Last Week’s Workouts

Happy Monday!

I haven’t done a recap of my workouts in FOREVER so I thought that would be a fun Monday morning post. I had a good week of workouts last week thanks to the weather cooling off quite a bit, I’m not sure if it will be quite so good this week. My running was on the lower side last week but I have four days of running planned to make up for it this week. Plus despite my mileage being a lot lower the last few weeks I’m feeling really good and I’ve actually lost three pounds.


Strength workout + biked to and home from work

EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 15 minutes:

  • 7 burpees
  • 5 push-ups

Followed by:

  • 50 kettleball swings
  • 50 chair dips
  • 50 dumbbell bicep curls
  • 50 overhead dumbbell presses

I started the morning off with the above crazy GPP strength workout that I saw on Bobbi’s instagram followed by biking both to and home from work. My bike ride home from work is very intense and straight uphill (see below elevation profile).

Photo 15


Run + yoga

A 1-hour trail run in the morning followed by a 1-hour outdoor yoga class in the evening! It even started raining halfway through the yoga class but we just kept practicing and it actually ended up being awesome. I love doing yoga outside!


Strength circuit + 90-minute yoga class

In the morning I did a strength circuit from the summer shred. It consisted of three circuits and you repeat each circuit twice before moving onto the next one. It took about 30 minutes and was a great full body workout!

Circuit 1 (repeat 2x):

10 push-ups
10 v-ups
20 squats
50 jumping jacks

Circuit 2 (repeat 2x):

10 inch worms
15 bicep curls with a shoulder press
20 tricep kickbacks
50 mountain climbers

Circuit 3 (repeat 2x):

15 lateral raises front and side
15 lower leg lifts
20 prison squats
25 box jumps

After work I went to a 90-minute live music moksha class. There was actually a musician in the back of the class playing guitar and singing. At one point during the class we were in tree pose and everyone in the class chimed in for the chorus to “lean on me”. It was a seriously magical class and one of the best yoga classes I’ve ever been to. So special!


Run + strength workout

Eric and I went for a 40-minute trail run after work on Thursday and then I did the following upper body strength workout. I also added in 10 burpees between each round. This is the perfect workout to follow up a run with since it’s so upper body focused!

Photo 16




20-minute strength workout

I did the following 20-minute circuit workout after seeing it on Peanut Butter Runner’s blog the other day. It was an awesome workout for 20-minutes!

3 rounds, 60 second effort each exercise, 1 minute rest between rounds

  • Air Squat
  • Mountain Climber (slow, fast, you can mix it up with twisted variations, etc. Make it easier by placing your hands on an elevated surface like a box or a bench)
  • T-Push Up (push up, side plank, alternating sides. Drop to knees for push up if cannot maintain form)
  • Split jump squat (jumping lunges, if you cannot maintain form for the 60 seconds, switch to alternating front or backward stepping lunges)
  • Dumbbell lateral lunges (if no equipment available, just do bodyweight…your legs will be burning here after the jump lunges)
  • Box jumps (sub step ups if needed)


1-hour yoga class 

After a late night out on Saturday night and an early morning volunteering at the local marathon on Sunday I went to the noon flow yoga class. It was a gooder! The teacher started us off by having us hold downward dog for five minutes. Five minutes! In 4.5 years of yoga I swear that’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done!

Photo 932

We spent the rest of Sunday afternoon fishing and kayaking on a nearby lake! I felt like I got a good upper body workout in with all the kayaking I did!


Overall a great week! I feel like I’ve finally, after so many years of trying, have the strength + running + yoga balance down pat. That said, I do have a 21km trail race coming up on August 17 that I’m not sure I’m 100% prepared for because my running is on the low side these days, so we’ll see what happens on race day! I am planning on getting a couple more long runs in before then so that should help me.

What did your workouts look like last week? 

5 Responses

  1. We actually ended up doing a couple of the same workouts as I did that PBR arms workout and the same shred workout, which I now think of as the Phil circuit since it’s one that we did together. You fit in a good variety of workouts last week, which is great. Your yoga studio sounds so awesome! Last week was a good week for me in terms of workouts. I ran almost 30 miles (!!!), went to a yoga class (which was more like boot camp) and did 4 strength training workouts. I also think the deep clean of my house should count as a workout, too, as scrubbing my floors was so much work (and hard on my knees. Ouch).

  2. Shannon says:

    Your workouts are always so inspiring, I’m terrible with interval training! I think I’m going to try the 7 burpees, 5 pushups EMOM for 15 tonight before I go to a hot yoga class.

    I’m visiting my mom in Kamloops for the long weekend – can you recommend any lakes in the area that are good for swimming in and that are pet friendly?

    Have a great day!

  3. Stephany says:

    What a great week of workouts for you! That live music yoga class sounds like such a cool experience. And I’m bookmarking your post for some cool ideas for strength-training when I need them! I’m always looking for something different. 🙂

    I had a pretty decent week of workouts myself – 4 cardio sessions at the gym and 4 strength workouts, so it was well-balanced! And I need to have another great week because I still have 5 workouts to do to make my “31 workouts in 31 days” goal!

  4. Carissa says:

    I hate working out BUT that lake looks gorgeous! I’ve never gone kayaking, I’m a bit afraid of it flipping over and getting stuck under water, but that view looks so pretty it might convince me to get over my (irrational) fear.

  5. Leigh says:

    Nice job on the workouts last week! I’m finally getting my desire and motivation back to work out, so I was able to get a bunch of workouts in. I felt pretty good, but tired by the end of the week

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