Wedding Recap: DANCE!

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Oh the dance. The part of our wedding that is the biggest blur and went by the fastest but was oh so much fun!

First, even though I only had two glasses of wine and one caesar over like 4 hours I definitely think I was slightly tipsy, especially after Kelly later informed me that they were VERY large glasses of wine.

Secondly, it was VERY important to me that the dance floor never be empty at our wedding! For this reason I spent way more time dancing than I did actually visiting with people as I insisted there was always someone on the dance floor and usually if I, or Eric and I, started dancing others would join in! I think I maybe didn’t dance for five or six songs max the entire night. In hindsight, I kind of wish I’d visited more with people, but I can’t remember the conversations I DID have anyways so oh well I suppose!

Cake 1

Cake 2 1

The dancing part of the evening started with our cake cutting, which you got to see in this post and then moved into our first dances, which you can see in this post. First there was mine and Eric’s first dance…

Amber Eric s Wed 0152

Amber Eric s Wed 0213

Then my dad and I danced…

Father daughter dance

And finally Eric and his mom danced. Omigoodness, talk about a tearjerker part of the evening. Dancing with Eric and my dad choked me up enough and watching Eric and his mom dance sent me over the edge (Eric and his mom are very close and their dance was so so sweet!)

Eric and mom dance

Eric’s mom started crying and buried her head in his chest. And this after dancing with Eric and my dad resulted in me looking like this:

Me and jen during eric and mom dance

After all the cake cutting and formal dances got out of the way the party really got started! The first song was “I got a feeling!” which was the perfect one to kick off the night. I love the dancing photos the photographers got (first one below is a guest photo but my little cousin is SO cute I had to include it!)

Dancing with abi

Amber Eric s Wed 0155

Amber Eric s Wed 0156

Amber Eric s Wed 0158 Amber Eric s Wed 0169

After everyone got warmed up with some dancing it was time for the last traditional events of the night – the bouquet and garter toss! I went first! In hindsight, I really should have aimed the bouquet at bridesmaid Jen (hehe) but I just flung it out into the crowd and my girlfriend Tiffany got it!

Amber Eric s Wed 0221 Amber Eric s Wed 0228

Then there was the garter retrieval. Eric was blindfolded and I was replaced with MOH Michele. It was quite hilarious!

Amber Eric s Wed 0164

Amber Eric s Wed 0162 Amber Eric s Wed 0165

Then it was really my turn! Hopefully this doesn’t get too TMI for you folks but someone was licking and biting his way up my leg…hence the face!

Amber Eric s Wed 0279

Amber Eric s Wed 0167

Eric’s cousin caught the garter and looked quite terrified about it! haha

Amber Eric s Wed 0293

Lester after catching the garter

After that much, much, much more dancing ensued!


Amber Eric s Wed 0170 Amber Eric s Wed 0168

Amber Eric s Wed 0157

Other than the dance floor the photobooth was also getting a lot of use that evening!

IMG 0018 IMG 0034

IMG 0036

IMG 0046

We had pizza brought out at 11:30 which was SO DELICIOUS. I definitely remember the amazing pizza that night. It was also much needed as people were having a great time and also having a lot to drink 🙂

Here I am drinking wine, eating pizza and making another ridiculous facial expression. No idea what conversation was taking place here! #keepingitclassy

Amber facial expressions 4

At one point there was a dance-off between Logan (my brother) and Bradley (Best Man) that involved moonwalking, the worm and breakdancing. I am seriously sad there were no photos captured of it!

I also dragged my mother-in-law onto the dance floor only to discover she is an AWESOME dancer!!! I immediately rushed to get Kelly to get some photos of this as the photographers were gone by this point!

Erics mom dancing

Towards the end I was definitely getting quite sweaty from all the dancing 🙂

Close to the end

We had a bunch of troopers at our wedding who stayed and danced and partied with us right until 1 am!   Ending the night with the song Love Story by Taylor Swift was so, so perfect.

