Race Report: Portland Marathon

You know, I had grand plans of bringing my flip camera along on the race with me and video blogging for you guys along the way. I really wish I had brought it because there were times when I really needed to talk to you guys – if that makes sense – but sadly the rain prevented me from doing so. I didn’t want to risk it getting wrecked.

Also, because of the rain I don’t have any photos along the way for you, so hopefully my words will be enough. I’m actually having trouble finding the words to record this experience. It was so much harder then I thought it would be. So much harder.

I guess we’ll start with the morning. Lisa and I had laid out our marathon outfits the night before and we both hopped out of bed when the alarm went off at 4:45 AM.


We headed down to the lobby where a bunch of other marathoners were eating breakfast. I had my basic pre-run breakfast of a bagel with peanut butter + banana and coffee.

We then headed out for the race start. We got to our corral nice and early and were able to use the porta potty without waiting in a huge line. Then we sat in a parking garage for about 30 to 45 minutes while more marathoners filed in.

Around 6:45 AM, Lisa and I went and lined up behind the 4:30 pace group. At this point it was pouring down rain and we were soaking wet before the marathon even started.

Lisa and I crossed the start line together and I stuck with her for the first two miles, it was really congested with people so we were forced to keep a pretty slow pace.

At mile two I could tell that Lisa had more gas in her tank and was ready to push ahead, and I wanted to be careful to not push myself to hard at the beginning. So I gave her a little push and said “go, go, go! I’m dropping back!” and with a wave she was off (she did amazing by the way!)

By the way, all my splits here are from my Garmin, which said the course was actually 26.44 miles.

Mile 1 – 10:46

Mile 2 – 10:34

I felt really, really good at the beginning of the marathon. There was a ton of people around me and quite a few spectators. The energy was contagious and despite the rain I felt strong.

Mile 3 – 10:40

Mile 4 – 9:18

Mile 5 – 9:59

Mile 6 – 10:20

Mile 7 – 10:06

Mile 8 – 10:21

About mile 4 a long out-and-back started. I entertained myself by scanning the crowd for Lauren and Lisa. I was watching so hard for them that the next four miles flew by. Sadly I missed Lauren, apparently she was right in with the 3:40 pace group but I didn’t know what she was wearing so couldn’t pick her out. I saw Lisa at the absolute last minute as we were passing each other and screamed loudly and high-fived her.

Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 10.11.25 PM.png

It was around mile 8 that my feet really started to hurt. Not an injury-type pain but just a sore pain. I had a feeling this would happen, my feet had been sore the last few days with all the walking we had done on our trip, but I didn’t think it would happen so early in the marathon. For the next 18 miles my feet basically ached on and off. I just tried to ignore it.

Mile 9 – 10:21

Mile 10 – 9:52

The first 10 miles of the marathon flew by. I remember seeing the 15 K (9.3 miles) sign and thinking, “holy crap, have we really ran that far already?” I felt good and the energy of the course and spectators was really carrying me through. I actually didn’t even put my iPod in until Mile 10.

This is when things started to go downhill.

Mile 11 – 10:17

Mile 12 – 10:40

I have this thing with Mile 12. In almost all of my long runs I hit kind of hit a wall at it. I just want to WALK. Same thing happened in the marathon and it was at Mile 12 that I started doing my 9:1 walk/run intervals. Up until this point I had just been walking briefly through the aid stations.

Miles 13 to 16 were in an industrial-type area out of town, on one side of us was a big hill full of beautiful pine trees and the river was on our other side. This was probably the most scenic part of the course but it also seemed to drag on for a long time. And, of course, it was still pouring rain.

It basically poured rain on and off the entire marathon. I was absolutely soaked through and my shoes were wet, soggy and heavy. I tried to avoid the puddles but by this point I just didn’t have the energy to.

Mile 13 – 10:12

Mile 13.1 Split Time – 2:15:32

Mile 14 – 10:35

Mile 15 – 10:30

Mile 16 – 10:45

Mile 17 – 12:02

Miles 16 to 17 were the dreaded St. Johns Bridge. I knew this was going to be a big hill but holy man, was it ever. As if my quads weren’t tight enough, pushing up this hill felt impossible. I did a lot of walk/running on this hill and it was tough.

Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 10.16.34 PM.png


When I reached the top and was actually on the bridge this was probably the best I’d felt since Mile 10. I had a big smile on my face after pushing up the hill and was ready to sail through the last 3 miles to 20. For some reason, I kept telling myself “just make it to 20 miles, just push through until 20.” I thought the last 6.2 would fly by.

