Will you be my bridesmaid?

I meant to post this yesterday but then I felt like crap and went home sick from work and spent the afternoon on the couch watching season 1 of Friends. FUN!

Anyways, onto today’s post about my bridal party!

Within a few days of getting engaged I was anxious to ask my bridal party but at the point we didn’t have the venue or date finalized (we do now!) so I felt like it was too early.

As with all major decisions, I consulted Twitter:

Amber tweet.jpg

And got some great responses!

@replies 1.jpg

@replies 2.jpg

So I decided to just go with it! I found these really cute ‘will you be my bridesmaid cards’ on Etsy and ordered a pack. They came with six cards. Three bridesmaid cards, one MOH card and two flower girl cards (and you could customize within the six any way you wanted.)



I knew that I wanted to write each girl really nice notes inside the cards so I took some time to think about what I wanted to say and even typed them up on the computer first (I think better typing than writing, ha!)

IMG_0507.JPG IMG_0508.JPG

So I wrote the notes, mailed them out (only one of the girls lives in Kamloops!) and anxiously waited for the replies to come in!

Luckily all of the girls accepted. Yay!

Is it appropriate to say I’m in love with my bridal party? I mean, obviously I love and adore each girl in it, but I really love how my bridal party as a whole represents all the different stages of my life.

me and michele - 16.jpg 100_1247.JPG

100_0660.JPG DSC_0143.JPG

My childhood best friend is my maid of honour and my bridesmaids are my college best friend, Eric’s sister and my blogging (turned real-life) best friend! Each one of these girls is a HUGE and IMPORTANT part of my life and I’m honoured that they all accepted and agreed to stand up there next to me 🙂 Now it’s onto the fun stuff, like dress shopping 😉

Oh, and as for Eric’s side, he knows who the four guys are going to be but any one of them could be the Best Man and it would totally make sense so he’s yet to make that big decision. We had the following conversation the other night:

Me: So do you know who your best man will be yet?

Eric: No, I really don’t know!

Me: So are you just going to go with your gut feeling?

Eric: No, I’ll probably have a contest.

Hahahaha. It was quite hilarious.


Tell me a bridesmaid story: whether it’s the story of how you asked your bridesmaids to be in your wedding or a story of being a bridesmaid who was asked?

I’ve only been a bridesmaid once for Eric’s sisters wedding in 2007, look how little we were:


46 Responses

  1. Becky says:

    Choosing your bridesmaids is so exciting! They really are the group that stands up with you and supports you as a community – it’s amazing to think they do that even when they don’t all know each other! And how exciting that Lisa is one of them! Yay!

  2. Megan says:

    I only had one bridesmaid (or MOH)–my sister. Husband has one best man–his brother. Then my brother and two of Husband’s friends were the Ushers. It was intimate, and we wanted to include our siblings in a way that made them feel special (because they’re all younger than us).

  3. Katrina says:

    Sooooo excited for you and Eric!!! Wedding planning can be so much fun, Steve and I loved it! We’re so laid back so it wasn’t stressful, even though in the end we scrapped two years of planning and eloped to Vancouver Island (because who we needed to invite was becoming too crazy). We called everyone we truly wanted to be there 7 days before the wedding. We initially had a 12 person bridal party which turned out only being 2 which was perfect, i had my bestestessssst friend MOH Cheryl and Steve had my brother/good friend Shawn. The ladies i asked were people I would ask again in a heart beat, i am still close with all of them. And Steve had guys he would still pick today.

  4. I am so honored to be a part of your wedding party!! I can not wait – it is going to be so much fun! I can’t wait to check out dresses when you are here in August (assuming you feel up to that, I totally get it if you want a wedding-free weekend!)

    I’ve been a bridesmaid 8 times. most of the time, I got asked through a phone call. When Brooke asked me, we had met up that day for coffee and then went to bridal salons so she could try on dresses she was considering. We were sitting there having coffee and I asked what she was thinking for her bridesmaid dresses. She hadn’t asked me yet, so at that moment she was like, ‘um, you know you are a bridesmaid right? I sort of assumed you just knew.’ I was like, well, no, I did not assume, but I kind of figured my chances were pretty good, being your best friend and all. It’s kind of hard to explain the story, but that conversation is just so us because we are both pretty low key. So the casual approach to her asking me was just perfect for us. Then we hit the stores and found the dress that she ended up buying when he mom came to shop w/ us! Such a fun day!

