Race Report: Dirty Feet 5K

This weekend I drove to Kelowna to run my third race of the Dirty Feet Series. I love this race series if you can’t tell 😉 Read about my first two races with them here and here!

I was especially excited for this race because the plan was to run it with my friend Jamie from high school. Jamie just started running a little over a month ago and this was her first race ever!

Jamie and me at our graduation dance, circa 2006:


This past weekend after the race!


We got to the race about 1.5 hours early on Sunday because we had to pick up our packages still. So we sipped on some coffee and spent some time walking around in the pretty trails.

I spy a chipmunk!


IMG_0788.JPG IMG_0790.JPG

Being the clutz I am I managed to spill coffee all over my brand new $50 lululemon shirt! Argh.


We got to see the 21k’ers and the 10k’ers take off!

IMG_0791.JPG IMG_0793.JPG

Yet, despite being 1.5 hours early we still managed to almost miss our own race start. We’d gone to the porta-potties to use the washroom one more time and as we were coming back up we heard her say, “OK, we’ll start in about 10 seconds!” we both looked at each other like ohhhhh crap. And then we were off!

Screen shot 2011-06-06 at 7.14.46 PM.png

It was a super hilly course! I told Jamie to set the pace and I would run behind her. Since there were so many hills and steep inclines I told her to just run at her own pace and take it easy, walking when she needed to.

Mile 1 – 14:00

I seriously could not get over how gorgeous these trails were. Probably the prettiest trails I’ve ever ran on!

IMG_0794.JPG IMG_0796.JPG

And there were A LOT of hills. Up, up, up we go!



We even hit some pretty major mud at one point!


Mile 2 – 16:34

We hit some really gorgeous views between Miles 2 and 3. We were keeping up a pretty good walk/run routine by now – walking the big hills and jogging on the flats and downhills. Jamie was doing incredibly well considering she just started running and had mostly only trained on flat terrain!

Kind of sad to see all the burnt trees from the wildfires that raged through Kelowna!


We were at the back of the pack and for a lot of the time it was just me and Jamie with no-one else around. Thank god for the VERY well-marked course!

IMG_0803.JPG IMG_0804.JPG

Mile 3 – 15:04


When we saw the finish line I yelled at Jamie to GO GO GO and she sprinted through to the end!I’m so proud of her. She did amazing for her first race!

Miles 3 – 3.25 – 11:23

Final Garmin Stats

3.25 miles – 48:27 – 14:55 pace

We grabbed some food and water and hung around for about 20 minutes after the race but our stomach’s were screaming for more than just the snacks that were at the race finish so we booked it into town for brunch at IHOP. Now, I’d never ate at IHOP before, but I imagine it’s similar to what “heaven” would be like 😛

Seriously, I was OBSESSED with the huge menu and all the healthy choices! I ended up with a spinach and mushroom egg-white omelette, with hollandaise on the side and chocolate chip pancakes. OH YUM!


I had a seriously fun day hanging out with Jamie and running the race with her. I hope she feels super proud of her big accomplishment. Running 5K, especially for the first time, is hard and doing it on the trails is even harder. She did amazing! I had way more fun running with her and supporting her through her first race than I ever do running alone.

Do you prefer to run with people or by yourself?

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  1. Heather says:

    What a beautiful course! And a hilly one at that.

    I like running with people depending on the day I suppose. It helps pass the time on long runs and is a kick of motivation

  2. Well done to your friend! I remember my first 5k. I should do a blog post about that because it’s a pretty hilarious story, actually…

    I pretty much always run alone. But I LOVE running with you & I loved running with Charbelle (well, in the beginning of the DC race – at the end, I wanted to be alone so no one I know had to watch me puke. Ha).

    As you know, I am joining a running group in August so I will get used to running with people, I think. Or at least I hope! 😉 I just have a tough time finding people who are in my pace range! But hopefully there is someone in my pace range in this group!

  3. Laura says:

    Wicked race! I loved Kelowna when we were there a few yrs ago…
    I run with my group and on my own…I find it is a good mix when I want to be sociable or need some extra support but then on my own, I can zone out or just be silent.

  4. What a beautiful course- congratulations on your first race Jamie!

    In general I prefer to run with people but there is nothing like a good solo stress-relief run!

  5. Lauren says:

    Congrats to you guys! That looks like one challenging 5K for longtime runners, so she should feel so proud. Looks so pretty too.

  6. Holly says:

    There are such beautiful places to run where you live 🙂 I like running with other people – I find I push myself harder than when I run alone.

  7. April says:

    That’s too funny that you saw the IHOP menu and thought “healthy.” I usually think of IHOP as late-night drunk food, because the nearby one is in the bar district here and is usually frequented by people looking to try to prevent next day hangovers with OJ, coffee and pancakes!

    • MissAmber says:

      Hahaha well “healthy” may be a strong word to use but they totally had healthy choices on the menu. It was called the ‘healthy and fit’ menu I think? Anyways, always nice to see that kind of thing on a menu from a big chain like that 🙂

      • Kelly says:

        Lol I totally agree- and in fact the last time I was at IHop was in fact late night drunk eating! That was a long time ago though, perhaps it has become more healthy!

  8. Leigh says:

    Congratulations to your friend for running her first 5k! That’s pretty awesome that her first one was a trail race, which means they will only get easier now 🙂

  9. Ris says:

    I love running races with friends! It makes an amazing experience that much better because you can share it with someone you care about. Congrats to Jamie on her first race!

