Wedding Update

Remember how I got engaged? Well I actually have been busy wedding planning over the last month, I just haven’t shared much on the blog. After finalizing a few things over the last few weeks I thought I would give you guys a rundown of what’s going on.

I’ve always, always, always wanted to get married on a beautiful beach on the ocean. So the first thing that popped into my mind after we got engaged was destination wedding. Two blogosphere weddings I totally covet are Rachel’s and Karen’s but sadly after a little bit of discussion we decided it wouldn’t be feasible to go to Jamaica or Mexico because a lot of important people (who we really want there) would not make it.

Enter B.C.’s own Sunshine Coast and the Rockwater Secret Cove Resort!









Gorgeous, right?!

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this place does not have a single weekend date available between May and September, 2012.


I tried to look for different venues. I really did. But I kept coming back to this one. I just loved it so much and looking at photographer’s wedding albums from there like this one, this one, this one and this one didn’t help.

So after a lot of consultation with my mom, Eric, close friends and our wedding planner we decided screw tradition, we’ll get married on a weekday.

And so the date Monday July 9, 2012 was born.

Now, this date isn’t 100% certain yet. We are penciled in but still need to go over a few things (like signing the contract and putting down our deposit) but I’d say we’re 95% certain right now that that’s going to be our date. We should have it 100% booked by the end of this week or early next week!

I’m still calling it a destination wedding because all of our guests will be traveling and the minimum travel time is about five hours (driving). A lot of our guests from up north will be 17 hours (driving time) away but they also would have the option to fly to Vancouver (this resort is 2.5 hours from there) and rent a car to drive up.

We want a small wedding. The plan is for 100 or less invitations to go out and ultimately I’m imagining a final count of 70-ish people. The guest list is next on our list of things to tackle.

I’m actually really glad we have 15 months to plan. I know that’s a really long time, but it makes me feel less rushed. I can mull over the guest list for the next three months and still get save the dates out in July or August 2011 giving everyone at least 11 or 12 months notice. We’ll likely send out the official invitations 6-ish months ahead of time.

I also have officially asked all of my bridal party and they’ve all accepted (I was way too excited to wait!) and I will be posting about that next week, this post is way too long already 😉

Any advice for planning and executing an amazing destination wedding? 🙂

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  1. Megan says:

    My wedding was on a Tuesday! (June 17, 2008) I think it’s much easier to do a weekday wedding in the summer.

    Fifteen months is an awesome amount of time to plan! Husband and I decided on when we’d get married BEFORE we even started dating (I know, crazy … but we were best friends), but I didn’t actually start planning everything until he proposed, which was about seven months before the wedding. And even then, I didn’t get a lot of the major stuff started until four months before… I sometimes wish I had more time (like over a year!), but everything ended up turning out fine for the most part. 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear more about your wedding!

  2. Lynn says:

    That looks like a gorgeous location to have your wedding!

    We had a smaller wedding too (75 people) and it was perfect! It gives you a chance to chat/celebrate with everyone!

    Enjoy the planning, 15 months are going to fly by. I can’t wait to hear all the details and see the dress! 🙂

  3. Kelly says:

    Wahoooooo! Your wedding is going to be awesome and I’m so excited your bridal party all said YES (aka they all know because obviously they were going to say yes haha).

    I definitely think you made the right choice with your destination wedding. I know in my family it was not possible to have a wedding in the Carribean/Mexico because important family members would not have been able to come (unless I was going to fork over the money to fly them haha). Our friends maybe could’ve come but it would’ve been really hard for them and I don’t want people to have to make huge sacrifices because of my wedding. People say the people that matter will be there but that isn’t always the case. I think what you are doing where people can drive is a great compromise and kinda like what Eric and I did although ours was less of a drive. That, to me, ensures the people that matter will really be there.

    Yay it’s going to be amazing. Those pictures are SO beautiful!!!

  4. I am so excited for your wedding! This is such a beautiful area for your guests to visit! I think it’s the perfect compromise between having a destination-type wedding, but also keeping it somewhat local. So fun!