    It was awesome to get that card in the mail from you! I squeeled, clapped my hands, and grinned ear to ear!! 🙂

  5. Keri says:

    Yayy so fun and exciting! I couldn’t wait to ask my girls either! Dan still hasn’t finalized his list…

  6. J says:

    I waited until about 8 months from the wedding to ask everyone to be in my wedding. The thing that I have found is that a lot can change in a matter of months between friends. I worried that I might be closer with someone else by the time the wedding came around, so I waited as long as I could to ask. Brian asked his brother to be his best man about a month after we got engaged but then waited to ask the rest until it was closer to the wedding. its all about personal preference and when you feel ready! Most my bridesmaids have been really great, one has been a pain and has told me how she really felt about all my choices – so its been difficult with that but otherwise it has been fun!

  7. Kelly says:

    Yay, bridesmaids are by far one of my favorite things about weddings!!! I made a big deal of asking mine with photo books only because I was so excited about it and I like doing stuff like that. The weddings I have been in- my best friend called me the night she got engaged and asked me to be maid of honor, my other friend just sort of told me I was in it- when we went out to celebrate her getting engaged so CLEARLY my friends don’t wait long haha. The other weddings I will probably be in are my sisters and my college roommate and my college roommate sometimes sends me possible bridesmaid dresses even though shes not engaged so I’m thinking it will be a given for me to be in both of those 🙂

    Ah yes… best part of weddings = wedding party.

  8. erin says:

    guys have such issues. i think mostly because they’re not like us (duh!), and they probably more than likely see them as equals. I know my husband had heck of a time. but none of them could make it to aruba – really i don’t think they tried hard enough. it also didn’t help that he kept waffling about his decision who he wanted to stand up for him.

    i think a lot of things do tend to change as you go through the process of getting married. originally it was going to be my sisters, but i thought it was a burden cuz they already have to worry about their kids (who were in the wedding) and i think that was honor enough for them. and they were totally fine with it (i think my older sister was relieved cuz she hated the color! she tried to get me to change it!)

    then i was going to ask 3 of my girlfriends, but my relationship with 2 of them changed when they both decided not to stay at the hotel with everyone else. especially i asked if they were cool with the hotel – i specifically asked them cuz i knew that it was more financially concerning for them (well for everyone really!) i’m still friends with them, but the relationship is definitely different. Fortunately for my maid of honor – who i’ve been friends with since freshman year of college – our relationship is WAY way way better and more amazing! i was so scared to ask her because she was in the process of a divorce – i think i asked her about 4 months after being engaged – we had to make location decisions first. I didn’t want people feel like they had to drop out if they couldn’t afford going.

    so glad your girls all said yes. i can’t see why they would say no! you’re an amazing person!

  9. Yay for asking your girls to be a part of your special day. If your bridesmaids are anything like mine, they will be incredibly supportive over the coming year!

    One of my close friends from college was a guy. He got engaged to a woman whom I really didn’t like (I hated the way she treated him). But, he wanted me to be a part of his wedding … so, SHE asked me to be in their wedding party … I was to stand up on HER side. It was awful … I wanted to support my friend, but had trouble dealing with all her drama. I was in 2 other weddings that year and told her I probably wouldn’t be able to make it to Vegas for her bachelorette party. She suggested that she gave me plenty of notice, so I should start putting a little money away each week for her bachelorette fund. Ummmm, excuse me?

    Guess I had the last laugh, though. Their marriage didn’t last. Wait, that’s not funny. Anyway….

  10. Those cards are so cute. I will have to try and remember them, years from now when I need them lol. I’ve been in a few weddings for my cousins. We have a big family of all girls, so I know when I get married I’ll be asking them, too. As for asking, its always been over the phone. Simple, but effective 🙂

  11. emily jane says:

    Those cards are adorable! So exciting they all said yes!

  12. April says:

    Since you mentioned Friends in this post + a wedding party contest, have Eric do a Best Man contest like the one where Rachel and Phoebe competed to be Monica’s MOH and Ross and Joey judged!

  13. We got engaged and settled on our wedding party within a week. I don’t remember if we asked everyone right then or if we waited until we had a date. But I do know I asked/told my bff she was my matron of honor like the night I called her hahaha. I just asked via phone unless I asked the two girls we were spring breaking with while we were there.. Seriously, have no memory of the situation.

  14. Emily says:

    I LOVE those cards! The two times I’ve been asked were pretty great. One was a childhood friend who surprised me in person to ask me (from alaska to vermont.) The other is for a wedding this May and my friend asked me to be her Maid of Honor. I’m so excited but worried I’m not doing everything I should be for her!

  15. Leigh says:

    So exciting that you asked your girls and everyone said yes! I love the cards that you chose to ask them with 🙂 When I asked my girls, I made them cards customized for each girl. I have never been in a wedding party, was supposed to be, but you know how that went down 🙂

  16. Morgan says:

    First off, I love those cards! How adorable!!! Second, I think you did great with your bridesmaid selections and I bet they all loved receiving the cards in the mail. It must have made for some exciting phone calls! So excited for you girl!!!

