Wedding Recap: Cocktails + Reception

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After Eric and I wrapped up the photos we went back to the room that all the girls got ready in so I could change out of my heels and we could both take a breather! I actually RIPPED my wedding dress right after the ceremony because I stepped through the hem with my heel! Anyways, immediately after all the formal photos were done I changed into my white crochet TOMS for the rest of the evening – they were so comfortable πŸ™‚

Originally when I started planning the wedding we weren’t going to do a cocktail hour but when we were told we needed to have 1.5 – 2 hours in between the ceremony and reception for them to flip the tent we decided to do a cocktail and appie hour instead of leaving our guests hanging. We had a signature cocktail, which was a caesar. This is primarily a Canadian drink and it consists of clamato juice, vodka (though you can do it with gin), worchestire sauce, tobasco sauce and is rimmed with celery salt; so similar to a bloody mary. We are drinking them in the photos below!

Amber and heather Amber Eric s Wed 0098

Amber Eric s Wed 0092

Favourite. cocktail. ever.

Eric and i make these ALL the time at home so it was a no-brainer when we thought about what the signature cocktail should be at our wedding. I think people enjoyed them :) We got to enjoy maybe 30 minutes of cocktail hour before the reception started? Maybe longer, I can’t really remember as it was kind of a blur. We walked up the stairs and said hi to a whole bunch of people, got some drinks and got some appies. I’m pretty sure the rest of the cocktail hour was spent visiting, taking photo’s and drinking. Like I said, kind of a blur πŸ™‚

The photographers did an amazing job getting photos of our guests and photos of us with our guests during cocktail hour, which I was so happy about!

With my high school girlfriends (friends since Grade 12 History class!)

Amber Eric s Wed 0334

College girlfriends (journalism school grads)

Amber Eric s Wed 0333

And of course blogger friends (Kelly’s photo!)

Blogger friends 2

Here’s one of Eric with his cousin too:

Amber Eric s Wed 0434

And I love this one of the boys (which was taken by Eric’s cousin!)

The boys

And this photo is just really fun. Groomsman Graham is taking a photo of Eric and I with bridesmaid Jen in it!

Amber Eric s Wed 0099

Once again, before we knew it it was time for the reception! All the guests went down to take their seats and then our bridal party entered followed by Eric and myself. We opted not to have a head table and just had our bridal party sitting with their spouses and other guests and Eric and I sat with our parents. It was really nice to be able to spend the dinner with our parents and not be the centre of attention as much as we would be at a head table.

Amber Eric s Wed 0076

Amber Eric s Wed 0467 Amber Eric s Wed 0138

Amber Eric s Wed 0139 Amber Eric s Wed 0317

Amber Eric s Wed 0222

My 19-year-old brother, Logan, was our emcee for the night and did a GREAT job. He also gave a great speech for us and had the crowd splitting a gut laughing when he told the story about Eric phoning my mom to ask if he could marry me! πŸ™‚

Amber Eric s Wed 0273

He played a ‘name that song’ game to determine the order the tables got to eat after our table went and dished up and it was really fun and hilarious! We also opted to have people “blow bubbles” to make us kiss rather than the clinking of the glasses so bubbles were floating around the tent all night long and many kisses definitely happened. I’m pretty sure the photo below was taken right after Eric dipped me for a kiss πŸ™‚


The reception was also kind of a blur as once Eric and I were done eating we got stolen away to do a few sunset photos and then it was time for speeches.

Amber Eric s Wed 0376

Amber Eric s Wed 0372 Amber Eric s Wed 0378

Speeches are my favourite part of weddings and ours did not disappoint! Our friends and family were amazing and told the funniest, most heartwarming, tearjerking stories ever. I felt so incredibly loved and laughed SO hard. Also, because I apparently can’t remember anything about the wedding I’m SO thankful Kelly and my aunt were taking such awesome videos of everything. Re-watching the speeches after was the best thing ever. For example, I could remember that the Best Man gave a really awesome speech that totally moved me but I could not for the life of me remember WHAT he said, having it on film remedied that. I’ve already watched those videos like 10 times since the wedding so can’t even imagine how many times I will continue to watch them over the years πŸ™‚ Here are a few photos of speeches:

The Best Man and Maid of Honour speaking (also, the Best Man is Eric’s cousin Bradley – they grew up together and Bradley is like a brother to Eric. The first few years of mine and Eric’s relationship I can remember Bradley being around ALL the time! My Maid of Honour was my best friend Michele, we’ve been best friends since the first day of kindergarten and she really is more like a sister than anything!):

Oh, and speaking of my beautiful MOH, it’s her birthday today so Happy Birthday Michele! XO

Amber Eric s Wed 0259 Amber Eric s Wed 0268

Bradley basically talked about growing up with Eric from playing together when they were kids to cheers-ing in the bar to him being beside Eric that day. At the end he was wrapping up and said how great we were together and then finished by saying “it’s something everybody wants” which got the tears flowing immediately!

Michele’s speech also made me bawl. She did such a good job and I know she’d been thinking about it and practicing it for months. She told a few funny jokes, talked about how proud she was of me and ended it by thanking me for always reminding her that she wasn’t beside me that day as my friend but as my sister. I think there were a few wet eyes in the crowd and obviously mine were very wet!

Amber Eric s Wed 0298

After the Best Man and MOH speech my parents, Eric’s mom spoke and my grandma’s both spoke!

Amber Eric s Wed 0331

Amber Eric s Wed 0310 Amber Eric s Wed 0390

Then Logan opened up the mic and a bunch of people came up and spoke! Mostly my friends and family with some funny stories (like my uncle about the contract I signed saying I’d pay him $300 if I got married before I’m 30!) and a couple people from Eric’s side came up as well and more photos of me with my mouth hanging open were taken!