    So so so excited for another trip to BC! I totally fell in love with Vancouver last fall so can’t wait to check out another area of BC!

  5. J says:

    So exciting! By the time my wedding comes around I will have been engaged for 13 months which was nice to have the extra time and not feel too stressed. And since you have a unique day I am sure you wont have any trouble finding vendors!

  6. Becky says:

    Yay yay yay yay! It’s going to be gorgeous! And I think 15 months is about average – at least in my experience. You usually had an 12-15 month engagement or a less than 6 month engagement. (We had 18 months!)

  7. abbi says:

    Looks gorgeous! My husband and I got married on a Tuesday and did a destination wedding but it was just our immediate family so this was easy to swing!

  8. mania says:

    gorgeous location, I think you did the right thing to postpone it for your dream location. it will be so beautiful 🙂 since now you have enough time you could do things in a relax mood 🙂 my wedding was more than 6 years ago and I did not do any of the planning ; we had wedding planner and I explained them what I wanted and everything was the way I wanted to be. I always wanted my wedding to be fun for us ( I did not want a perfect wedding I wanted a fun one) , without stress and it was exactly like that ;so have fun 🙂 because it is only 1 day and it won’t be repeated 🙂

  9. erin says:

    honestly that looks gorgeous! i think it will be a gorgeous & beautiful wedding. as you know, i had to pick a location before i could decide on the dress. mostly because location does usually dictate the type of dress you might want.

    now — i picked aruba. I was going to go with florida – but couldn’t find something that was serene and gorgeous as i wanted it to be. and there was no guarantee that his family would make it. After all his mom didn’t even attempt to come up from north carolina – which is 6 hours away for our pre wedding party. so hence we decided not to gamble on a place that’d be so-so because who knows if his mom would have tried one way or another. so ARUBA it was – but that’s close for me! not for you!

    enjoy the wedding planning – i personally am a fan of the girls on they’re awesome!

  10. Emily Jane says:

    What an amazing location! Honestly, we thought a destination wedding would be too expensive but looking back, it would’ve been way more affordable because of all the relatives you “should probably” invite if you’re having it at home, but wouldn’t come if it was out of town! We were engaged about 15 months too, and I think it was the perfect timeline – not too long, but not too soon to feel rushed, either. Such an exciting time for you!!

  11. Those are some really pretty pictures! The only reason we got married in the US was because we wanted our grandparents there and if we would have gone somewhere else, I think only his one grandma would have made it. But instead, we got his 2 grandmas and both sets of my grandparents there, which I’m very glad they were all at our wedding. We got married about an hour away from our house in an outdoor garden ceremony and it was beautiful.

  12. Nora says:

    SO EXCITED FOR YOU! And that location looks ah-mazing. I can’t wait to hear more about it and hopefully be there to celebrate you & E next July!!!! xoxox

  13. Heather C says:

    I have no tips for you (obviously 😉 ), but love that you “screwed tradition!”. When the day comes, hardly anything D & I do will be according to “tradition”. It’s your day to do what you want, *where* you want! 🙂 I hope this plan works out, that venue is beautiful!


    Clearly, this is an awesome date, even if it is on a Monday. 😉

    Our engagement will have been 14 months when all is said and done – May 1 to July 9. I think that’s the right amount of time. You’re able to get things done in a timely manner without too much timeline pressure.


  15. Ris says:

    Oh that sounds lovely! You know what, people can just make it a long weekend and I think there’s nothing wrong with getting married on a Monday if that’s what you want! Congrats!

  16. Morgan says:

    So exciting and yes, that place is gorgeous!!!! Love, love, love!!!

  17. Nicole says:

    I wish we could have planned a destination wedding but too many people I want to be there wouldn’t be able to come which made me sad! Looks like you can have your cake and eat it too! 😉 so happy for you!