I was so very wrong.

Mile 18 – 10:43

Mile 19 – 10:50

Mile 20 – 11:36

At mile 20 I stopped on the side of the road and stretched out my quads, which were so tight at this point.

I can honestly say the last 6.2 miles of this marathon were the hardest, most painful, most emotional 6.2 miles I have ever ran. Ever.

Everything hurt. My quads were so tight and sore, my feet ached, it was STILL pouring rain and I was beginning to lose faith in my ability to keep going. Looking at my splits afterwards I can see just how much I started to fall apart the last 6.2 miles.

At this point I reverted to 8:2 run/walk intervals. When I was running I was keeping a good pace, 9:55-10:15 but the walks slowed my pace down a lot. And I needed those walk breaks, they were the only thing that kept me going.

Mile 21 – 12:13

Mile 22 – 11:10

Mile 23 – 10:47

I stopped and stretched out my quads again at mile 23. I can’t believe how tight they were!

Mile 23 was downhill and I really picked it up, I love downhills because I just let my legs go. By this point my legs had pretty much gone numb from the rain and the distance so I just let them go and ran.

The 4:30 pace group was quite aways ahead of me by this point and I knew I wouldn’t come in under 4:30 BUT I was on pace to make it in under 4:40. So that became my new goal.

Then it happened. Right around Mile 24.5 I hurt my foot – I’m not sure how, one second it was fine and the next second it hurt to put weight on it. It wasn’t the sore, achey feeling I’d had in my feet the entire race it was an injury-type pain. Along the outside of my right foot hurt SO BAD, kind of a shooting pain every time I put weight on it. It hurt to walk but it hurt even more to run.

Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 10.18.53 PM.png

I cropped out half of Sassy’s photo just to show you guys how hard it was raining that day!

I was SO FRUSTRATED AND DISCOURAGED when I hurt my foot. As if this marathon wasn’t hard enough, this had to happen 2.2 miles out from the finish.

I spent the next mile walking and crying.

Mile 24 – 11:50

Mile 25 – 13:56

I don’t even really know how to put in words how I felt at this point. I was SO UPSET that my body was failing me. I was soaking wet, cold, in so much pain and 2 miles seemed impossible. I kept trying to hobble along and run on my foot but it hurt too bad and I’d always have to start walking again.

It was so unbelievably discouraging to see so many people run past me. I wanted to be running too. I just wanted to get to the end.

Around Mile 25 the 4:45 pace group caught up with me and their energy and peppiness was contagious. I forced myself to run despite my hurting foot.

It hurt. A lot. But I pushed through and eventually my foot – or my ability to feel the pain – went numb.

Mile 26 – 10:57

Mile 26 – 26.44 – 9:44

My Final Statistics:

  • Distance (Garmin): 26.44 miles
  • Duration (Garmin): 4:45:26 (10:48 pace)
  • Duration (Official Chip): 4:45:22

I know that marathon courses are generally pretty long, but man it was discouraging to see 26.2 on my Garmin but still have to keep running for another 3 minutes. It’s a bit of a consolation to me that when my Garmin read 26.2 I was actually at 4:42 therefore breaking 4:45.

Crossing the finish line was, anti-climatic for me. I know that I ran a marathon and that in itself is an amazing, amazing accomplishment. But I was just so disappointed with the last 2.2 miles and my time that I didn’t feel any sort of happiness or elation, other then the fact that I was so happy to be DONE.

I got my medal and finishers shirt and grabbed an orange juice to drink but I didn’t eat anything. None of the food looked appetizing to me. I then hobbled – my foot was really sore by this point – to the ‘Reunion’ area to find Lisa. We had agreed to meet under D.

I had no idea what time she had finished in so was worried she might have gotten cold and went back to the hotel, but then I recognized her shoes. I was so happy to see her and started crying when I told her about hurting my foot and having to walk.

We then limped/hobbled/waddled back to our hotel. We did a lot of walking around the rest of the day because I know the worst thing you can do is not move your legs and let them tighten up. I felt pretty good when I went to bed on Sunday night but when I woke up Monday morning I was SO SORE and TIGHT! I could barely walk and my foot hadn’t gotten any better.

OK, that’s it for this post as it’s already far too long! I know a lot of you are wondering if I will ever run another one and I plan on writing another post later this week that’s a “Follow-up to the marathon” post. It will cover things like what my future running plans are, what I thought and took away from the marathon process etc. and, I will tell you if I ever plan to run another one.