Eric and I then said goodbye to all our guests (several of them were taking the shuttle to offsite accommodations) and found ourselves on the deck with three of his groomsman and my MOH. At this point a little racoon came up on the deck to say hi to us and someone *coughericandmichelecough* threw it pizza! Wish I’d gotten a photo of that!!

By the time all was said and done it was about 2:00 am when we got back to our tenthouse suite and at least 3:30 am before we went to bed. We both had to shower of course and it took me a good 30 minutes to get all the bobby pins out of my hair. We also opened all our cards that night (which I later learned on weddingbee forums is very common!) haha. We were definitely tired the next day!

I am doing one more wedding recap post next week on “details” because it would have been too much to include all the info in these posts. Then I will do a “final thoughts” post and we’re done with the recaps. I have loved writing these and reliving that day as it was truly everything I could have wanted and more 🙂


Have a great weekend! It’s a long one here in BC so we’re tackling a house project – retiling our kitchen! Hope we can finish it in three days. 

11 Responses

  1. Your dance was so fun! Your brother has a serious talent for doing the worm and I was also impressed by Eric’s mom’s dance skills! And yes, those glasses of wine were HUGE. You didn’t seem tipsy to me, though!

    I am glad you had so much fun at your dance, though. It went by so fast for me!

    Good luck w/ the tiling project!! I hope it goes smoothly.

  2. What a great reception! My absolute favorite reception included a TON of dancing, and your reception looked just like it! Smart woman for always wanting people on the dancefloor! 😉

    Hope your tiling project goes well!

  3. Kelly says:

    Haha, that’s so funny that you opened all the cards that night! I don’t think I even had mine- maybe my parents did? I have no idea- such a blur!
    I definitely think it’s okay that you were on the dance floor a lot- I still feel like I saw you a lot more at your wedding (then again I was on the dance floor) then I typically see people at weddings, probably because yours was a little smaller. I am guessing most people feel like they saw you 🙂 Your reception is a blur to me too thanks to those glasses of wine, whew!

  4. Nora says:

    You have some amazing photos, my dear! Another lovely recap and so much fun to read. Sounds like a really awesome reception =) Dance contests, wine and pizza is definitely a plus.

    You can totally get the retiling done in three days! Good luck with that (and hope we get to see before and after photos?)

  5. Holly says:

    Looks like a lot of fun!!! We opened our cards right after our wedding too – even though it was probably 1 or 2 am! We opened a few gifts too, since some people told us they were specifically for our honeymoon. Of course we had already packed for our honeymoon and couldn’t really fit any of the gifts in our bags (flippers, wet suits, and beach gear?) – it was still fun to open them then though 🙂 I’ve loved reading your recaps – makes me wish I kept up with my blog more when Nathan and I got married!

  6. Bronwyn says:

    Love it, these photos are hilarious! Love it.

  7. Heather says:

    I love all of your faces. It looks like such a great time!

    Seriously…weddingbee is a tad overwhelming. Was it for you?

  8. What a great party you guys had!!! I love wedding dances so much 🙂 The most fun I ever have dancing is always at weddings.

  9. Melissa says:

    Although I was only a bridesmaid at my brother’s wedding, your re-caps totally make me wish I had written more about it! I only vaguely remember the dance portion of the night but I do remember having an absolute blast! I really loved being able to read and see all the photos from your wedding 😀

    Seriously though you and Eric are absolutely the sweetest looking married couple ever. I’m so happy for you guys & you guys could not look happier in all your photos. Yay!! <3

  10. Becky says:

    Ahhh the dancing looks like so much fun! And the faces while Eric was retrieving your garter – PRICELESS!

    I love that you’ve been doing these recaps – can’t wait for the details one – “details” are some of my favorite photos from weddings. Hope the re-tiling is going well!

  11. Travel Spot says:

    Great dance party! Your guests really know how to get their groove on! Or maybe you are just a great leader, if you were out there the entire time. I like to sit in the corner and watch everyone dance… I wish you good luck on your tiling job! Home repairs is a great way to get in some cross training!