The Proposal

OK so here’s the thing, I’m long-winded both in writing AND talking. So here is a 6:30 minute vlog of me telling the proposal story (sorry for how gross I look, I recorded it yesterday morning before going to yoga) and also here is the story all written out in 700+ words.

Watch the vlog, read the story, do both. Whatever tickles your fancy!

Side note: I sent my ring off to be re-sized yesterday (Eric got it size 8 – the same as my grad ring – which fits but is just a tad too big so when my hands were cold it would fall off!) and I miss it so much already. I can’t wait to get it back in 2 weeks!!!


This story isn’t super romantic, or original. It’s not cheesy or over-the-top. Some might not even consider it “special”.

But it’s us. 100%.

Thursday night I came home from work planning on spending the evening doing work! I was a bit behind on freelance work and a big project I’ve been working on at my job. So I skipped the yoga class I’d been planning on going to all day to get some work done.

I got home and everything was normal. Eric was a bit more cuddly than normal and we actually cuddled in bed for a few minutes right when I got home and talked about our days.

Then Eric said he was going to Walmart and didn’t ask me to come with him – which was a little strange. I said “do you want me to come?” and he said “if you want to.” But I didn’t really want to because I had work to do.

We’d been planning on buying a home gym for our new house so that’s what he told me he was going to look at.

So I was working away on my computer when I realized he’d been gone about 45 minutes. “Hmm, that’s weird I thought.” So I called him and asked where he was and he said he was gassing up at this gas station on the other side of town because the gas was cheaper there.

Hmmm, also a little strange, but whatever.

After about an hour and 20 minutes of being gone he finally got home. I was sitting at my computer with my back to the door when he walked in and I said “can you please make dinner, I’m starving!”


A little irritated, I went to turn around and be like “umm, could you start dinner please!” when there was Eric behind me, on one knee, holding up a box with a ring in it. He said “Will you marry me?” and I – in all my glory – said “Are you KIDDING ME!?”

I quickly recovered and said “Yes of course!” And then I pounced on him and gave him a huge hug and kiss and kept asking “is this real!?”

The rest of the night is kind of a blur. I was such a mess of emotions. I kept laughing hysterically and I was very hyper and jumppy – I think I freaked Eric out a little with how weird I was acting, lol!

After I settled down a bit I started messaging and calling my best girlfriends to share the news! It turns out that the whole time Eric was gone he was calling my parents to ask/tell them his plans. We then skyped with Eric’s sister

He was so nervous when he called my mom that he chickened out and had to call her back 20 minutes later!

I then blogged about it because I couldn’t wait to share it with my blog readers. A lot of people were like “enjoy the moment, blog and do social media later” but after I shared it with all the super important people in my life I HAD to share it with my blog readers, who are right up there as some of the most important people in my life!

At some point in the night we had takeout sushi and drank wine. I don’t really remember it.

I didn’t cry until I was talking to my beautiful friend Kristy on Facebook. In Grade 11, Kristy and I had D-block together and we always tried to escape to the library where this super cute boy I had a major crush on (Eric) would hang out because he had a flex block.

Kristy was the only friend I told about this crush. For some reason, it felt too sacred to giggle about with all of my girlfriends, it was more than just another oh-hes-cute high school crush. When I told Kristy on Facebook chat that we were engaged she reminded me of how we used to spend our afternoons, sneaking off to the library so I could flirt with this boy.

Ya. Then I really started to tear up.

Finally at about 9:00 PM after we’d told everyone we needed to tell, we both kind of collapsed on the couch. I was like “shouldn’t we do something special now.” But we were both way too exhausted to so we went to bed.

To say I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love for all of the congrats I have received would be an understatement. Over 100 comments on the blog post and so many more tweets, Facebook messages, texts. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Told you it was long-winded! Hope you enjoyed hearing the story though. Thank you again for all of your congrats! XO

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  1. Becky says:

    So so so excited for you! Your ring is gorgeous and you and Eric are going to have a fabulous and full life together! (And those two weeks are going to fly by without the ring!)

  2. Kelly says:

    Awww yay, I loved hearing this story!!!!! 🙂 I love that people even try to tell others what to do after their engagement- blog and tweet if you want! I didn’t blog when I got engaged but I can imagine I would’ve done it quickly if I did! During my wedding I was definitely thinking- when can I blog about this!? Oh and, I wish Amber was here!

    I also love that you were like “can you make dinner?” haha… I love engagement stories like this. I have a friend who’s husband proposed on a run and he was fooling around with his shoe saying there were something in it (to get the ring) and she was like “get it out and lets go!” hehe. I love your engagement story and it does sound like you guys. Wahoo. This comment almost doesn’t feel long enough 🙂

  3. nicole says:

    Congrats again!!!! 🙂

  4. I love that he totally surprised you – and that he asked your parents for permission. I love it when guys do that! And it’s so cute that he was so nervous! And he’s known your family for SO LONG. I can’t imagine how nerve wracking it is for guys who don’t know the parents as well!