Despite the fact that I’m not all that excited about how the run went and my time, I need to remember that I ran a freaking marathon. A marathon! Only 1% of the population does that, and that in itself is pretty impressive.

Once again, thank you so much for your support and kind words over the past four months and especially on Sunday. It means more than you know.


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  1. Sam says:

    You did soo amazing! Seriously, running a marathon?! That is such an accomplishment! I’m sorry you had terrible foot pains and that you were disappointed with your time πŸ™ I know it’s so discouraging now since it’s so fresh in your mind, but hopefully once the pain goes down and you let it soak in more that you completed a marathon you’ll be feeling more excited about your HUGE accomplishment! I follow another blogger who ran this marathon and she blogged about the horrible downpour of rain too and I think her time was 5:12 or something like that. How sucky for it to rain on you guys, but that just means your times are that much more impressive! Can’t wait to read the next post about your future w/running marathons πŸ™‚

  2. Deia says:

    Congrats on finishing your first Marathon. I think that’s really cool. Relax a bit and I hope you’re foot isn’t too bad…

  3. steph anne says:

    Congratulations again on finishing your first marathon!!! I’m so proud of you and definitely thought of you while you were running. Seriously, did you ever stop to go to the bathroom or to drink water? and how much water did you get? I don’t think I can run without drinking tons of water every once a while.

    Now what’s next? IRONMAN! πŸ˜‰ No seriously, my friend’s parents are runners and they run every morning and evening together & tons of marathons. Her father recently turned 50 and for his 50th Birthday, he ran 50 miles and some friends ran with him (not the whole thing but took turns). I thought that was pretty cool!!

  4. Keri says:

    I’m sorry you had terrible weather and hurt your foot on your first marathon, but CONGRATULATIONS for completing a MARATHON! Now rest up!

  5. Kelly says:

    I know it’s hard not to be focused on time but this was your first marathon so REALLY finishing is a major accomplishment. On top of that, you basically met all of your goals, or at least the first two if you don’t want to count the point you REALLY hit 26.2!
    I think the rain alone would’ve discouraged me a lot. It’s sad you didn’t get a beautiful day to run in!
    As I was tracking you I felt like you were struggling on the last few miles, I don’t know why I just felt like it and I kept thinking “Amber! JUST KEEP GOING YOU CAN DO IT” hopefully you could hear me in your mind πŸ™‚ haha. As I sat on my bum… haha.

  6. You finished! And look at everything you went through! You should be so very proud of yourself- you’ve done something amazing!!! πŸ™‚

    Sorry the weather was a suck. And I hope your body is recovering quickly… πŸ™‚

  7. Megan says:

    I’m SO PROUD of you for finishing, despite your injury. You kept going until you crossed the finish line, and that is a huge deal! Congrats!

  8. J says:

    Congrats on the marathon! that sounds like a tough time at the end of the race but I know how you feel, I felt the same at the end of my half. It is so tough to be passed by people when you are hurting in a race. But you finished and did great! hope your foot feels better soon!

  9. Conny M says:

    WOW you did it and should be so proud. I just found your blog a few weeks ago and have loved sharing your marathon experience. Thanks for that!

  10. I know it’s disappointing to not make that ideal time goal of 4:30, but you still need to pat yourself on your back for finishing this race. It was so grueling to run in the rain. Seriously. I know that it is better than running in the heat and humidity, but it is still mentally exhausting and there were so many moments where I wanted to scream, ‘enough with the f’ing rain!!!’ I mean, it was so wet, water was shooting out of the mesh on my shoes so obvioulsy we were very wet.

    Also, don’t forget that one of your goals was to come in under 5 hours!! So you did make 2 of your 3 goals I beleive (I think your A goal was to finish and B was sub-5?).

    I think that the whole marathon experience will hit you later… That is what happened for me on my first race. I think it was anti-climatic as well and that the training sort of blurred everything and made me forget how huge this accomplishment is.

    Lastly, go look at the Run Pix analysis on the website! I am not sure, but I think the avg time was something like 5 hours, so you should feel good knowing you finished faster than the avg person. Ok?

    SO proud of you sweetie. And maybe you will be like me and you’ll take some time away and come back and get a huge PR!

    Miss you already!

  11. Lisa says:

    I’ve seen this happen so many times…something about the race experience doesn’t go as expected and the runner forgets that the accomplishment is getting to the finish line despite adversity. YOU DID IT! In a few days, I hope you can look back and realize what an amazing accomplishment this is.

