and if for some reason I don’t get to them that’s ok too.

  7. Leigh says:

    Sounds like a great weekend! That’s awesome that Eric is really getting into running. What made him decide to start?

  8. I want to see “The Giver”. I read that book in grade 8 as a novel study, and now I read it with my class every year. I plan on taking them to the movie at the end of the month (if it’s still in the theatre).

  9. Melissa says:

    This sounds like my kind of weekend haha. I’m currently going through this kind of weekend too. Knowing I have certain things that I need to do, but not confining myself to a set schedule. It feels great!!

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