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This might seem like a lame post topic, but I’ve been thinking lately about how I have two different cleaning styles. A tidy-up, which is usually done during the week nights and a deep clean, which I try to do on the weekends but honestly haven’t done for several weeks now. Keeping the house clean falls kind of low on my list of priorities in the summer…

The tidy-up includes the following: 

  • Doing all the dishes and wiping the counters in the kitchen
  • Picking up all Chloe’s toys in the living room
  • Vacuuming the main floor of our house (living room and kitchen)
  • Straightening shoes in our entry way
  • Quickly lysol wiping surfaces in the bathroom (and cleaning the toilet of course)
  • Taking out the garbage and recycling

The deep clean includes: 

  • Wiping down almost all surfaces in the house (kitchen table, wine cabinet, coffee table, shelving etc.)
  • Vacuuming every room in the house
  • Mopping the floors
  • Using the steam cleaner (one of the most versatile cleaning tools ever) on our carpeted stairs
  • Taking everything off the bathroom counter and wiping it down
  • Taking everything out of the shower/tub and scrubbing it
  • Vacuuming the couch
  • Wiping down the walls
  • Washing and putting away all laundry
  • Pulling the bed out and cleaning underneath of it

And my most used cleaning supplies:

  • Lysol wipes
  • Our Dyson vacuum (seriously still SO obsessed with this thing)
  • After shower spray
Now that I think about it, I actually tend to do a random mish-mash of the deep cleaning stuff during the week too but our house really feels the cleanest to me when I get a chance to do a full deep clean in one day. I can actually imagine the amazing, exhausted feeling I have after I’ve spent three hours doing intense cleaning and the whole house just sparkles. Call me crazy, but I love that! It’s just making the time to do it that’s been a problem lately!

I am constantly shocked at the kind of dirt and grime that can get into the most random places in our house! Since Kamloops has such a dry and dusty climate our home can get very, very dusty, especially in the summer, so regularly wiping everything down and vacuuming as much as possible helps. Plus with two pets we have to stay on top of the vacuuming and carpet cleaning!

So what does a tidy up and a deep clean look like for you? How often do you deep clean? And what are your most used cleaning supplies? 

If this blog post doesn’t qualify me as a real, honest-to-goodness adult I don’t know what does…

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  1. Well one deep clean item from your list that never happens in my house is moving out the bed/things under the bed and cleaning under it! I never really think to do that – I will vacuum under the bed as far as the vacuum will go and call that good enough. 😉

    I strive to have a tidy house, which means picking things up, making sure I go through mail daily, and wiping down counters. And since I have dark wood floors (which I do not recommend as they show EVERYTHING!) I sweep and use my wet jet swiffer every week. I honestly don’t deep clean all that often – maybe once a month? But it’s just me and I have no pets so I feel like my place doesn’t get as dirty as it could otherwise? I used to pay for a house cleaning service but I stopped that when I moved to Charlotte and since moving back I haven’t really restarted it, but I might as it would be nice to have a deep clean done every 2 weeks!

  2. Kelly says:

    Ugh cleaning. My mom says everyone hates cleaning but I swear I hate it more than most, ha ha. I have been thinking I should restart my 10 minute clean up I used to do every night for awhile. Otherwise I usually just tidy up a bit on weekends and then I pay someone to clean every other week which is the best money I spend, literally. I’d give up so many things before I’d give that up haha

  3. Alli says:

    Do you want to come clean for me? I will pay you… or at least cook for you and give you beer.

  4. Leigh says:

    I tidy up pretty much every night because I can’t stand clutter or messes. Dishes are always done after dinner (they may sit on the drying rack, but are never all over the counter). Laundry is at least once a week (the putting away part takes longer because I hate it) and vacuuming is every week too because there is so much dog hair in our house. I need to get better at cleaning our floors, but it’s such a pain in the spring with the wet paw prints!

  5. Ris says:

    I tidy up almost every day and then randomly do a deep clean whenever I have the time or inclination. Our house gets really dusty since we don’t have AC and live with the windows open, but we have hardwood floors and no pets, which makes it fairly easy to clean. I swept and mopped the entire apartment in about 30 minutes last night, for example, and it’ll be good for at least 2 weeks or so. I can imagine pets make it more necessary to vacuum and sweep often!

  6. nora says:

    I love our shower spray! We have one and it’s my most favorite thing. I do a lot of tidying up every single day (especially when the kids are around, even though they pick up their own stuff something is always left out or slightly askew!) and then I confess that we have a cleaning service that comes every other week to do the rest of the cleaning. I will of course clean if there is something else that needs to be done before they arrive as I can’t handle filth, but it was taking me so long to clean every weekend, or every other weekend. once mom passed it just didn’t seem worth it to me. We’ve cut back on eating out and other things so that we can swing the cleaning crew. It’s my most favorite thing ever, honestly.

    Aaannd I can’t handle stuff on surfaces, like papers, tidbits, etc. It makes me CRAZY. So I pick that up all the time and am constantly chasing paper, I think.

    BTW- this was NOT a lame post at all.