    As for my story well I have two: First off, I have no clue what I’m going to do when I have to pick my bridesmaids. I have so many wonderful, amazing friends and three cousins who all asked me to be in their weddings plus two little sisters… I cringe just thinking about it.

    Second story; The last of my cousins to marry is getting married next September. She already asked everyone who’s going to be in the wedding last December and we all already have our dresses and shoes. She is Bridezilla and I hate my dress, shoes, etc. My advice to you is this: Please consult with your bridesmaid’s on these decisions and make sure they are on board with your selections. Yes it’s your wedding but they are the ones wearing the dress and should be, at least relatively, happy with what they have to wear the entire night. My first cousin to be married had dresses that were so heavy and hot I ended up passing out during the ceremony. No lie. It was horrible. The dress I have for the upcoming wedding is so horrible I can’t bare to look at it and they didn’t have a small enough size for me so I have to get it majorly altered and so far estimates to alter it are coming back more than what I paid for the dress! (I paid $180 for it!) So I repeat, PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR BRIDESMAIDS ON THE DETAILS OF THEIR ATTIRE. Please and thank you, from all the bridesmaids that have ever had to wear a crappy dress. 🙂

    • AH hahaha! Morgan, I loved this comment. I can just imagine it. Some bridesmaids dresses are uber cute and others are NOT. My first bridesmaid dress is definitely one I will never wear again, but it wasn’t hideous.

      Have you seen that show Bridezilla? It’s craaaaazy. Hang in there!

  17. LG says:

    I love those cards! What a great idea.

    Hey, when we got married neither Neil or I could pick who should be best man or maid of honor out of the people in our wedding party. So we kinda rotated them throughout the day – one pair signed the registry, but another pair sat closest to us at the meal. It worked well for us but every wedding is different!

  18. Jen says:

    I have never ever been a bridemaid before and I am SOOOOO EXCITED yours is the first!!! Now down to the important part….. Bachellorette party!!!?? WHEN & WHERE?? YIIPPIEEEEE…..
    Felow Bridesmaids —-> We need to sync up on this topic 🙂


  19. Kyla Roma says:

    So exciting that you have your girls set- and I love that Lisa’s going to be in your party! The blog world is the best, I’m so glad you found each other 🙂

  20. Kara says:

    I think I asked my bridesmaids via text, lol! Probably not the best way to do it, but they all said yes! And then there was that time when I asked one girl to be my MOH and she said she would but told me she’d be away during the wedding and asked if I could change the date … Ugh!

    Anyway, I’m so glad all your girls said yes! And I think a competition is the best way to go for Eric, lol. That’s what one of Kyle’s friends had his two brothers do for the Best Man position!

  21. Ris says:

    Those are absolutely beautiful!

  22. Lisa says:

    Those cards are cute! What a fun idea! I’d just call or text my friends asking. LOL

  23. Yay!! Now you’re one step closer. 🙂

    I love the contest idea for the best man. That totally reminds me of the Friends episode where they had the maid of honor choosing contest.

  24. Cheryl says:

    I am super excited! Definately need a visit soon!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!! And thank you so much for asking me!

  25. Yay! I’m so glad you asked your bridesmaids and they all said yes! I’m also glad that you used bridesmaid invites! I LOVED mine. They were so fun to make! Yours are really cute too, I love the little inside line. You better live up to your promise!

  26. Nora says:

    I love that you asked them with cards! Sweetest idea ever. Lisa was soo excited to get the card/be asked 🙂

    I’ve been in six (seven?) weddings and most people just asked me on the phone, nothing cute like a card! But I loved each and every single wedding I’ve been in. So much fun. Can’t wait to be a bridesmaid again someday as silly as that sounds! 🙂

  27. steph anne says:

    Haha, awesome!!! I’m glad they all said yes and that was super cute that you sent them those cards.

    I wish I was creative when I asked my girls. This is actually funny because just a week before the proposal, the girls and I went to a wedding and ended up talking about who were going to be in our weddings and so basically I decided before the proposal.

    I just flat out asked each girl as soon as I got engaged and it was fun for them to get into it for a year. My other girlfriend who was in my wedding just got proposed to in November and asked me to webcam with her so she could ask me to be in her wedding. That was fun and she’s not even getting married until summer 2012 either.

  28. Aw, this is such a cute post, Amber! I love the cards you found on Etsy and how excited you were to ask each person. I’ve been a bridesmaid just once before and this summer I’ll be in one of my best friend’s weddings. She and I have known each other since we were five so it’s going to be special for sure. She texted me saying “so…i have a question for you.” And I was like “okay, what?” She texted back “While you be my bridesmaid?” Of course I freaked out texting her back and forth because that meant she also had JUST got engaged. Shortly after, she texted me the pic of the ring. Welcome to modern technology! But I do love the old fashioned approach as well.

