We were meant for this

Today’s Monday Meeting post has been postponed until tomorrow as I want to talk about the Olympics!


I am so sad the Olympics are over. I’ve absolutely loved watching them for the past 17 days.

I know a lot of people hate the “I Believe” song (I actually really like it) but you can’t argue with this line:

“I believe in the power that comes from a world brought together as one.”

To me, the Olympics are one of the biggest symbols of peace. Sure, it’s all about competition, but it’s also about sportsmanship and teamwork.

Speaking of competition, what a game yesterday!

I remember where I was eight years ago when the men’s Canadian hockey team won gold at Salt Lake City. I had just finished my own hockey tournament in Hudson Hope, B.C. and a whole bunch of us were crowded around this teeny tiny TV in the arena lobby watching Canada and the USA play the gold medal game.

We erupted in cheers when Canada won the gold.

Yesterday, in the same situation but eight years later, I was in a local pub with the lovely Meghan, slugging back caesars and surrounded by people in red and white jerseys watching the USA and Canada play the gold medal game.

I’ll never forget the moment that Crosby scored the winning goal and the entire pub exploded.

I have always been incredibly proud to be a Canadian. But the last two weeks, well, it’s hard to describe in words how I’ve felt watching the Olympics happening in my country and my province.

The goosebumps I had when I saw fellow Canadians cheering, dressed head-to-toe in red, waving our flag and breaking out at random moments singing our national anthem.

The tears that welled up when I watched Joannie Rochette skate, when Jon Montgomery took his infamous walk through Whistler, when Alex Bilodeau brought home the first gold, when the Canadian Women’s hockey team won their third gold medal in a row and when Sidney Crosby scored that O/T goal.

The anger I felt when international media bashed our athletes for celebrating and “underage” drinking (the drinking age in Canada is 19 – and 18 in some provinces), called the event the worst olympics ever and got mad about the weather (which is obviously so out of our control).

The spotlight isn’t on Canada very often. We have a very small population compared to other countries of this size and we’re very often grouped into a category with our neighbours to the south.

We broke world records these last two weeks. With 14 gold medals, Canadian athletes brought home more gold medals then any other country has at the Winter Olympics ever.

Right now, we’re in the spotlight. And you know what? We deserve it.

I am remarkably proud of all the Canadian athletes that competed over the last two weeks on behalf of our country and, as always, I am so, so, SO proud to be a Canadian.

We were meant for this.

PS: How freaking beautiful is this province I live in and grew up in? You’re all welcome to come visit anytime 😉

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  1. Ashley says:

    I was just excited to see the Olympics in a place I’d actually visited before! I love Vancouver. You guys really destroyed that “never won a gold on home soil” thing, ha ha.

  2. Sarah says:

    It’s funny, but I’ve never been into the winter olympics. I think it’s from being raised in the UK – apart from Torvil and Dean in the early 90’s we’ve never had a real shot at the winter olympics, so we kinda pretend they don’t exist! LOL

    That said, I totally agree with how sports can really bring people together. Not just the Olympics, but also the World Cup (football/soccer). It’s amazing how many footie fans there are in the world! It’s wonderful to feel the enthusiasm, the buzz, that’s everywhere.

  3. Lynn says:

    I know exactly what you mean. I am SOOO proud and feel so incrediably lucky to be Canadian.

    I can’t wait to visit the West Coast, some day soon I hope!

  4. Kelly says:

    Don’t worry- you are not grouped with us at all in Australia.When I was studying abroad, I used to pretend to be Canadian when random people asked me on the street (and they would always ask if I was Canadian I just had to nod my head haha). I learned quickly that if I said I was Canadian they’d be like “cool” and convo would be over. If I said, no I’m American- well let’s just say I would get a lecture about George Bush…yes, cuz I personally put him into office haha. One day I forgot to lie and my Australian friend had to stand up for me because I was about to get beat up. I’m still not sure if that experience made me more or less proud of my country. I saw how we are viewed internationally which did not make me proud, but it’s also like the more you are disliked…or not noticed at all (as you were saying), the more pride you have to have for yourself…does that make sense? Truthfully though, I have more Boston pride than American 🙂

  5. Paula says:

    I have family over in Canada so I feel a bit of a connection to your country – I’m happy you did so well! National pride is SUCH a big thing for me.

  6. erin says:

    i remember when I went to europe 8 years ago (ohmygosh! that long ago). i was with a group of people that were from all sorts of places, and once we had gone in to a pub in france & a guy was heckling someone from the states. From that point on, I didn’t say that I was from the states, instead it was easier to say that i was from canada. we get so much grief for being american, it sucks.

    though when i hear the national anthem, like anyone else from any other country – I do feel very proud…. i think US tries their hardest to do what we can do, and no matter what — we get judged for it one way or another.

