Looking Forward (2)

Lisa’s post yesterday reminded me that it’s been a while since I did my last looking forward post.

Unfortunately (or fortunately I guess) most of the things I was really looking forward to in February have happened now! I went to Europe, I graduated University, I started my career!

I think it’s always good to have something to look forward to, so here’s a new version of what I’m looking forward to 🙂


I’m also looking forward to the roses that surround my patio to bloom even more! In the past week they’ve gone from no blooms to all these beautiful roses. I absolutely love it!

In the next day, I am looking forward to doing yoga today at lunch! The start of marathon training has made my legs really tight so it’ll feel good to stretch them out.

In the next week, I am looking forward to going on a trail run with a j-school friend tomorrow and also getting some sunshine this weekend (hopefully). It has been raining on and off in Kamloops for, like, two weeks now and that is SO not typical Kamloops weather. I hate it! Sunshine would be good, especially on the weekend!

In the next month, I am really looking forward to spending the weekend at the lake with two of my highschool girlfriends the weekend after this one. I’m also looking forward to (hopefully) seeing Eric even though we haven’t figured out exact dates yet!

In the next year, I am looking forward to so much! Road-tripping down to Portland, running the marathon, meeting Lisa and Lauren, and a few exciting plans that are in the works for me and Eric 😀

It feels so good to have things to look forward to!!

What are you looking forward to in the next day, week, month and year?

19 Responses

  1. Kelly says:

    I find having stuff to look forward to very important too! I am going to do this post today 🙂 I love stealing you and Lisa’s ideas 🙂

  2. Becky says:

    Ooh, I want to hear more about these plans with Eric! 🙂

    Today I’m looking forward to yoga as well – there’s a class my friend teaches mid-morning and since it’s a slow week at work I’m going. In the next week I’m looking forward to finishing the book I’m reading. In the next month I’m looking forward to a Chicago wedding and going to see my niece in Ohio, and in the next year I’m looking forward to finally moving out of our tiny apartment. (Our lease is up in February so we’re starting to save now so we can move. Three and a half years in a 684 sq. foot apt. is enough! Can you tell I’m excited?!)

  3. Too often I fall into the trap of wasting too much energy on what is to come and forgetting to enjoy the present … but I can’t help it! The future is so exciting! This weekened I’m looking forward to my mom coming to visit with her new puppy – a Yorkie named Guinness! Next weekend, hopefully Kirk and I can make it up to Philly for the day if not the weekend. And next year? Alaska, we hope!

  4. erin says:

    In the next couple days, I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with my nieces and nephew! and the family!!! we’re gonna be celebrating june birthdays!

    Next week, I’m looking forward to going to rochester to see my best friend!!!!

    In the next couple months, I’m looking forward to having a couples BBQ and finally meeting my fiance’s boys from Jersey!

    and In approximately 4 months, I’m looking forward to finally being married!

  5. The only two things I’m looking forward to right now is, my day off tomorrow which will be spent taking my friend for her drivers test and my birthday at the end of the month.

  6. Emily Jane says:

    Love these posts! Right now I am looking forward to the first World Cup game, my birthday/father’s day (we share every few years!), and my own Europe trip 🙂

  7. BostonRunner says:

    I agree that it’s important to have things to look forward to! I almost like looking forward to things more than the actual event haha. I try to keep in mind though that although I look forward to things, I should enjoy today too : )

  8. You know what all I am looking forward to based on yesterday’s post! 🙂

    Today I am looking forward to my local book club tonight. We read “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet” which is set in WWII in Seattle. One of the themes of the book is the internment of Japanese Americans, so we are going to a Japanese restaurant. Should be fun!!

  9. Nora says:

    You can’t say exciting things in the works with Eric and then not tell us! 😉 Well, I guess you can since it’s your blog and all but I’m curious!

    I’m looking forward to the two concerts I’m attending in the next week, to kicking butt in this advanced corporate finance class (seriously, it’s not fun), and a few road trips and mini-trips along the way in the next few months!

  10. sarah says:

    Oh, YOINKED. Can I steal this idea & do my own post about it? pretty please??!

    Next day: Payday!
    Next week: College grad!
    Next Month: Surgery!
    Next year: First year of undergrad! Weeeeeeeee! 🙂

  11. Katrina says:

    The rose bush looks awesome!!! I hope they aren’t going to chop it down just yet!

    I’m looking forward to Shawn coming down soon, Sheldon’s 30th bday bbq this weekend, for the 20 and 25C weather we’re SUPPOSE to get this weekend, this tomorrow maybe being my last day of work, meeting our baby very soon, seeing the look on my parents face when they meet our baby 🙂 And hopefully Steve getting a new job and a trip somewhere hot this fall. OH and winning the 50 mil tomorrow LOL

  12. Holly says:

    Next day: Spending quality time at the barn. We might even let Nathan’s parents babysit Topher …
    Next week: RIDING!
    Next month: My family from New Brunswick is coming to visit for a week 🙂
    Next year: My 10 year high school reunion – which means a good excuse to fly home for a couple of weeks, maybe even make a side trip to PEI. I can’t wait!!!

  13. Lindsay says:

    Day: Finalizing the details of my summer internship!
    Week: Meeting friend’s baby boy for the first time
    Month: Only having one class as opposed to four during summer quarter
    Year: Getting my masters! I’m ready to not be a student anymore

  14. Jen Holmes says:

    Day- Going to the gym after work
    Week- Fleet Week in Victoria…aka: hot navy boys in uniform
    Month- Moving home
    Year- Changes in my life, career & personal growth

  15. In the next day I am looking forward to a BBQ with friends.

    In the next week I am looking forward to fun field trips with my students.

    In the next month I am looking forward to being done work for the summer, camping, and visiting with my mom!

    In the next year I am looking forward to traveling some more, and starting grad school.

  16. Stephany says:

    I love this idea for a post. Let’s see:

    Next day: A fun day at work since it’s an in-service day and I don’t have to be in until 8am! Yay!
    Next week: Doing way better on my eating and exercise. (But really, nothing exciting is happening next week. Boo.)
    Next month: Starting my internship back up and a fun weekend trip to Orlando!
    Next year: Graduating, finding a better job, losing MORE weight, and maybe even training for a sprint triathlon.

  17. Next day: It is Friday, and I get to relax! That is enough for me.
    Next week: My roadtrip to Cape Town for the World Cup!
    Next month: Actually being at the World Cup for a while 🙂
    Next year: Finishing Peace Corps in Mozambique, traveling Asia, moving back to America and readjusting, running a marathon, and getting into grad school!

  18. I’m looking forward to seeing friends tonight and running the 1/2 marathon tomorrow. I’m looking forward to next week being over (already). I’m looking forward to several upcoming summer weekends where I have lots of cycling, camping and running planned. And I’m looking forward to running Portland and meeting you and Lisa in the flesh!

  19. Jessica says:

    You have some great stuff lined up! I need to do one of these posts.

    I am looking forward to getting settled at my job, John Mayer and Maroon 5 concerts and the beach!