What a difference a year makes

Thanks to the power of social media and apps like TimeHop and ‘On this Day’ on Facebook we have this really cool window into the past these days that show us not only what our life looked like a year ago or two years ago but also exactly what we were doing on a specific day a year ago. For example, here is my blog post from one year ago.

My life has changed dramatically in the last year. The most change I’ve had in about 8 years. So it’s been incredibly interesting to open these windows to the past and look in. It’s also interesting because I can remember being that person I was a year ago, or 2 years ago and I know that person would never believe me if I told her where I’d be or what I’d be doing today. Yet, here I am. The days are long and the years are fast. Yet in those 24 hours or 1,440 minutes that we get every single day things happen, little things, that can cause a ripple of change we never expected. That is what led me to where I am today. Small changes. Small ripples. Life not working out how I had planned it led to drastic changes that I could never in a million years have foreseen.

It’s so interesting, isn’t it?

For many years I thought I would never be happy to move back to my hometown and I fought it. I fought it so hard. But now, here I am. And I’m not unhappy. This is just my life now. My life in Kamloops – one that I was living just 6 months ago – feels sooooo far away. Like such a distant past. And I look back on it with feelings of nostalgia and warmth, because it was a beautiful and nice life. But my life now is really nice too. And it’s my life, and I live it, and it feels natural and normal even though a year ago I never could have imagined it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is we have no idea what’s going to happen or how life is going to turn out. No matter how much we plan or try to control it. And trust me, I do. I plan the heck out of life. But one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in the last couple of years – and really the last year – is life isn’t meant to be lived that way and by letting go of the need to plan and going with the flow more we can make living that life so much more enjoyable. So that is what I am *trying* to do. It’s hard because I want to know what I’ll be doing next year or in five years but the truth is we just never really know so we might as well live right now and see what ends up happening.

And that is my random blog post for the day :-)



Happy Friday! I am so ready for the weekend. It will be a quiet one, we don’t really have any plans, but that will actually be kind of nice as we’ve been busy the last four weekends in a row!

Here’s a little Currently post for you about what is happening in my world right now…

Reading: The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. I have also been buying so many books on Kindle lately. I made the mistake of signing up for Anne Bogel’s daily deals newsletter and Book Riots daily deals newsletter. The plus side of this is I have not paid more than $4 for a kindle book in a long time — and I got some of the ones that have been on my to-read list for awhile! The downside is even a bunch of $2 purchases can start to add up so I may have to curb my enthusiasm for a bit as between my Kindle library and books on hold at the regular library I have a very long list of books to be read!

Loving: yoga! I have found a yoga studio in my new city that I absolutely love. It is small and intimate and they teach a really strong vinyasa flow class so even though it’s not hot yoga I get a serious sweat going. My 10-class punch card just ran out so I plan to purchase an unlimited membership going forward and my goal is to go 3x per week.

Thinking: about winter! Ha ha. I know, I know you are probably thinking ‘Amber, but why?’ but I now live in a very northern city and not to sound too Game of Throne’s-ish but winter is coming and it will be here for a long time. I really want to focus on appreciating winter and enjoying it so hope to take up a few new outdoor hobbies such as cross country skiing this winter!

Feeling: like I really need a haircut! Luckily I have one booked for August 31!

Anticipating: a few more fun summer weekends! We are going camping two more times before the  beginning of September and since we just bought a second kayak I am looking forward to more time out on the lake kayaking!

Watching: Gilmore Girls still. I am over halfway through the last season so almost done *tear*. Then I think I will move onto The Good Wife as it has been recommended to me so many times!

Working: on some exciting stuff at work. I’ve missed the reward of working in non-profit a bit the last 5 months but this week we had our first Community Investment meeting at my new company and I’m excited to start giving back in a different way through my new role.

Grateful: for financial stability. I found an old budget spreadsheet the other day from when I first graduated university (which was already 6 years ago – crazy!) and I was making less in one month than I do in one paycheque now. *insert laughing so hard I’m crying emoticon here* For the first time in a very long time I am feeling super financially stable and OK about some very big expenses that are coming down the pipe for us including buying another home and some travel plans.

Listening:  I just started listening to the podcast Invisibilia after hearing so many people talking about it. I haven’t even listened to one full episode yet though so I can’t weigh in.

Wishing: that we owned a cabin on a lake we could escape to every weekend! Last weekends escape to that small cabin was so so blissful. #lifegoals

What are you thinking about, grateful for and wishing for these days? 


Summer Fun

So even though I have barely been blogging I have been having a lot of summer fun this year so I thought I would share some photos and snippets of the fun…

The Shuswap – August 2016

The week after August Long Weekend I spent in the Shuswap at my mom’s new summer place in Scotch Creek, BC.


It was a great week with lots of time by the pool, lots of reading and lots of hanging out with family. We also biked everywhere which is my favourite thing about Scotch Creek!



Mornings with coffee and my book were my FAVOURITE. Is there anything more relaxing than coffee and reading?!


My aunt and I also visited a nearby winery and went to a drop-in yoga class on the beach!


We spent our second last day there at the lake and rented Stand Up Paddleboards – super fun!



I also had visits with two wonderful friends, who I miss soooo much! And their sweet babes of course <3

It was a really great week and also nice to have some time off from work and just chill, which is what summer is all about right!

Moberly Lake – August 2016

This past weekend Eric and I rented a cabin on Moberly Lake, which is a lake about 1.5 hours from Fort St. John. There was no cell phone service and extremely spotty wifi so it was really nice to disconnect for a couple of days.




A sunset on Saturday night and then a beautiful sunrise paddle on Sunday morning!


Chloe had fun playing in the water!


And we did a ton of kayaking! It was so lovely!


When we weren’t kayaking we were on the deck reading and drinking beer.

It was a super wonderful weekend and also really great for Eric and I to get away together as he wasn’t able to join me at the Shuswap earlier in the month because of work.

We don’t really have much else planned for the rest of the summer but we do want to spend some day trips checking out lakes in the area and going kayaking, especially since we finally got a second kayak!

What kinds of summer fun activities have you been up to this year?