  18. steph anne says:

    Gorgeous!!!! Monday weddings are awesome and I can say this because my wedding was on a Monday too. It was the week of Thanksgiving (so family could stay for Thanksgiving too) and I really liked that since we were able to see family & friends before the wedding on Monday. Also a lot of our good friends are from out of state so they all came in early so we could have our Bachelorette/Bachelor parties on Saturday night then Sunday night was a casual open house to mingle with both families & friends. A small con about a Monday wedding is that some locals (friends) left the wedding early because they had to go to work on Tuesday. I didn’t let it bother me because a lot of our guests were from out of town and they made the wedding a BLAST!

    Plus we saved a lot of money by having it on Monday and I’m sure you will too! 🙂

  19. Kristen says:

    That looks like a gorgeous venue! I didn’t plan a destination wedding (although it was a destination for me- I had to travel to get back to my hometown) but my advice for wedding planning is to be as organized as possible. Make lists, make plans, and make sure every. single. vendor. has a cell phone number (not yours) that they can cal if something goes wrong the day of the wedding.

  20. Holly says:

    What a gorgeous location 😀 We had 10 months to plan our wedding and I felt like I was scrambling … everything in the city books up SO fast! Our wedding was a destination wedding for my side – we got married in Edmonton and my friends/family are all in New Brunswick. The only tip I have is that t’s cheaper for people to fly in groups – West Jet and Air Canada have a group rate if you have more than 9 (I think!) people travelling together.

  21. suzy pepper says:

    I’m SO EXCITED for you!!!! B.C. is so gorgeous – just as good as any other destination in my opinion!

  22. Amber says:

    This is so exciting!! It looks gorgeous!!! I think a destination wedding near your home is perfect! You’re lucky you live near such gorgeous places!! 🙂
    I wish I had advice for you… but, all I have is take it one step at a time and try to enjoy it, but I know you’re already doing that! 😉

  23. Anais says:

    I am so excited for you!!! And honestly, the pictures look beautiful – I’d love to get married there! It just seems to peaceful and happy… Can’t wait to hear even more details!

  24. That place is beautiful! I would do whatever it took to get married there 🙂

  25. rachel says:

    ah! how beautiful is that place! love, love, love. i never would have had a destination wedding if i could have gotten married here last summer, but it was too close to matt coming home from deployment and i wanted beach and sun, so we just went to it! it’s the best decision that you’ll ever make and the memories? priceless. 🙂 what a gorgeous venue.

    and you know… if you’re looking for a photographer, *ahem*, i’m open that weekend and i’ve never been to vancouver. 🙂

  26. Sarah says:

    Oooh, it’s only real to me when I hear a date! That location is gorgeous!

    You’re well ahead of your wedding planning, but if you’re interested in a wedding planning book, you might want to check out The Best of Martha Stewart Living: Weddings. She has a checklist at the back with a timeline for when you should get what done. It’s pretty nifty, imo.

  27. I love that you’re doing a destination wedding in BC – I never really thought of BC as a “destination”, but the Sunshine Coast is beautiful. Such a good idea.

  28. Lisa says:

    What a gorgeous location!!! I can’t wait to see your photos. 🙂

    I like the idea of a Friday wedding, but I worry that people won’t come to it! 🙁

  29. Amanda says:

    No advice, being the spinster I am 😉 However, I think that the location is lovely, and I’m with you on the small wedding thing. In fact, the older I get the more I lean towards just having immediate family, a photographer, and a minister. So, like 15 people, ha. Either that or eloping. Because knowing me, I would be BRIDEZILLA, ha!!

    So glad all your ladies said yes, how exciting! SO happy for you lady!

  30. Amber, the photos of that place look AMAZING! I love that dock. I too have dreamed of a destination wedding or one where we get married out in some little beach side grassy area with a beautiful cottage/house you can rent along with the land for your guests to stay in, the reception to be held indoors or out (depending on weather) and just a gorgeous outdoor setting. But who knows where that will be or how we could make it work. I love the idea of going to a tropical island, but again I too have close high school friends who would HATE me for having a wedding they couldn’t come to. Ugh.

