Hi from Athens!

Hello from Athens! Tonight is our last night here – we are back to Paris tomorrow afternoon.

I can’t believe we only have THREE sleeps left in our trip – it feels like not too long ago I was counting down until we left!

I have so much to share – too much for one blog post. So, since we last left off here is bullet-point style:

  • We left Rome shortly after my last post to head to the Amalfi coast. There we hiked Mt. Vesuvius and took a day trip to Capri where we soaked up the sunshine.
  • We returned to Rome last Monday and spent the day touring the Colleseum, Palatine and Roman Forum. All of which were VERY interesting and enjoyable. We finished up our last night in Italy with a couple of bottles of wine while reminiscing over our trip so far by looking through the pictures and videos (oh yes, there are videos, 270ish to be exact. Just you wait!)
  • We arrived in Athens two days ago. Yesterday we toured the Acropolis and did a lot of shopping and souvenir-buying. Today we went on a 1-day cruise to three Greek Islands. It was fun but not quite worth the money it cost! We enjoyed Athens more then we thought we would – and, no, no problems r.e. the riots.
  • Tomorrow we are back to Paris and have plans to visit the Palace of Versailles on Saturday. Sunday morning we are flying back to Canada!

While we are incredibly sad that this amazing trip is over, we are also excited to get home. Changing where you sleep every couple of nights is exhausting and the last few days in Athens – where the temperature has been around 30 C (in the 90s F) – have drained us!

I tried really hard to share some photos with you tonight – really, I did! But if I thought a computer in French was hard to navigate I am WAY over my head using a computer in Greek. Re-sizing the photos and adding them to the blog post just weren’t happening. You’ll have to wait till next week to see a whole wack load of photos!

The photo I really wanted to share was one of us that was taken tonight. We are sitting on the balcony of the cruise ship on the way back to Athens sharing a bottle of white wine, laughing and chatting. The sun is setting behind us and we are SO happy and relaxed (and a little sunburned – me, not Eric!) Obviously our trip hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows there have been hard parts but Eric and I have decided we make excellent travel buddies – except maybe when we are lost and arguing over the map! But overall it has been the best trip ever we are already discussing the next one!

See you next week – from CANADA!

21 Responses

  1. Leigh says:

    Sounds like you and Eric are really having the trip of a lifetime! Can’t wait to see pictures!

  2. Paula says:

    What Greek Islands did you visit? I was on Zante (Zakynthos) until early Monday morning so you could have just missed me! We could have did an Athens trip from there which sounded awesome, but with only a week in Zante as it was, we really just had time for lazing around, getting sunburnt and bit by mosquitos apparently!

    Glad you are having a blast! x

  3. Lindsay says:

    I’m dying to go to Greece! Can’t wait to see your pictures 🙂

  4. I hope your last 3 days drag on so that you can savor them!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kyla Roma says:

    I hope you make these last few days stretch out- I can’t wait to hear and see all about how amazing this experience has been! Thank you for touching base while you’ve been away- it’s so cool to get your little updates!

  6. Becks says:

    Looking forward to seeing the photos and hearing the stories.

  7. shoshanah says:

    Greece is definitely up there on my top countries to visit someday. Can’t wait to see picture! And I hope you guys have a great last weekend in Paris

  8. Nicole says:

    Sounds like you have had soooo much fun!!! I can’t wait to see pictures and hear about your trip!! Safe travels home!! 🙂

  9. Becky says:

    I can’t believe this trip is almost over! Have a great last three sleeps and can’t wait to see pictures and videos and stories when you get back!!!!

  10. E.P. says:

    Oh my goodness! Y’all have done so much, and I am SO happy to hear that things are going well and you are enjoying yourselves! And in reading this, I long to go back to Italy (and explore the rest of Europe for the first time) soon.

    Have fun!

  11. Jessica says:

    Yay! Glad you are having a fab time 🙂 I am happy to hear that things in Athens are fine..I was worried about you.

  12. mandy says:

    I think waking up in a different place every few days would be incredibly exhausting. I literally cannot wait for you to share more stories and pictures. Safe travels on your way home!

  13. Hetather C says:

    Hey there! It’s been fun keeping up with your trip as you go 🙂 Can’t wait to see your pics ‘n stuff!

  14. Heather C says:

    Wow…just realized my *name* has a typo. HA! Fixed now 😉 xo

  15. Emily Jane says:

    LOL at Heather’s comment. I hate when I do that too ’cause you can’t UNdo it 🙂

    I can’t WAIT to see your pictures and videos!! Have a safe trip home!

  16. OMG I can’t believe your trip is already almost over. It went by so dang fast!! I am glad you have had a blast but I know the feeling of being ready to return to the comforts of home. I think traveling with a person is so indicative of how well suited you are for each other. While much of it is fun, you also deal with a lot of stress, like getting lost and overcoming language barriers, etc. I am thrilled to hear that you are great travel partners – but must say I am not surprised! 🙂

    Give my love to Paris. 🙂 I can’t wait to hear about Versailles. The Hall of Mirrors looks so awesome!

  17. Kelly says:

    It sounds like it’s been an amazing trip. It’s amazing how fast it goes while you are there- where as I feel like you’ve been gone forever haha. I’m glad you and Eric make great travel buddies. Me and my Eric are awesome travel buddies too but that definitely doesn’t mean no fights at all!

  18. Nora says:

    Can’t wait to see the millions of photos 🙂

    Glad you had a lovely time. travel safe the rest of the way!

  19. Sarah says:

    I’m so glad that you’re having such a great time together! And I really can’t wait to see all those photos and vidoes!

  20. Carissa says:

    so glad you are having fun! traveling can be testing on a relationship but if you can make it through it, especially a long one like this in a foreign country, then you can make it through anything! 🙂

    and I CAN’T WAIT to see all your amazing photos! (and maybe even a few videos!)

  21. Hezabelle says:

    We were in Athens at the same time! It was soooo hot. Glad you liked it too though!