    My brother (Kyle, 25 yrs) just proposed to his long time girlfriend and she called me on Sunday to ask me to be a bridesmaid. It was really nice of her to do that and I am so excited to be a special part of their day.

    Congrats to you two! Can’t wait to see what dresses you choose.

  29. Those are super cute cards. And so sweet.

  30. Stephany says:

    I love this idea for asking! So cute…and how fun that Lisa is going to be one of your bridesmaids! Love it!!

    I’ve only been a bridesmaid once before and I can’t even remember how I was asked. I think we were having lunch one day and she just asked, really casually. I was SO excited, though! I wasn’t a big fan of the dress but it wasn’t horrible…just not my style. 🙂

  31. Amber says:

    By now you probably know that I have a group of four girlfriends that are SUPER close. Two of them are married and for their weddings one had a BIG wedding and the other one got married in Vegas. For the big wedding we were all bridesmaids but she refused to choose a maid of honor, instead she was very “fair” she and called us all “matrons of honor.” We stood in order of when she met us and I thought it was cute! Overall, I was very honored to be in the wedding! 🙂

  32. Heather says:

    Yes yes Please have a contest. What a great Vlog that would be!!! 3-5 challenges (all wedding related of course) to determine best man rights. I love this idea

  33. Erin says:

    Very cute cards!!! LOVE THEM 🙂 One of the cutest ways I was ever asked was through a puzzle. My friend Claire sent us all (little) puzzles in the mail. When you put it together it said “Will you be my bridesmaid?” It was very sweet. As far as how I asked my girls…..I just called each one up and had a big heart to heart with them. I wanted to do something cute (like you) but I felt like I didn’t have the time to put it together and I wanted to ask them right away ! (I was so excited.) For each girl, I started the convo with a discussion with some of the fun times we’ve shared (I have known each of my bridesmaids for a really long time) and then I talked about their weddings which I was all part of (only 2 aren’t married yet) and then I lead into asking if they would be in mine 🙂 I think they all expected it, but it was a nice to officially ask 🙂
    I’m so happy for you 🙂 Enjoy each moment of this time! Some brides get so stressed and crazed—I’ve truthfully enjoyed the entire wedding planning process. Maybe it’s because I’m an *older* bride—or maybe it’s just because I have *no doubts* about this relationship—but I’m pretty calm and collected and LOVING every minute of it 🙂 Cannot believe my day is getting so near!!!

  34. shoshanah says:

    I haven’t asked them yet, I’m waiting till we’ve officially decided when it’s going to be, but I definitely want to do it with a card. I haven’t been in a wedding yet, the way it’s looking my own is going to be my first. And I love the fact that Lisa is going to be in your wedding!

  35. Nicole says:

    I thought about doing that but i was SO excited that I couldnt even wait long enough to order cards, write letters then mail them out… i would have died. i’m pretty sure i called everyone the day after we got engaged and some the night of!

  36. LOL – I had to read that conversation between you and Eric aloud to my husband. Eric is hilarious! I think he should totally have a contest and do a guest post about it!

  37. Aw, those cards are so cute! I’ve never been a bridesmaid but I would love to be!

  38. Becks says:

    Having extra time to prepare and get excited about things is never a bad thing.

    Haha, I love Eric’s method for choosing his best man such a …guy thing to do! 🙂

  39. Joey says:

    Cute way to ask! My sister was my only bridesmaid for my wedding. It was really low key and small, so one person seemed to fit. She didn’t have a fancy dress (not her style) which was perfect for her and for me. I’ve been a bridesmaid for a couple of different weddings (cousin and friends). Good times!
    BTW, I am slightly obsessed with JCrew wedding and bridesmaid dresses, so I recommend you check them out! Soooooo pretty! (and not too pricey!! BONUS)

  40. mandy says:

    I am so excited for you! I know how excited Lisa was that you asked her and in such a cute way too. The cards are absolutely adorable. I really really love that you asked a woman from each phase of your life, that is so incredibly special. I can’t wait to hear more about the dresses, etc.

    I’ve been a bridesmaid successfully three times, once as a maid of honor. Then I quit a wedding with three months left till the wedding (I was supposed to be an maid of honor, long story but it was a really bad situation). I told two friends no (because clearly at this point being a bridesmaid is not my strong point). One of my best friends was married on NYE and she asked me to read in lieu of being a bridesmaid. It went much more smoothly.

  41. Maria says:

    Hi Amber – I’m glad you liked your cards & that all your girls said “YES!” Thanks for blogging about them. 🙂


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