    Again, congrats! So excited for you – and I am looking forward to hearing all about the wedding planning! 🙂

  5. Sarah says:

    OMG!! I haven’t been around for awhile, but WOW did I miss a lot!! I’m soooooooooooooo happy for you both. I think it’s a lovely proposal story, I really do. Like you said, it’s you, and that (in my opinion) is what makes a proposal truly romantic and special.
    And you had me welling up towards the end of the post, too!
    Like I said, I’m really happy for you both. And wish you all the best here on out. You’re so lucky to have found one another so young, may you have a long life together filled with joy. xoxo

  6. Nicole says:

    Oh, Amber! That is the cutest story! I think simple engagements are some times the sweetest, and Eric did such a great job with yours. I’m so happy for you both! 🙂

  7. Megan says:

    I think that is perfectly “special.” Husband’s proposal didn’t look “special” from the outside either, but to me it was! 😀 (I’ll have to write about it on my blog sometime!)

    I’m so excited for you!

  8. erin says:

    hahahah that’s pretty sweet. i totally know what you mean — about shouldn’t we do something special? because really it’s only special to us!

    i <3 sweet private special engagements, i think those are by far the sweetest as opposed to the outlandish proposals that i hear about!

    and i wholly suggest doing for your wedding planning stuff. I used it throughout my engagement, and the girls on the site are AMAZING! they're honest, helpful, and you can totally be yourself! and there's tons of ideas for all sorts of budgets! i'm on there as zlie17! so if you want me to introduce you to the girls, I'd be more than happy to!

  9. Jess says:

    First off you are like the world’s cutest person ever on video haha! You sound sooo much different than I expected you to sound! Not in a bad way just in a different way.

    Anyway, congrats again! I am so happy for you both and I hope you’ll blog about the wedding planning process as you go along! It will be fun to follow along with you!

  10. Leigh says:

    I think your proposal story is perfect! So cute too because you had no idea! Mine wasn’t anything over the to either…but that’s totally fine with me 🙂

    I am excited to hear about/read your wedding plans 🙂

  11. Laura says:

    Love it! Congrats again.

  12. Café Moka says:

    Congrats girl!!!
    Love your proposal story!

  13. Anais says:

    Awwww, what a beautiful post! It gave me goosebumps 🙂 I can’t listen to the vlog just yet because I’m at work but I will as soon as I get home! I loved the part about how you had such a crush on him back then! It’s so funny when you look back on your first impression of someone and where you two are now… Congrats again 🙂

  14. Morgan says:

    Awwwwwwww I love it. Who wouldn’t think that was special?!?!? I love that he was nervous and that you totally didn’t see it coming! So happy for you!!!

  15. AHhh I love this story Amber! I think it sounds like a PERFECT proposal – congrats!!

  16. Heather C says:

    That did Not need any sort of disclaimer – “100%” you is exactly how it should be 🙂 EVERY engagement story is special!! So happy for you two!!

  17. Nora says:

    Loved hearing this/reading this 🙂 So sweet. I love that it was unexpected, that he was nervous, how it all happened. I think sometimes those are the *best* proposals ever. SO excited for you!!!!!! <3.

  18. Amber says:

    Ahhhhhhh! I am so excited for you and love, love, love that Eric totally surprised you! You two sound like you’re so perfect together, I just love it! 🙂
    That ring is gorgeous and I love the “past, present, future” theme with the three diamonds and the engraving inside! What a great proposal, congrats to you both again!

  19. mania says:

    nice & sweet story , I really loved it 🙂 again congrats and wish you all the best 🙂

  20. Such a cute story, seriously, adorable. I like stories like this more than staged, big, big, planned proposals! They’re so much more cute, and show a true side to people. Adorable! And how could you not be long winded about something like this? 😉

  21. That is such a sweet story! Congratulations again 🙂 Your ring is beautiful!

  22. steph anne says:

    Haha, that’s such a cute proposal story! I had the SAME first reaction too when Tyler proposed to me.. the first thing I said was “are you serious?!” like duh, yes. I think it’s just so weird to see it happening to YOU, you know? Anyways, so excited for you both!!!! 🙂 XO

  23. Kara says:

    Aww, I love your story! I was pumped when you said you were posting it today 🙂 It’s so sweet. I love how surprised you were! My reaction to Kyle was pretty much the same, plus a lot of crying, lol.

    And waiting to have your ring sized SUCKS! I got mine done twice – the first time only took a day but the next time it took about 4 days. It was the most painful wait ever!