Amber Eric s Wed 0352

Of course Eric and I did NOT practice our Thank You speech at all so when we went up there we totally choked. I was all “I have some funny stories about Eric!” and then blanked. He managed to pull out a couple of funny ones about me though (one about me slipping and falling in dog pee when we first got Chloe, oy!). I laughed so much during this part of our wedding!

Amber Eric s Wed 0469

After the speeches wrapped up we played the “shoe game”. This is a pretty common game at weddings I’ve been to (may be a Canadian thing or BC thing?) but Kelly hadn’t heard of it so I will explain for those who may not know about it πŸ™‚

During the shoe game I hold one of Eric’s shoes and one of mine and he does the same, then we go back to back and the emcee asks us questions like “which one of you is more likely to do…” and then we raise the shoe of the person we think. It’s quite hilarious because often the couple will raise opposite shoes!! I was DYING laughing and I’m sad this wasn’t recorded on video! Lol

Amber Eric s Wed 0146

After that people started heading back upstairs for the dance. We took a few more photos with people and spent some time looking at the wishes people had wrote for our wish tree and then it was time to head back upstairs for dancing! The night really becomes blurry at this point but it’s also when the night got REALLY fun, more on that in the next post since this one is already super long!

Amber Eric s Wed 0066

The best part of our wedding other than getting married of course was being surrounded by so many amazing people from all different aspects of our lives. I’m sure that this will never happen again so I tried really hard to savour it and be in the moment. It was hard as the day/night went by so so quickly but I think I did a pretty good job and I definitely enjoyed myself. It was by far the best and most fun day of my life πŸ™‚

18 Responses

  1. Becky says:

    Your reception sounds so fun! And I’ve never had a caeser! I’ve never heard of the “shoe game” either – sounds hilarious!

  2. I had never heard of the shoe game (or any games at weddings) but I thought it was so funny and fun! πŸ™‚ I laughed A LOT during your reception – like the kind of laugh where I was also clapping. It was awesome. And there were some tears, too, as you had some really sweet speeches. Michelle did an awesome job – and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her!

    I love ceasars. πŸ™‚ They are popular in North Dakota as well!!

  3. Kelly says:

    Haha okay Becky is with me here, I swear those are Canadian things. We also decided that Canadians (or maybe just your family) are really open as I’m not about to hava a convo in front of my grandparents about who initiates “alone time” or who fakes a headache haha. Also I am in the background of that photo of the shoe game but i guess I’m taking a picture not a video? that could be the point where my memory card ran out haha.

    Anyway, another lovely recap. I love living the whole night again. I agree that the best part of a wedding is having everyone (or most everyone) you love together! πŸ™‚

  4. Caroline says:

    Sounds like you had a BLAST! It’s so evident in your photos! I don’t think I’ve ever really played a game at a wedding (besides who takes home the centerpiece haha), that sounds so fun!

  5. Heather says:

    I have never heard of the shoe game, but it sounds similar to Never Have I Ever…only without a group. Love it!

  6. I love the regional differences in weddings. I’ve never heard of the shoe game! I know in the States there are other regions that don’t do the Dollar Dance, which shocked me! lol! The things you grow up with that are supposedly “normal”…. πŸ˜‰

    Your reception and cocktail hour look so fun! You both did such a great job planning this wedding and the little touches like the wish tree are so cute!

  7. Nora says:

    I have seen the shoe game before! It was done in a show (Four Weddings?) and it is pretty fun/funny. I love that your brother played a name that song game to dismiss tables for food. that’s genious! The more I hear about your wedding the more I wish I could have been there. It sounds so much like a fairy tale πŸ™‚

  8. It sounds like a perfect day Amber. You looked absolutely amazing, and I teared up just reading about the speeches.

  9. Ditching the heels for the reception? Best idea ever! I had mine off as I was walking down the aisle as a Mrs and couldn’t switch to flip flops fast enough! Also, the shoe game? Never heard of it, but it looks like it’s so much fun. Looks like you had a blast celebrating your marriage!

  10. I can see how the day would be a blur. Videos and photography would definitely be helpful in that regard. It’s such an overwhelming, but fabulous day. I love the little personal touches and fun things you guys added – name that song, answering questions about each other in front of everyone, caesars, etc.

  11. Leigh says:

    I’ve heard of the shoe game before, but have never seen it at a wedding. It looks and sounds like you guys had an amazing wedding….what more could you ask for?!

  12. Looks and sounds like a fun wedding!!! The tables and tent are absolutely GORGEOUS! I love outdoor weddings, and haven’t been to enough of them.

  13. Shoshanah says:

    I’ve never seen the shoe game in action, but I’ve seen it on enough wedding blogs to recognize it. You just look like you’re having so much fun in all of your pictures! I’m just loving your recaps!

  14. Holly says:

    I love the sunset pics! You look so happy and relaxed πŸ™‚ We played the shoe game too – after the ceremony I put on burgandy fluffy slippers so that’s what I used πŸ™‚ I broke three of my toes five days before the wedding so there’s no way I was keeping my pretty wedding shoes on longer than I absolutely had to!!!

  15. Travel Spot says:

    I love the pics of you with your mouth hanging open! haha! I wonder what was being said at the time. I have never heard of a cesear or the shoe game! I love your reception tent set up! I am really loving the yellow!

  16. Melissa says:

    This all sounds amazing, and the sunset pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Speeches are such a great part of weddings. I’m so happy things turned out so well for you.. I teared up a little bit! Love that your MOH has been a friend since kindergarten. I can totally see my friend from age 5 up there with me one day too.

  17. What an amazing celebration of love!! Congrats again πŸ™‚