  7. Stephany says:

    Let’s see… on the weekdays, I’ll usually do a tidy-up real quick. My mom takes care of the kitchen since she somehow ENJOYS that (?!). Weekends, I’ll vacuum the apartment, clean my bathroom, do laundry, stuff like that. I don’t think I do near the same amount of cleaning you do, though! Ha. Like, wiping down the walls? I’ve… never done that. Oops?

  8. LG says:

    Ooo – this was an interesting post! Nobody ever talks about how they clean, really…

    When I got a raise last year, we sprung for a monthly cleaning service on the main floor of our bungalow. It’s $115 a month and worth every penny.

    Two weekends after the cleaners come, we clean our bathroom and vacuum/sweep.

    Sheets are changed every week with laundry. (I’m curious about other people…every week? Every two weeks?)

    Neil and I alternate nights on dishes and we do them together on Sundays.

    Most nights I or we will do a “10 minute blitz” I set the timer and we run aroud putting things away. I love this – I love knowing we only have to do it for 10 minutes!

    Several months ago we had an argument about cleaning…I blew up on Neil about dishes and feeling like I did the lion’s share of work at home. We had this heated but productive fight where we said “fine, let’s ask the internet how to divide chores. If it doesn’t know, NOBODY DOES!!” We found this link and spent about an hour that weekend going over EVERYTHING and making a spreadsheet (just for the exercise…it’s not something we’ve referred to since…) and finding out who even cares more about certain stuff getting done. It was an eye-opener, I think. (Esp. for Neil.) Since then, it feels like we have a better system!

    Chores in marriage can be a ticking time bomb. I’m sure we’ll have more talks about this when kids come along!!

  9. Caroline says:

    I actually don’t mind cleaning, but that might be because I live in a tiny apartment and my roommates are clean so even “deep cleaning” is pretty easy. We clean everything once a week.. pretty deep clean. My roommate has a little OCD haha. We each clean one area (bathroom, living room, kitchen) each week and it rotates so that makes it feel like you don’t clean as often! I’m definitely a clean as I go type person, so I “tidy” as much as I can.

  10. Lindsey says:

    I love cleaning! Lol. Everyone told me after I had a kid that would change but I love it even more now, since its “me” time as crazy as that sounds.
    We clean the house every Sunday, wash down all surfaces, sweep (wash floors and vacuum every other week), wash all mirrors, toliets and tidy up any clutter,take out garbage and recycling and do all laundry and put it away. Showers and tubs are cleaned about once a month.
    Our main supplies are paper towel (I wish I used less of it but am a germ freak when it comes to using other cloths), an all purpose cleaner that uses essential oils, water and vinegar and magic erasers!

  11. I hate cleaning. I clean ADD style. Meaning I start with the dishes and then end up moving something from the counter to the living room and picking something up there and going back to the kitchen and somehow end up in the laundry room. I am so jealous of people who have a cleaning service. I wish my husband wouldn’t fignt me on it so much! We are not very tidy. I go through spurts when I want to clean/tidy up but ugh. Isla’s toys are everywhere and we are all bad about picking them up every single night before bed. She’s great picking them up when we ask, but we just leave it lay. Our house is very lived in! But my husband is close to hoarding status so that stinks. In the summer I go on huge binges and sell things and throw things constantly!

  12. I’m horrible bc I hired cleaning ladies to do the deep clean. They come twice a month and it’s the best $130 a month I spend. I would get rid of cable before I get rid of them

  13. NZ Muse says:

    We don’t really wipe down the walls (but need to) – usually just do it if there is something major, otherwise it waits till we move out. Ha.

    We also basically never clean under the bed…

    I love doing deep cleans – we’re not so good at weekday maintenance.


  14. I usually wipe the table and cupboards, sweep the floor and pick up toys at the end of the day. I do a big clean on the weekend, preferably on a day when Liam is with his dad. This includes dusting and wiping down everything, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom. I just don’t have it in me to do much more even though I know my house could use a big scrub down. I really want to have a cleaning company come in to do a deep clean for me.

  15. Katrina says:

    I love cleaning, so I love this post lol I do tidy up cleaning every day, which is laundry, dishes, sweep, mop and wipe down everything on the main floor. Deep cleaning every weekend, which is the entire house gets cleaned. I can’t imagine having a dirty house, especially with a kid that has to live there, it would be so unfair for her. My most used cleaning supplies, broom, mop, dyson, soap&water for surfaces that will be touched by Tay and then a cleaner for the bathroom and the washer and dryer.

  16. We tidy up a bit every day, clean bathrooms, floors and dust once a week, and go a little further when company is coming (which is about every 2 weeks). A couple times a year I’ll clean the windows, and the tops of the kitchen cupboards, because those jobs are no fun.

  17. Shoshanah says:

    I pretty much only do the tidy-up and seem to rarely do the deep cleaning. At least not nearly as much as I should And even when I do, I pretty much never take out the stuff under our bed and clean under it, although that’s probably something I should be doing. And as for the most used cleaning product in our house, definitely lysol wipes!

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