  10. I have a hard time seeing IHOP as healthy, but it is delicious. Maybe they’ve changed the menu a bit since the last time I was there, it has been awhile.

    Im totally a solo runner – Im a very poor sport, and having someone else with me just brings that out. Now, if one of my really good friends, that I really like alot wanted to run with me, I MIGHT be able to do it without a fight, but no promises.

  11. Nicole says:

    Beautiful ladies!!

    What an amazing course!! I really need to do a trail race one of these days.
    I love all the photos you captures while racing!

    Too bad about the coffee spill 🙁 Your brunch looks amazing. I am now craving pancakes! Only 3 more days until I can have sugar again!

    I like to run solo and in a group. I tend not to push as hard when solo (must work on this!) so if I can run with someone that is just a bit faster than me I can run faster! Even if I run solo, it is nice to have running buddies at the beginning/end of the race to share the experience with.

  12. Becky says:

    I love that you run the same races each year! I also love that you got to experience an IHOP visit! Congrats to your friend on her first race – and you’re right, it was gorgeous!! 🙂

  13. stephanie says:

    I joined the local running club last night. The run was major hills and the group split in to two. Everyone was super friendly, welcoming and supportive. I plan on running with them every week, its such fun going running with a big group. There were at least 20 of us. The views over Shropshire were worth every bit of pain getting up to the top of the peak. The great thing about joining them is i will learn lots of new routes. I meet new folks that i would not other wise meet and will start to see friendly faces at the races i go to. And already i have found that 4 of them work at the same hospital as me! Why did i wait so long to join??

  14. Jessie says:

    I always love doing training runs with partners, but I can be a bit of a grump on race day. =(
    But it looks like you had a fun race. Congrats!
    I can’t believe you’ve never been to IHOP! They’re great, but I have a strange (and unhealthy) love affair going on with Waffle House.

  15. Nora says:

    Wow, what gorgeous trails/course that is! Looks amazing.

    I don’t mind running with people as long as they don’t want to talk a lot. That’s when I get annoyed. I also vary my pace when I run, so I get frustrated when people try to keep pace with me simply because I like to run and do my own thing so to speak… I guess I’m a finicky runner! 😉

  16. Katie says:

    Amber, you looked so cute at your race this weekend! Good for your friend for getting started running… As I know its the hardest to get started, and it looks like she’s off to an awesome start! Makes me wanna try running out again!
    I also loved the pic of you two in 2006 & the current picture! You both look aaaaaamazing now, not that you didn’t before but u both look so happy and slim and healthy now!

    • Jamie says:

      Aw thank you! I had to go back up and look at the pictures again and you are so right – we both do look a lot more refreshed and healthy now 🙂 Good luck getting back into running if you decide to!!

  17. Carissa says:

    congrats! how fun to run with a friend through all those gorgeous trails and be there to support her through her very first race!

  18. Fun!!!!! 🙂

    I’ve only really ran with someone once – and that was with Penny for my Long Beach Half. She stuck with me the whole way through and it meant the WORLD to me!!!!

    She even cried with me at the finish line!

  19. naomi says:

    what a beautiful course! congratulations to you and jamie!

  20. Kelly says:

    Yay! Isn’t it so much fun motivating other people!? Love it! I can’t believe she chose such a tough race for her first 5K, everything else is going to feel much easier!

  21. Stephany says:

    Yay, what a great race!

    My mom and I ALWAYS eat at IHOP at the end of a race. She gets chocolate chip pancakes every time. They are SO YUMMY, ha. (And it is possible to eat very healthy there! I have many times. :))

  22. You are such a beast for running a trail 5k! I can’t even walk on a trail without falling, so to run one would be impossible for me. You are awesome!

  23. Jamie says:

    Amber, I love you to death! You are so sweet and encouraging… I am so glad you were behind me cheering me on.. even though I wouldn’t say anything back since I was breathing so hard and trying to get my breath right so my side stitches would go away HAHA.

    That was honestly so much fun looking back (because during the race it felt like torture) but I would love to do another race with you some time! You’re the best friend! Your post made me smile really big 🙂

    I did my first swim today with Rhonda to jump start training for the Tri… some work is definitely needed… I got so much water up my nose.. LOL

    We’ll talk soon my dear! xoxoxo and thanks for the awesome post. See you soon.

  24. Lindsay says:

    You’re such a good friend and motivator 🙂 Those are some gorgeous trails!

  25. Phil says:

    Thanks for the awesome Post Amber. I always enjoy reading your blogs about our Races. Thanks so much for coming and racing and in Kelowna and also thanks for introducing the sport and our races to your friend Jamie. Great job both of you!

  26. Anais says:

    Not the lululemon!!! Hopefully it will wick the stain away 😉

    Your friend is lucky to have had you to race with 🙂 I’m hoping to do the same for my sister in the fall – she wants to try running a 5k and I’ll run it with her 🙂

    I love to run with both people and by myself, but I have to say after running with people a few times, it feels so good to just be out there on my own 🙂

  27. I think I prefer to run alone … but I haven’t tried running with anyone other than my husband, so I am not sure I can answer this accurately!

  28. Janine says:

    So proud of you girls! I had to laugh really hard about the coffee spill lol anyways this wants me to start running lol

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