Wedding Recap: First Look + Ceremony

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After my mom headed down I was just waiting for Eric to come up (he’d been waiting down on the boardwalk for about 15 minutes at this point).

Amber Eric s Wed 0322

I am SO GLAD we decided to do a First Look. I mean, we weren’t totally alone as there were camera’s snapping all around us but it gave us a chance to see one another before the ceremony and it felt much more intimate to me than seeing each other for the first time once I walked down the aisle. I went inside the tenthouse suite and then was told by the photographer when to come out! It was more of a giggly moment to me than an emotional one because I was so excited and ready to see Eric! He of course looked soo handsome!

Amber Eric s Wed 0033

Amber Eric s Wed 0034

Amber Eric s Wed 0035 Amber Eric s Wed 0037

Amber Eric s Wed 0079 Amber Eric s Wed 0084

After a few first look photo’s we wandered back down the boardwalk to meet with our bridal party for bridal party photo’s. Eric had to carry my shoes because the heels kept getting stuck in the cracks of the boardwalk and this resulted in some of my favourite photos from the day 🙂

Amber Eric s Wed 0090

Amber Eric s Wed 0095

Once we reached our bridal party I saw my dad for the first time as well as the entire bridal party. Everyone looked SO GREAT in their dresses and tuxes, it made me so happy to see the vision I’d been thinking about and planning for months come together and be totally perfect.

Amber Eric s Wed 0119

Amber Eric s Wed 0016

Amber Eric s Wed 0141 Amber Eric s Wed 0027

Amber Eric s Wed 0026

Amber Eric s Wed 0338 Amber Eric s Wed 0341

Amber Eric s Wed 0017

Originally we were going to do ALL bridal party photo’s before the ceremony but because it was so, so hot out we only did a few in the shade and then went to hang out in our separate area’s for about an hour before the ceremony started.

I felt really good and happy and excited up to this point but during that hour of hanging out I started to feel really sick! I had a dull stomachache like I’d had before the rehearsal. I didn’t FEEL nervous but maybe my body was showing me I was nervous? Whatever it was, it was not a pleasant hour as I did not enjoy feeling that way. My lovely MOH went and got me a glass of gingerale and that did help but the ache didn’t really go away until the ceremony actually got underway and at that point maybe I just forgot about it?

DSC 0101 DSC 0104

That hour in the room seemed to go by soo slowly. We passed the time by visiting, snacking and watching the adorable flowergirls! Right before we got ready to walk out I did a quick shot of fireball that bridesmaid Jen brought along too.

Soon the wedding planner was at our door letting us know it was time to go. Watching the girls go to the entrance of the tent and start walking down the aisle got me all choked up (I was watching from up above on the deck) but my wedding planner told me I was not allowed to cry just yet!

Amber Eric s Wed 0166 Amber Eric s Wed 0048

Before I knew it it was my turn, I walked down the stairs and met my mom and then met my dad at the entrance to the tent. I was aware of all the people around me but just kept my eyes locked on Eric and focused on not tripping. Definitely started tearing up at this point and did not even hear or notice the beautiful harp music (which Eric later told me was a very nice touch! haha)

Amber Eric s Wed 0049 Amber Eric s Wed 0050

Amber Eric s Wed 0051

We had a relatively short ceremony script that we wrote ourselves (I will post the entire thing later) and before I knew it we were man and wife. I just tried to keep my eyes locked on Eric the entire time even though there were a few moments I glanced out in the crowd. The sun was also shining right in my eyes throughout the whole ceremony so I feel like I squinted the whole time.

Amber Eric s Wed 0053

I teared up some more when saying the vows and when our justice of the peace did the reading we’d requested (Union by Robert Fulghum). Eric stumbled through his vows a little bit because he said he was so nervous, and I was later told that I was the hardest to hear even though I thought I was speaking loudly, but overall our whole ceremony went off without a hitch.

There was a really nice breeze coming off the water which was wonderful because I was seriously worried about standing under the super hot sun for 20-30 minutes! Sadly the breeze did not quite reach our guests so I’m told! Oh well, those fan programs got put to good use 🙂

Amber Eric s Wed 0277

Amber Eric s Wed 0330 Amber Eric s Wed 0058

Amber Eric s Wed 0354

When we signed the marriage certificate my Aunt Kit (who is an amazing singer) sang ‘Feels like Home’ which was a contender for our first dance song. It was probably my favourite part of our whole ceremony!

Amber Eric s Wed 0391 Signing marriage certificate  bm and moh

And next thing I know we are being announced as Mr. and Mrs. H and back down the aisle we go!!

Amber Eric s Wed 0059

We then took a huge group shot with all our guests, something I was so excited to do, did a quick receiving line with people as they headed up to cocktail hour and then went to take family photos.

Amber Eric s Wed 0061

Amber Eric s Wed 0027 Amber Eric s Wed 0044

That took about 20 minutes and then it was time for more bridal party photos and finally photos of just Eric and I! I had all these idea’s of the kind of photos I wanted of our wedding and had stalked every possible photo online that I could find of our venue but when it came right down to it on that day it was so darn hot and humid that I just wanted photos to be DONE.

We don’t look too hot or sweaty in the photos though 🙂 Whew!

Amber Eric s Wed 0113

Amber Eric s Wed 0114

Amber Eric s Wed 0130 Amber Eric s Wed 0122

Amber Eric s Wed 0124

Amber Eric s Wed 0471 Amber Eric s Wed 0116

Amber Eric s Wed 0112

Luckily the photographers we had were ah-ma-zing and they wrapped it all up in a very good amount of time which allowed Eric and I to enjoy cocktail hour with our guests! And that will be coming up in the next recap!