  12. Amanda says:

    Wow Amber! I am so impressed right now! The other night I wimped out at the gym after 25 minutes on the treadmill because I got a cramp… seriously… how lame is that. You just ran a marathon! In the pouring rain! You are amazing. I am so inspired right now I wish I hadn’t JUST gotten to work so I could go for a run myself.

  13. Emily Jane says:

    CONGRATS!! Finishing this, especially after hurting your foot and going through the awful weather, is SUCH a huge accomplishment. So very proud of you!!

  14. Laura says:

    You did so amazing..Congrats again
    (I have yet to be in a race where my Garmin is bang on..Garmins are usually a bit off..)

  15. Jaime Runs says:

    YOU RAN A FECKING MARATHON!!!! You are AMAZING! Never EVER forget that.

    The foot pain, the rain, the soreness and the frustration are all part of this journey. I think you are the bees knees. Enjoy your post-marathon relaxation and if the foot still hurts in a few days, it’s x-ray time.

  16. abbi says:

    Try not to be disappointed. You ran a marathon, you pushed through really harsh conditions and the mental anguish trying to tell you to stop…and your time certainly wasn’t shabby! You completed an amazing accomplishment. The actual marathon was just one day – think of everything you accomplished over the past few months!

    Even with all the positive comments, I do understand your side. I had the same feeling when people started passing me in those last few miles and part of me felt like I kind of gave up a little – I know I didn’t, but I’m always hard on myself and wonder if I could’ve pushed more.


  17. Jess says:

    I am so sorry this race was not everything you hoped it would be. But you did run a freakin’ marathon. And you finished, despite the stupid and annoying pain in your foot. That’s something to be so proud of! I’m really looking forward to your post on the follow up to the marathon. Rest well and enjoy some nice stretching and maybe a massage! You deserve it!

  18. Good for you for pushing through the pain!!!! That’s when it matters most πŸ™‚

    You did great, and I am proud of you!

  19. Teri says:

    Congratulations on finishing the marathon! That is a huge accomplishment, and you should be very proud of what you accomplished. I think that the shock of how hard it is happens to everyone, and not just the first time, either. They are tough. And it was a tough day out there. Because we had so many people at the start, the 4:30 pace group had to run faster to make up time than we should have, which meant that legs got tired earlier. I hope your foot is okay – that’s the worst. So again, congrats. You did great!

  20. Naomi says:

    I came across your blog via the Portland Marathon Twitter hashtag. I agree, the last 10K was one of the hardest I’ve experienced. Great report and congratulations!

  21. Nora says:

    From where I sit, the fact that you finished a marathon AT ALL, especially one where you were hurt, soaking wet and ready to be done? IS AMAZING. I told Lisa this but you girls totally inspire me. I’m still in awe of all the dedication and hard work you put forth into the training and how well you both did. So as far as i’m concerned you’re a rock star =) Hope the foot gets better soon. Love you!

  22. I think once you relax and have some distance (pun totally intended) between the marathon and where you are now, you’ll be able to appreciate what an AMAZING ACHIEVEMENT that is! Not that you don’t appreciate it, but it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the rain, bum foot, etc. Yes, those are downers, but running a marathon?!? FREAKING AWESOME. Congratulations. πŸ™‚

  23. Amber says:

    This is still so amazing Amber!!!!! You’re a marathoner now!!! πŸ™‚

  24. Morgan says:

    First and foremost I want you to look in the mirror right now and say “I’m a Marathoner!” Actually you should just randomly tell strangers that as much as possible! You endured one helluva race day girl and I look up to your strength and determination! I am so sorry to hear about your foot! Seriously girl that is terrible. I hope everything is ok and it’s not anything serious!!!

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  26. H-woman says:

    That’s why you set more than one goal, remember? You ran a marathon! In the rain! I’ve done two and a half half’s in the rain (Vancouver) and it was not fun. I was not a happy camper. So if you pushed through a full in the rain, you’re made of some tough stuff!

    Hope you’re feeling better today. And go see somebody about that foot. Now, not later. =)

    H =)

  27. eemusings says:

    So so proud of you! You did amazing, and one day I hope I can say that I ran a marathon too.

  28. BostonRunner says:

    YAY I can comment now!! Congratulations again on your marathon! You’re my hero! I loved your recap, enjoy basking in your post marathon high (and forget your time you’re a marathoner! It’s funny.. I think only bloggers would run a marathon and be disappointed, we’re so hard on ourselves!)

  29. Nicole says:

    you did it girl!!!!

    so so so happy for you!!!!

    crossing a marathon has been anti-climatic for me every time. i pray that the 3rd times the charm!!!!

