A day in my life

Hey guys – I have been seeing these day in the life posts all over blogs lately and I think they are really fun! Emily has even started a whole series on them and I will be doing another one on her blog in December. In the meantime I thought I’d do my own here. I would love to have beautiful photography to go with it like That Wife’s day in the life posts but that isn’t going to happen so you’ll have to bear with the iPhone photos sprinkled throughout this post!

It’s also kind of long. I personally find it fascinating when people write about their day in great detail rather than just write “work” so hopefully I’m not the only one that appreciates that! And if not consider yourself warned πŸ˜‰

Day in the Life – Wednesday, October 26 2011

5:43 AM – alarm goes off. Turn it off, roll over. Contemplate getting up for a run. Doze and cuddle with Eric and Webster.

6:16 AM – finally roll out of bed to go for a run.

6:37 AM – actually leave the house for said run after eating 1/2 a banana and taking the dog out.

Day in the life vibrams photo

7:10 AM – back at house after 3-mile run to change into Vibram’s and pick up Chloe.

7:15 AM – head back out the door for another 1.5 miles in the trails with the pup.

48 out of 365

7:20 AM – witness a beautiful sunrise that makes getting out of bed this morning completely worth it.

7:30 AM – enjoying running in the trails so much I decide to do 2 miles instead of 1.5. Finish the 5-mile run (total) with a lovely 1/4 mile walk back up the hill to our house in the beautiful, crisp fall morning.

7:45 AM – 8:45 AM – make coffee, have a shower, do my hair, get dressed, pour a cup of said coffee, pack my lunch, make oatmeal for breakfast, say goodbye to Eric for the day.

COFFEE September

8:45 AM – 9:00 AM – eat breakfast, start writing this blog post, read blogs.

9:00 AM – 9:20 AM – work on freelance stuff, attempt to do an interview for an article but get voicemail.

9:30 AM – arrive at office.

9:30 AM – 10:00 AM – catch up on emails, meet with co-worker on new urgent project.

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM – meet with two co-workers on some new business development initiatives we’re working on including creating a blog. This time period was also interspersed with me leaving the meeting to make urgent changes to a client’s ad using inDesign.

11:30 AM – 12:00 PM – continue going back-and-forth with client on above ad. Get final approval around noon.

12:05 PM – meet friend for lunch (I was late due to the above ad stuff!)

12:50 PM – another interview for a freelance article I’m working on (different from above).

1:10 PM – 2:30 PM – back to the office. Start sorting through the beast that was my inbox after being in meetings/tied up with the ad all morning. Get a few small requests and to-do’s off of my desk. Once inbox is completely cleaned out I’m ready to dive into a project!

Day in the life lunch

2:30 – 5:30 PM – work head down on creating an advertising plan for a client. At some point in here I eat my “second lunch” of the day at my desk.

5:30 – 5:50 PM – wrap up at work, sort through the emails still in my inbox, plan my day for tomorrow and write out my to-do list.

5:55 PM – 6:05 PM – commute home (love my short commute!)

Day in the life chloe

6:05 PM – 6:50 PM – unstack and restack the dishwasher, play with the puppy, make a green smoothie for dinner and drink said smoothie, reply to a few personal emails and try to clean out my personal inbox a little, get my bag ready for yoga.

Arm balance 8 angle Crow Pose

7:15 PM – 8:35 PM – yoga class! Last nights class was different from most I take because it was an arm balancing class. So it was done in a 30 C (90ish F) room instead of a 40 C (100ish F) room and we spent a lot of time working towards and practicing arm balancing poses. I FINALLY got into crow (on the right) for two whole breaths at the end of this class. I did not get even CLOSE to the pose on the left pictured above but a few people in class did!

8:45 PM – 9:15 PM – drive home from yoga, stop at the bank to deposit paycheque (yay money!), clean up, change into comfy clothes and take my contacts out once home.

9:15 PM – 10:05 PM – fire up computer, catch up on a few more emails, eat a bowl of cereal, schedule this blog post.

10:05 PM – 10:20 PM – read my book in bed.

10:20 PM – lights out!

And if you are *just dying* for more details of my day (ha ha ya right) you can check out my food blog here to see what I ate yesterday! πŸ˜‰


Not all days are this busy! I like to keep at least 1-2 nights a week where I have NOTHING going on after 6:00 PM. Because I have a lot of freelance work this week (way more than usual, 6 stories to do vs. the usual 2-3) I am also squeezing more interviews into my day than I normally would.

Also, yesterday was a perfect example of why it’s awesome having my brother around. Eric also had a long day yesterday and was at school from 9 am – 8 pm. Luckily my brother has Wednesdays off so was home with the dog all day! Yesterday definitely would have been a lot more hectic for both Eric and I without Logan here to help with Chloe!

OK, well that was my day yesterday! Sorry if this was terribly boring for anyone πŸ™‚

Question of the day: Do you enjoy day in the life features or not (be honest, but nice please)? How long is your commute? (Words cannot express how thankful I am for my 10 minute commute. 15 minutes MAX!)