    Congrats to Canada for winning the game!

  7. I am so proud to be from Canada! What an amazing country!!

  8. mandy says:

    We’ve had this discussion via twitter, but I asbolutely adore the Olympics and everything they stand for as well. I get completely caught up in the emotion of it all — the medals ceremonies, the determination and heart break some of the athlete’s have gone through and the commraderie that has brought people of different backgrounds together. One news caster said this morning that Joannie Rochette showed that some endurance and stamina is far beyond any sort of athleticism and I couldn’t agree more. What I saw of your country was absolutely breath taking and it most definitely made me want to come visit.

  9. Well. I’m NOT HAPPY but I’m happy for you. 😉

  10. Emily Jane says:

    This was the first time in my ten years of living in Canada that I’ve really felt the country coming together. It’s always been one of the things I missed about the UK – I remember growing up with only 5 channels on the TV, so EVERYONE all watched the same shows, talked about them at work, everyone listened to BBC Radio 1 and the DJs would talk about the things that the whole country was experiencing. It was so much more common for a nation to get behind something, whether on TV, radio, football… and it was absolutely wonderful this weekend to see it happen here. I didn’t see the game but I definitely heard about it, and all I can say is GO CANADA!! 🙂

  11. Lisa says:

    enjoyed the olympics. vancouver looks like a beautiful place

  12. Rebecca says:

    There is no arguing with the beauty of British Columbia, or the prowess of the Canadian Olympic hockey team for that matter! 🙂 While I am one of those neighbors from the south, as a hockey fan it is hard for me to feel disappointed with USA’s loss to Canada last night. Unfortunately I was at work all day yesterday and was unable to watch the game, but I heard it was spectacular.

    I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Vancouver back in 2004 for the Research Society on Alcoholism conference, and I have wanted to go back ever since. I got to see the University of British Columbia campus while I was there, and have contemplated applying to graduate school there many times. 🙂

  13. Anais says:

    Ah, I love this post!!! It totally gave me goose bumps 🙂 I felt like crying when we won yesterday, I just couldn’t believe it was happening!!!! To tell you the truth, as soon as the commentators said “only 1 minute to go until team canada olympic gold” I KNEW they had jinxed it and didn’t know if we’d be able to recover… but we did and it was amazing!!!

    I’m also going through Olympic withdrawal right now 🙁 It’s coming in handy though as I really need to get a lot of work done today 😛

  14. Crosby is the daddy of the mac daddy. no doubt. he’s reaching Gretzky status quickly.

    i now dream of heading up to BC one day. it’s such a beautiful place. I love the mountains.

  15. Holly says:

    I completely agree – WE DESERVE IT! I love being Canadian 😀 I’ve only been to BC a couple of times (Radium and Kelowna) but all those BC commercials throughout the Olympics have really made me want to visit more!

  16. samdotcom says:

    What an incredible month. Yesterday I was in the heart of the celebration, and it was amazing. I’m so sad it is over, but the memories are forever. And I can only hope the celebration of or beautiful country continues.

  17. Vanessa says:

    The Olympics were amazing! So sad they’re over.

    I almost had a freaking heart attack watching the game yesterday. It was INTENSE! I knew we’d bring home the gold though…how could we not? 😉

  18. Jen says:

    That was BEAUTIFULLY put.

    I have SO much pride in my Country. And that is on a regular day, when nobody is sporting our colors or a jersey, or singing “O Canada” straight from the heart.

    The Olympics, for me, have been absolutely amazing. They took place is such an amazing part of our country and I think we did them proud.

    We may not have won the most medals, but we won the most gold. We put ourselves out there and we did an amazing job.

    One thing I am VERY proud of for our Canadians is how gracious we are. There were so many sour faces accepting Silver/Bronze medals (the Americans at Women’s Hockey??? The Australian at the Moguls? The US Men at Hockey last night????????) – Nobody likes to “lose” but in my opinion, you are still winning, you are doing amazing! I was SO proud to see Marianne St. Gelais with a permasmile on her face when she won silver, and as she jumped up and down on the podium.
    That made me proud…

    I also don’t think I have ever cried so much in my life!!

  19. Tammy says:

    Amber – I totally agree! Canada is beautiful and BC is such a wonderful place!
    I was not able to watch a lot of the Olympics by choosing to not get cable or satellite. I did read in the papers and watch on CTV, what a show Canada, great job to all that were involved!