    <3 congrats girl and even though you dont feel like you rocked it, you DID!

  30. Hey wow! So crazy how close we were, hey. Great job on the marathon, and my goodness, yes it WAS extremely hard, but we did it! Yay!

  31. Amanda says:

    I’ve always heard that there are two halves to a marathon- the first 20 miles and the last 6.2 (6.4 in your case). Seriously, what you experienced with the last bit of the race is really common- your body just gives out in the last 6 miles and that’s when you really, really have to push to be done. I know you don’t feel great about your performance, but you did awesome! Lots of people might have given up with the pain you were experiencing, but you pushed through. Remember that your #1 goal was to finish the marathon, and you did it!

    I would go see someone about the foot though, and get tons of rest so your body can heal up. Congrats on being a marathoner!

  32. Leigh says:

    Congratulations again for finishing your marathon! I am so, so impressed that you finished even with your injured foot and the pouring rain. I would have wanted to give up before it started with all of that rain.

    Hopefully your muscles recover quickly and you aren’t hobbling soon!

  33. shoshanah says:

    I feel like I’ve already said this a ton of time, but I’m so impressed by you! I can’t even imagine being able to accomplish a marathon! You really should be proud of yourself, even if it didn’t end the way you wanted to exactly, you still did it

  34. Lorinda says:

    I’m so sorry your experience wasn’t better but am soooo proud of how you pushed through and ran a whole freakin’ marathon! You are a super hero!! Go red-head super powers!

    Hope the rest and recovery go well.

  35. Abby says:

    I am so sorry you had to put up with an injury during your 1st marathon. I have so much respect for you for pushing through to the end. We all know that was NOT an easy task. And only someone very dedicated and strong could do what you did!

    You finished a freaking marathon. 26.2 MILES!! You rock and should be walking (hobbling) around very proud right now for the accomplishment! Way to go!!!!

  36. I understand why you’re frustrated, but you did an INCREDIBLE job. You ran a marathon!! Thats amazing! πŸ™‚

  37. Becky says:

    I tried to leave a comment yesterday but for some reason it didn’t take. I can’t imagine everything you were thinking and dealing with throughout the race – the rain, the hills, the pain. But you DID it. YOU DID IT. YOU. We were here supporting you but you were the one who did it – I’m SO proud of you.

  38. skinnyrunner says:

    congrats on finishing! especially with foot problems! i ran the full too, and like you said, it was pretty miserable conditions out there!

  39. Katie H. says:

    Congratulations! You did an awesome job. I hope that your foot is okay! You rocked the marathon- great race report!

  40. MrLatte says:

    Hey, you did GREAT!!! Congratulations on completing your first marathon and achieving your #1 and #2 goals!

    My buddy actually runs the booth at the expo that sells the shirts with the funny slogans! http://www.onemoremile.net/

    I finished in 4:54:47 as my first marathon as well! I agree, the first 10 miles or so seemed really easy and smooth and it got me thinking I should be able to finish in about 4:30. Silly me. I had a 1/2 split time of about 2:18. I even ran the whole way up the hill to the bridge! Then about mile 20-21 that’s when things got serious – no more fun and games! Then my calves started hurting. That had never happened in a half marathon – and that made me realize this full marathon was WAY harder!

    My Garmin read 26.4 miles – I’m sure those extra .2 miles were because I didn’t run straight enough! I know they tell you to run the tangents but it’s hard with all those people! Looking forward to reading about your possible future marathons!

    Bib #1892

  41. Oh sweet girl, I’m so sorry you had poor weather conditions and became injured. You are right, despite all the excitement, running a marathon is TOUGH. But you DID IT! And you did really, really well even though you didn’t make your time goal. You ROCKED it! Wow! And forever, you’ll be a marathoner.

    I know what you mean about crossing the finish line dazed. I think it’s that your brain has been deprived of oxyen for so long or something. :o)

  42. mandy says:

    I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! Seriously, I have no words for how proud I am of you. You ran a marathon!! Thats no small feat. Please don’t be discouraged or disappointed for one minute. You DID it. In spite of the rain and the foot pain. You saw it through, met the challenge head on, and kicked its ass. You are amazing and so inspiring.