39 Responses

  1. eemusings says:

    Mine is as short as 5-10 mins by car, or almost an hour on foot!

  2. Megan says:

    I like these day in the life posts! It’s fun seeing how other people spend their days.

    My commute is also about 10-15 minutes, so I love that!

  3. abbi says:

    I like the feature for a change of pace every once in awhile, it is interesting to see other people’s lives!

  4. Kelly says:

    I love this feature and I like your idea to do it on your blog- I am not doing it on Emily’s til April so my day will probably have changed a bit by then πŸ™‚ It’s fun to see what you do in your day!

    As for my commute, it’s 7 minutes- and I love it! Really, I am so thankful for it every single day. It’s a bit different when I tutor, but I still never tutor farther than 15 minutes away, so it’s really just like 1/2 an hour total on those days, but broken up by the kid so I never mind my commute at all.

  5. Heidi says:

    Love the day in the life posts, may do one soon myself! : )

    My commute is 20 – 30 min depending on traffic. Not near as good as your short one! We eventually plan to move a little further out of town in less then 3 years to build but the longer commute is worth it to us to be out of the city and on a big piece of property!

  6. Heather says:

    What a fun post! I like when people do these types of posts. I just might have to do one as well πŸ™‚

    I used to be spoiled with a 5 minute commute. Now its 15 minutes and is about to go up to an hour.

  7. I like day in the like features. I think it is interesting to read about how others spend their days! That was a long day for you! I have not been up past 10 in weeks! But that is a good thing for me as I was really short changing myself on sleep for awhile there.

  8. I like these kind of posts. It’s interesting to see another person’s life so you can kind of compare it to your own and possibly get ideas on ways to shake things up or whatnot.

    And since I have two jobs, I have two commutes. My main job, at the supermarket is only a 10 minute commute-if that. I like that. My other job, is a half hour commute each way (give or take). Its a nice drive and as my best friend lived in that same town for a few years I can practically drive it in my sleep.

  9. My commute is super short too. It’s 10 minutes but it’s an extra 10 minutes to take Isla to daycare, but worth it because I love her daycare provider. I like when I am busy at work. Lately, I’ve been making more work for myself because my class is so ‘good’ (KNOCK ON WOOD) that I feel like my assistant and I get super bored!

  10. J says:

    I like the “day in the life” posts. They are so much fun. I feel like I couldn’t do one on a work day because first, I can’t really talk about my work and second, without that my day is quite boring from 7am to 4pm besides lunch.
    My commute is usually 15-20 minutes. I have had longer and shorter commutes. Either way its nice to have a little down time in the car before getting home.

  11. Nora says:

    Ah, the Chloe photo killed me. She’s so darn adorable!

    Also, I am wondering if I ever will be the morning workout type person..!

  12. erin says:

    my commute is uh – 30 to 45 minutes. usually 30 minutes in the morning, and 45 in the evening. and i only live 12 miles from work! but i live in the metropolitan area.

  13. Becky says:

    I’m going to be doing a post for Emily in November, but I’ll be doing a weekend day. I think it would be interesting to see what a Saturday or Sunday looks like for you compared to a weekday. (Although I know better than to expect that it won’t be as busy!)

  14. A Super Girl says:

    Wow. You are way more productive with your days than I am!!

    To answer your question, my commute is about 25 miles, which equates to about 30-35 minutes one way. Prior to taking this job earlier this year, my commute was 4 blocks. I really miss that short commute, though at the last job I worked longer hours, so I suppose even with my longer commute, I’m still getting home earlier or at the same time as I was. The trouble with the longer commute is that it throws off my yoga schedule. I used to be able to go to earlier classes and now I have to go to later ones. Which I don’t so much like!

  15. These are some of my favourite kinds of posts πŸ™‚ I am snoopy and always wonder how people spend their time.

    My compute is 10-15 minutes as well. It’s awesome!

  16. I always thought a reality tv show about my life would be amazingly boring. If the day’s not busy, it couldn’t bet that fun right? ugh, my days are boring.

  17. Meg says:

    I think it’s interesting to see other people’s days! Your morning sounds lovely, but I can’t imagine getting out of work at 6! I work early hours…I guess it’s all in what you get used to!

    • MissAmber says:

      I am lucky to have a pretty flexible work schedule so I can work early or late hours. Yesterday I worked later to fit some extra stuff in (like the freelance interviews) but today I will work a more typical 8:30 – 4:30 day. I could work 7 – 3 if I wanted to but I have a lot of trouble getting myself to work that early πŸ™‚

  18. phampants says:

    That is an INTENSE schedule. I wish I was that disciplined.

  19. Love this! Maybe I’ll do this too during NaBloPoMo. πŸ™‚

    I was wondering though, where do you freelance write? I feel like I hear you say that a lot but I don’t know if I’ve seen many articles that you’ve done. Do you post about them? Are they anywhere where we can read them?