    And that game yesterday…. WOWZA’S!!!! I was jumping and high fiving people! Amazing!
    I hope Canada takes the same passion to Russia in 2014!

  20. Nikki says:

    I totally thought of you watching the closing ceremonies! Great job Vancouver! Great job Canada! And I totally want to visit 🙂

  21. Manderz says:

    It has been a great experience. Even if I never ended up in a crowded atmosphere when we won. But I definitely felt my Canadian pride well up on many occasions.

    I’m sad it’s over, but it will be nice to step away from the tv.

  22. eemusings says:

    I’ve never been into the Winter Olympics before, but I started paying a bit more attention to it (probably because I had to for work, plus we always had the sports channel on in the lunchroom). It’s actually pretty neat!

    Congrats Canada, you guys deserve it!

  23. Kara says:

    I am SO. FREAKING. PROUD. to be Canadian! I almost cried just watching the replay of Sidney’s goal and everyone’s reaction.

    This post, I think, sums up how every Canadian pretty much feels! How can we not be anything but proud!?

  24. Stephany says:

    Canada rocked it out for the Winter Olympics! I have to say, I’m not much of a Winter Olympic fan and after Evan Lysacek and Shaun White won their gold’s, I kinda tuned out. Because I’m from the USA and we’re selfish and only like our own people. 😉 Just kidding…I was extremely happy when you guys won your first gold and I cried my eyes out at the end of Joannie Rochette’s short program.

    And your post kinda made me choke up a little! Yay, Canada!

  25. Jen says:

    So happy I was able to go to Vancouver and partake in all of this!! I have never been so proud to be a Canadian!!!!!
    PS… This commercial is FABULOUS, I LOVE every part of it, especially the wine!!! 🙂

  26. Amber says:

    I have been to British Columbia, Canada but I was too young to remember it! 🙁 Boooo… I hope to someday visit again because it looks seriously gorgeous! You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world!
    I loved reading your tweets during the Olympics! Your excitement is contagious!

  27. I thought Canada did an amazing job with everything! Such gracious hosts for the Olympics!!!

  28. yeah, i hate crosby. but i loved the winter olympics. i won’t bother sharing my feelings on my own country except to share this story.. hubby and i dubbed yesterday’s game a successful failure… our team may have lost (mad props to ryan miller, from MSU WOO) but we still got to sing the canadian national anthem.. yes we are closet canadian lovers..we may bust out with that song when intoxicated on a regular basis.. don’t ask ;p hehehe

  29. I am so sad that the games are over! I have enjoyed watching them so much! I have always wanted to visit BC but seeing all the coverage of your area makes me want to come ever more!! Hopefully it will work for me to come to the Vancouver area in October before our marathon. 🙂

  30. shoshanah says:

    Kind of a random comment to add, but I really love that Canada tourism video you posted that they’ve also been airing pretty non-stop.

  31. Amber, I agree it was a great Olympics. I definitely wish I had planned a trip there ahead of time to see it all happen since it was so close to me…comparitively. I also felt like the hockey game was awesome, but Canada deserved to win bc they wanted it more not only as a team, but a country.

  32. Laura says:

    I really only watched ladies’ figure skating, but Joannie Rochette did an incredible performance in light of all that she is going through. Congratulations to Canada, and I have to say, I may take you up on the invitation to visit – Vancouver was beautiful!

  33. Meghan says:

    It was such an insanely patriotic and proud moment in what was seventeen days of pure, unadulterated joy from Canadians. I am proud of my country, the athletes, the spirit of the people and our gorgeous province. Oh and watching the Game at On The Rocks was INSANE! But worth every second of it!

  34. nicole says:

    I love watching the olympics because it makes me realize how lucky i am to be where i am at and to appreciate all of the things i have!

  35. It must have been SO exciting to have the Olympics hosted practically in your backyard! When John, my parents and I were watching the opening ceremonies, I thought of you and how the torch came through your city! So, so cool! It must have been so incredibly fun to watch that hockey game in that pub and cheer with your fellow Canadians!

    And I love that commercial — whenever it came on TV, I had to stop and pay attention. Vancouver looks SO beautiful! I visited for a day when I was a kid but now I want to go back!

    Hey, thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! That really meant a lot! 🙂

  36. liane says:

    Ahem, I found out the Robson Square Zip line is up until the end of March.
    We need to do this 🙂

  37. Kristen says:

    I loved pretty much every second of the Olympics…
    I thought it was really unfortunate that the women’s hockey team got so much attention for their party. They weren’t hurting anyone or even causing a ruckus in public…plus the girl who was drinking at 18 is from a province where the drinking age is 18- maybe she forgot 🙂

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