    Congrats again and again!

  24. I LOVE how he proposed. I think its an awesome story, and I am so happy for you two! 🙂

  25. sarahdotcom says:

    Amber! I am so beyond excited for you! And I looooved watching you explain the whole story in the vlog – reminded me so much of meeting you back in October!

    Happy move-in week!!!!!

  26. Stephany says:

    OMG, I love this proposal story! So unexpected and I absolutely love it! So sweet! And I am so, so, so incredibly excited for you!!

  27. suzy pepper says:

    It’s so adorable that he asked your parents first. Ugh, I just love this story! Congratulations again, my friend. I wish you all the happiness in the world!

  28. michele the great says:

    i miss you 🙁

    and i love the little hearts on your ring!

  29. michele the great says:


    then again, i know everything.

  30. AlisonM says:

    “is this real!?”

    That is so cute! And you know what, I love the normality of this. Like you say, this is really you guys. No crazy elaborate horse and pony shows — just a guy and a girl wanting to get married.

    Congrats again to the both of you 🙂

  31. Aron says:

    Love this story 🙂 Proposals like this are my favorites!!!

  32. Emily Jane says:

    Yaaaay!! I love this story, it made me clap for you right here at work! So, so excited for you!

  33. Lisa says:

    Aw! I totally teared up reading your story. How funny! It sounds like something I would do…like when Michael finally gets around to proposing I’ll be cranky and hungry saying “FEED ME” and he’s proposing. LOL

  34. eemusings says:

    Aww, that’s so sweet. So happy for you guys!!!

  35. Awwwwwwwe – so sweet!! I love that Eric called your parents 🙂

    I totally know that ring! I admired it in a jewelry store a while back – the hearts are super cool. He did an AWESOME job, and I love that he got it engraved.

    I am very excited for you!!!!! I am a HUGE fan of weddings, and am actually a certified wedding planner, so if you ever need ideas or etiquette advice, I am your girl – just shoot me an email!

    I also totally know what you mean about the whirlwind feeling! I remember it being the same way for me.

    You have so many wonderful things going on at once, with the house and engagement. Enjoy!!!

  36. aww. 😉 love it.

  37. Kimberly says:

    Awww super cute! 🙂 Congrats

  38. Alejandra says:

    That’s so sweet about the high school crush! and of course the proposal too!!!

  39. J says:

    That is great that you wrote the story out and also vlogged it! I am sure you will be glad you have the memory saved! Congrats again!

  40. Jessica says:

    Your ring is gorgeous and I’m so happy for you guys! Can’t wait to hear more about the wedding planning!

  41. What a cute story!! You seem so happy and that makes me happy for you 🙂

  42. Erin says:

    You are adorable!!!!! That vlog made me smile….SO big. Congrats again. It’s so nice to hear engagement stories—-and it was really cool to hear YOU actually tell it to us—with spoken word 🙂

  43. mandy says:

    I loved hearing the story from you in the vlog. Its so super sweet that Eric was nervous calling your parents. It sounds like it was the perfect engagement for the two of you . Tell Eric he did a fantastic job on the ring, its gorgeous! So, so SO happy for you love!

  44. Kori says:

    I love that proposal. Every day proposals just really get me. Love.

  45. Amber, that is such a cute story! I’m excited for you guys. Loove love love the vlog! Your voice is always cute. The manfriend watched the video with me as well. 🙂

  46. Keri says:

    oh my gosh, just catching up now…CONGRATULATIONS! Such a big year for you!

  47. In all honesty, I love the way Eric proposed. Simple. Private. Magical by nature, not by plan. That’s exactly the way an engagement should be. Hope the fluttery feelings stick with you for some time to come – it’s a really wonderful time in your life!

  48. shoshanah says:

    I’m still so excited for you guys! I completely understand the disbelief, because that was completely me too. I think my first response was, “Are you serious?” And then because I could barely speak gave him an “Umm sure.” Not quite the response I pictured, but it’s still feels so crazy to me, and I’m sure must feel around the same for you. So congrats again!!

  49. Don’t ever let anybody tell you that your engagement story isn’t special . . . it’s special because it’s YOURS!!!!

    Congratulations Amber! You deserve all the joy in the world! 🙂

  50. Becks says:

    🙂 Love proposal stories! Haha, I love the “Can you make me dinner” line. Congratulations!

  51. Jessica says:

    CONGRATULATIONS AMBER! This is so fabulous!!!

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  53. Janine says:

    Omg! I loved watching this it seriously was awesome and made me laugh out loud lol the dinner line haha! I am so happy and excited for both of you! And I am really going to try to come to your wedding!! You are going to be a beautiful bride!