  43. E.P. says:

    Reading this post makes me feel so inspired and like I need to get my butt moving because YOU FINISHED A FREAKIN’ MARATHON! And that is AWESOME! Remember that when you’re feeling sad/discouraged about your foot and the rain. (:

  44. Carissa says:

    it is SO SO SO impressive!!! I can’t say that enough! you are totally amazing and what you did is amazing! I can’t even imagine. pushing through all that pain and exhaustion… in the pouring rain no less. kind of sounds awful to me πŸ™‚ BUT you DID IT! for the rest of your life you have those bragging rights, whether you do one again or not. you are one tough cookie and you deserve a pat on the back! and a milkshake! haha. seriously, job. well. done.

  45. Aneta says:

    what a great recap!
    congrats! u did it!
    even tho it was hard…u did it! yay!!! amazing job!

  46. Michaela says:

    Congrats, Amber! You did so well — and in less than ideal weather conditions! You have a lot to be proud of. I hope you’re feeling inspired and can’t wait to run another 26.2!

    I still can’t believe we didn’t see each other at the start — haha, next time. Interesting that you hated Mile 12. For me, it was Mile 10 — that boring, extremely flat out-and-back section by the train tracks. So awful.

    Congrats again!

  47. Yep, you did it allright! GOOD JOB!

    I also think you now know why I title race reports things like “bring the pain”. These things *like your foot* happen. they are what make us fucking rockstars. we deal with it and keep going (as long as it’s not an actual injury).

    What happens to us at mile 23 of a marathon is not something that people who don’t run marathons know anything about. We know how to let the mind take over and push the body when it wants to stop. We know how to see the finish line and go get it. And until you push those buttons you don’t really know how you’re going to do. and you did it! Enjoy the recovery time, you’ve earned it!

  48. Molly says:

    Congrats on running your marathon! So sorry about the foot pain at the finish! I can completely relate, I pulled my hamstring right before my first marathon, and had to stop several times at the end to stretch, so frustrating! You ran a great race, awesome job!!!

  49. You DID run a marathon!! AND in some of the hardest conditions, with a strong mentality (though it may not have felt like it at the time) that kept you going, no matter what that took.
    “Crossing the finish line was, anti-climatic for me” – I relate to this so much with my first one; I didn’t feel that runner’s high until an hour or so later, and even then, it wasn’t what I expected. I felt somewhat defeated by the last 6.2 (don’t we all…), and it’s totally okay to feel that! Just know that you put in a LOT of training, and accomplished your goal πŸ™‚ SO proud of you!

  50. Bria says:

    Yeah Amber!!! You are AMAZING!! Running a marathon is such an accomplishment πŸ™‚ I feel for you re: the weather. If you check out the race report I just wrote about my half on the weekend- it’s a similar story lol

    Congrats on not giving up (seriously; I can only imagine the last 2 miles of a marathon must be a dark hour) !! You DID it!!

  51. Amber, I am SO PROUD of you! You are such a rock star! Not only did you run a freaking marathon — but you ran it in the rain AND finished despite a foot injury! Amazing. You are so inspiring! What a wonderful accomplishment! GO AMBER! Yay!

  52. RoadBunner says:

    Great job out there with your foot πŸ™ I can’t imagine doing a first marathon in weather like that. I’m sorry your race didn’t play out the way you wanted, but the real accomplishment is FINISHING and you did that great! Yeah, I think we probably did cross paths at some point. Small world πŸ˜‰

    Oh, and I now switch over from “distance” being displayed to “time” at mile 25 of every marathon I run. That way I have a good estimate of my finish time and I also don’t have to see “26.2” come and go since Garmins always measure long.

  53. Susan says:

    I am beyond late for this, but I still wanted to come back and say CONGRATULATIONS!!! I loved your recap. You described how you were feeling wonderfully and I felt like I was right there with you. That rain is intense, the foot pain is intense, but completing a marathon, let alone in under 5 hours is a HUGE accomplishment!! Did you do a lot of weaving through the crowds? Sometimes that adds a little extra distance to your run. A lot of marathons even paint lines on the road to follow to make sure you come in at exactly 26.2.

    Also, you if you haven’t yet, you totally need to read this article: http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-243-297-519-13685-0,00.html

  54. Janine says:

    Holly smoly!!!! You are in insipration Amber!! That blog was awesome lol! I actually did read the whole thing πŸ™‚ and I had no idea that only 1% of the population run a marathon! Just shows you how tough you really are!!

  55. Nikki says:

    LOVE the report. I love that you put it all there, the good with the bad. And congrats! I hope to see you in this years marathon! We have pretty much the same hair color, so it should be *easy* to spot each other! (I say *easy* b/c lets face it – there’s almost no way!) Good luck on your half mary in May!!

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