    A good friend of mine in Eugene got married in Mexico (BEAUTIFUL photos from her wedding, btw) and then had a big campout/mexican fiesta at her parents’ farm later that summer for all their friends and family. It was awesome.

    Isn’t it crazy how fast things book up? I’m always amazed. Happy wedding planning!

  31. You honestly could not find a better place to get married. Rain or shine, this place always feels right, ya know? You’ll also be treated like royalty there, they really know how to take care of you. 🙂

  32. Abby says:

    Wow! Gorgeous! I think we need to visit this part of the country. It looks so…peaceful.

    I know nothing about destination weddings, unfortunately.

    I did travel to a different destination (across the country) for my wedding, however. So I could offer up some tips on “flight survival”, etc. I had to “carry on” my wedding dress.

    You’re wedding is going to be amazing..I just know it!

  33. Heather says:

    Now that is a beautiful location. I cant wait to hear about all the things you have planned for your wedding. I am going to live vicariously through you for the next 15 months, k? thanks!

  34. Wendy says:

    This is a gorgeous location! Glad you have time to plan it, it gets eaten up pretty quickly! The more that you can do up front and plan for, the better.

    While I’m not doing a destination wedding, exactly, I am planning from almost 3000km away (just within Canada!). Try to plan our your time and think even about your dress now, who will be taking care of decor and the like (whether the place takes care of all your needs or not). Oh, and trips! Plan if you need to go there a few times before you get married and the timing for all that.

    I am one of those who, 6 months out, did not have a wedding dress yet, and was scrambling to find it during a limited time period while I was in Ontario for a short wedding planning trip (which was not an enjoyable experience at all). Fortunately, I found a dress that I will be renting for the wedding (one down, two more dresses to go!), started to sort out flowers, decor and the like but it was a lot of stress that I didn’t need! I suspect it may be easier for you for some of your shopping trips (I live in northern Alberta, things are limited here), but mapping our your To-Do list early will help make the experience a lot more relaxed!

  35. Jess says:

    Wow Amber that place looks beautiful!!!!

  36. Stephany says:

    This is so exciting, Amber! Wow! An absolutely gorgeous location and I’m sure you’re going to have such a beautiful wedding. Yay!

  37. shoshanah says:

    You’re making me feel like such a slacker! We have yet to book anything, or really make a concrete decision. But we are looking at September 2012, so I guess since it’s 2 months after yours we have 2 months before we have to make a decision? But I do think it’s a gorgeous place, and me wish we were thinking of having the wedding in California so we could get married on a beach!

  38. Leigh says:

    So, so exciting that you are starting to plan your wedding and that things are coming together! Your venue looks beautiful 🙂

  39. That looks so beautiful. I think I told you we honeymooned in British Columbia in July and the weather was astonishingly beautiful. Your wedding will be exquisite! I think it might be a good time for me to do my “low cost wedding” series of blog posts I keep saying I’ll do….

  40. Your wedding WILL be spectacular! And you WILL be an incredibly gorgeous bride!!!!! 🙂

  41. I think it is so cool that you are getting married on a Monday!!!!

  42. One thing you’ll quickly learn in this wedding planning business is you can’t make everyone happy all of the time. This is your special day and you should feel the decisions you’re making are right for you. If having a wedding at that location trumps having a wedding on a weekend, then go for it. Sure, some people may not be able to make a weekday wedding. But, you’ll be surrounded by loving family and friends in a place that makes you two happy. What more can you ask for than that.

    Oh, and if you haven’t already, go buy the book, Bridal Bargains. It was amazingly helpful when planning a wedding on a budget!

  43. Keri says:

    oh my gosh, soooo beautiful! Congrats on nailing down a location and love the idea of a weekday wedding!!

  44. My husband and I eloped in Europe and let me tell you… it’s so fun to get away! It’s nice that you have so much time because sometimes coordinating the details for your guests’ travel plans can be a bit tricky. Is there a local planner there that can help you?

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