I know these recaps are obnoxiously long but I’m just trying to write down everything I can possibly remember as the day is already fuzzy a few weeks out from the wedding so I can only imagine how fuzzy it will be a few years out 🙂

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  1. Absolutely beautiful, Amber!!!! You look so gorgeous and happy. Eric looks extremely dapper and in love 🙂 Everything about your ceremony seems perfect!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kelly says:

    I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who needed a drink before going down the aisle haha- nothing to do with Eric of course just the overall nerves of it. My stomach actually hurt even during my reception so I can relate! Also, your wedding ceremony was cool compared to one I went to right before leaving for Seattle and Vancouver. I was still sweating a bit but I think it was because I was holding my heavy camera up the entire time haha. I also felt the same way about pictures at my wedding- I was just done with them. I’ve felt that way about most weddings I’ve been in too, it’s kind of exhausting to have a million pictures taken of you.

    Also I think that second pic of your first look is my favorite from the whole wedding! SO good.

  3. The recaps are wonderful and are not obnoxiously long at all! I love reading them. 🙂 I am glad that the stomach ache went away when you walked down the aisle (or that you were too caught up in the moment to think about it!).

    I love your first look photos! They are so intimate and I think it’s great to have that moment together because you don’t seem to get many of those kind of moments on your wedding day, so it seems like a good way to start things off!

    Your ceremony was awesome. I am glad we had a breeze. 🙂 And the photographers were seriously so quick and efficient!

  4. Awww, the photos at the beginning of when you and Eric first saw each other were so sweet, and what you wrote really made me wonder what that would feel like and put a lump in my throat. What a sweet sweet moment!

    The photos after the ceremony are SO SO SO good! You cannot tell at all that you all are hot and do not look sweaty at all. They are simply gorgeous and that location is stunning!

  5. Melissa says:

    This is just so sweet and OMG the photo of you guys standing at the altar from far, with all your guests sitting down & the view all around? BREATHTAKING. I got all teary eyed there. I’m such a weirdo ha 😛 But seriously… Cannot believe it’s already been almost a MONTH, and I still can’t believe just how flippin’ amazing your pictures turned out!!

  6. Caroline says:

    Love the photos! I really love all the small details of your wedding, like the groomsmen wearing yellow socks! A similar thing has actually happened to almost every bride I’ve helped photograph so far – at a certain point they’re just done with taking photos and want to enjoy their day! Luckily it seems like you got plenty of awesome ones and you can’t tell you guys are hot at all!

  7. Heather says:

    I cannot pick a favorite picture! I think the group shot with all the guests is really cool. You all looked so wonderful and again…cant wait to see more!!

  8. Katrina says:

    Favs are the first look ones too!!! You can see the excitement and probably every other emotion on both your faces. 🙂

  9. Bronwyn says:

    Seriously all I can say about your wedding is GORGEOUS. I’m glad it went so well, and everything was so beautiful!

  10. Destini says:

    Love the photos! You both looked so amazing and so happy!

  11. April says:

    Aw, love the yellow touches! What are those yellow ball flower things that are the boutinneres called?

    And my stomach hurt about an hour before my ceremony too, and clearly alcohol is a winning choice to help forget about it! 🙂 These wedding recaps are great, its awesome seeing your vision come to life too!

  12. Leigh says:

    We did a first look with just Brian and i too….definitely don’t regret that at all! It was so nice to have a few minutes alone to cry and be happy with each other before things got really crazy! Love the pictures….so pretty!

  13. Lisa says:

    Wonderful! What a beautiful location to have a wedding.

  14. Nora says:

    No such thing as an obnoxious wedding recap. it’s SO FUN to read this and hear your voice as you write them especially since I couldn’t be there. Your wedding is so beautiful, start to finish and everything in between. So happy for you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! I hope I find a fabulous photographer as well. Love the look of the yellow and grey too.

  16. Jaclyn says:

    You made such a beautiful bride! I love all the touches of yellow throughout and all of your photos look amazing. It looks like such a beautiful location! Congrats

  17. Travel Spot says:

    I love the touch of yellow — it’s perfect. I would be afraid of it being overpowering, but I think it worked out just right. It gives such a nice burst of color to the scene!

  18. Abby N. says:

    I’ve said this on many of Lisa’s blog recaps of your wedding — but I must tell you that your wedding is one of the best beautiful ones I have seen! The setting is perfect, everything looked just gorgeous!!!

    I love the “first look” idea. Makes the timing for pictures easier too 😉

    I also LOVE the yellow shoes and socks for the guys! What a cool idea!! Congratulations, Amber!

  19. Shoshanah says:

    I absolutely love the way the sunflowers and the pale yellow dresses look together.

    And we’re planning on doing a first look, and hopefully the bridal party photos before the ceremony. But I know it is going to be ridiculously hot that day, so hopefully we’re able to survive the heat.

  20. I love the grey suits with the yellow accents. All the photos turned out so well, and you are absolutely breathtaking!

  21. Becky says:

    I seriously cannot get over how GORGEOUS these all are! Love that you did a first look!

  22. Tara says:

    The recaps are not obnoxious at all!! I’m LOVING the photos and everything about it!! Post away says I!

    PS You were beautiful, so were your girls and Eric was so handsome! It looks like you all had a magic day and I’m SO happy for you!!

  23. I’m so glad it all went well. The pictures are gorgeous, you just look so happy. 🙂

  24. You wound up with some absolutely fabulous photos. Doesn’t hurt to have a gorgeous venue and wedding party! =) Oh, and squinting through your ceremony, another small price to pay for such gorgeous weather!!

  25. Lindsay says:

    What gorgeous photos!! Love the sunflowers too. I did a first look and loved it. Got nerves out of the way!

  26. Jessica says:

    Gorgeous! I love the photos of you both waiting to see each other, such a sweet moment. Love it.