    • MissAmber says:

      I write for two local magazines that are put out by the daily paper here. And occasionally I will write for supplements or advertorials the paper is putting out. I don’t really post about them but did once here: http://girlwiththeredhair.com/2011/06/veggie-moms-running-and-writing/

      They aren’t really “online” in an accessible way, but you can see them here if you’re interested, I write for Kamloops Business Magazine and Currents so most of the issues on this page will have 1 or 2 articles by me in them! http://issuu.com/kdnews

      It’s hard because you have to flip through the entire magazine to see the article you’re looking for πŸ™‚

  20. Lauren says:

    This was a cute post idea! Busy day in a completely different way than my days are busy. Fun to see!

    It’s funny that you say ‘unstack and restack’ the dishwasher. I’ve always said ‘load and unload’ but I guess I’m not really sure what is normal as I don’t generally talk with folks about the dishwasher! Haha.

    • MissAmber says:

      Apparently I say a lot of things differently than other people so it’s very possible it’s just me πŸ˜‰

  21. cool beans says:

    I actually love these kinds of things! I don’t know why, but I find it so interesting to read about what everyday people are doing on a day-to-day basis.

    I work on a casual basis at any of the library branches in the city, so my commute can be anywhere from about 15 minutes walking to 2 hours on a bus! I try to avoid the 2 hour ones!

  22. I love posts like this! I have an unusual interest in other peoples lives (or at least Im one of few willing to admit it), so I get excited when I can read what someone does with their day.

  23. Stephany says:

    I had attempted to do a post like this a month or so ago after seeing Ashley of Our Little Apartment do it but it was so long and I felt like it was so boring, ha. Maybe I’ll try it again sometime soon. πŸ™‚

    Such a busy day! I’m glad not ALL of your days are like that because I don’t know if I could stand it! It was fun to read!

    My commute takes me about 20 minutes, both ways. I feel EXTREMELY lucky because if I lived where I worked and worked where I lived, the commute would be TERRIBLE. Traffic is always so backed up going the other way.

    • Stephany says:

      And by so long and so boring, I mean MY post, not Ashley’s! I just read through my comment and that sentence is awkward. Whoops! πŸ™‚ Ashley’s post was fantastic. The end. I’m done.

  24. Tiffany says:

    I love it! I am also so thankful for my short commute! 7-10 minutes…. Although it may be a little longer with my new job as I’m travelling for an 8:30 am start rather than 7 am, but still should be no longer than 15! I can never hail my ass out of bed before work to run. Swimming I seem to manage, but never a run.

  25. Rachel says:

    I love “day in the life” posts! I am soooooooo jealous of your commute! Mine is 45 minutes ONE WAY. Commuting is such a huge waste of life.

    And I love that I’m not the only desk eater… Or 2nd lunch eater, lol!!

  26. Caroline says:

    My commute is like 25 minutes, not quite as nice and short as yours! I really don’t mind it though, it gives me some time to just listen to music and get ready for/reflect on the day.

    I love seeing a typical “day in the life”! Fun : ) Maybe I’ll do this too!

  27. Nicole says:

    The day in your life post is neat! I think every once in awhile would be good. I would probably post once and that would sum up every day (except for different workouts in the evenings!).

    Hugely jealous of your 10-15 minute commute. Downside of living in a big urban city and working downtown. My commute if I shell out the big bucks for parking is about 25 minutes, but if I take the dreaded C-train it’s closer to an hour. Ick!

  28. Every time I read a day in the life post I think, “Why isn’t everyone else spending two hours in the kitchen making gourmet meals every single night?” and vow to become a less-demanding eater! Then I remember that my hubby is demanding, too, and give up. So much for my evening!

  29. Robin says:

    Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog, I am so excited to have found yours. Love the day in the life post and looking forward to reading more.

  30. Paula says:

    My commute to work is about 40 minutes but I walk. (I like to walk. Hate public transport and can’t drive, haha.) It’s my opportunity to listen to music and release my pavement rage!

  31. Katrina says:

    Yep, I like the day in the life posts!! Keep doing them please lol Its nice to see what your doing…….are you going to do Guests too??? That would be fun so see what other people are doing! Umnmmmm also I’d like to hear more about this running in the trails when its dark….SCARY!!!
    My commute is RETARDED!! 1hr min one way x2 = 2hrs+ just to get to work and back everyday. Taking transit isn’t any quicker and you have to deal with grossness of transit, so we pay $20/day to park and also if we need to leave for any reason for Taylor or ourselves then its not too bad.

    • MissAmber says:

      Haha it wasn’t as dark as it looks in that photo! I didn’t go into the trails until JUST before the sunrise so it was still pretty light out and I could see everything clearly.

  32. Kyria says:

    I like the Day in The Life (I may even borrow it!) I love that you make to do lists from 5:30 to 5:50. So organized! Also it seems like the cleaning is getting done (from the dishwasher)! Your early morning sunrise run looks great!

  33. I love these “day in the life”! That is what originally got me into blogs; having people post 3 x a day, normally their eats, but you know, you saw snippets of their day in there too.
    I might have to “steal” this idea. πŸ˜‰ It’s a good one.

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