How I Clean

Cleaning cartoon

This might seem like a lame post topic, but I’ve been thinking lately about how I have two different cleaning styles. A tidy-up, which is usually done during the week nights and a deep clean, which I try to do on the weekends but honestly haven’t done for several weeks now. Keeping the house clean falls kind of low on my list of priorities in the summer…

The tidy-up includes the following: 

  • Doing all the dishes and wiping the counters in the kitchen
  • Picking up all Chloe’s toys in the living room
  • Vacuuming the main floor of our house (living room and kitchen)
  • Straightening shoes in our entry way
  • Quickly lysol wiping surfaces in the bathroom (and cleaning the toilet of course)
  • Taking out the garbage and recycling

The deep clean includes: 

  • Wiping down almost all surfaces in the house (kitchen table, wine cabinet, coffee table, shelving etc.)
  • Vacuuming every room in the house
  • Mopping the floors
  • Using the steam cleaner (one of the most versatile cleaning tools ever) on our carpeted stairs
  • Taking everything off the bathroom counter and wiping it down
  • Taking everything out of the shower/tub and scrubbing it
  • Vacuuming the couch
  • Wiping down the walls
  • Washing and putting away all laundry
  • Pulling the bed out and cleaning underneath of it

And my most used cleaning supplies:

  • Lysol wipes
  • Our Dyson vacuum (seriously still SO obsessed with this thing)
  • After shower spray
Now that I think about it, I actually tend to do a random mish-mash of the deep cleaning stuff during the week too but our house really feels the cleanest to me when I get a chance to do a full deep clean in one day. I can actually imagine the amazing, exhausted feeling I have after I’ve spent three hours doing intense cleaning and the whole house just sparkles. Call me crazy, but I love that! It’s just making the time to do it that’s been a problem lately!

I am constantly shocked at the kind of dirt and grime that can get into the most random places in our house! Since Kamloops has such a dry and dusty climate our home can get very, very dusty, especially in the summer, so regularly wiping everything down and vacuuming as much as possible helps. Plus with two pets we have to stay on top of the vacuuming and carpet cleaning!

So what does a tidy up and a deep clean look like for you? How often do you deep clean? And what are your most used cleaning supplies? 

If this blog post doesn’t qualify me as a real, honest-to-goodness adult I don’t know what does…


Late Deal Holidays

I am constantly thinking about my next trip or getaway. Don’t get me wrong, I love my day-to-day life but sometimes thinking about upcoming getaways is pretty fun. Even if it’s something as small as taking a four day weekend in August to go camping on the lake (yup, that four day weekend is high on my mind right now!)

I also get TONS of late deal holidays emails every week. At times like this when I know a holiday isn’t close on the horizon for us I usually just delete the emails without looking too closely at them. But sometimes I read through them and plan an imaginary holiday. I regularly get emails from Travelzoo, Living Social Escapes, Groupon Getaways and G Adventures. Here are a few of the vacations that came through my inbox that I’ve been pining over lately:

7 day trip to peru

china cruise

travelzoo bc

barcelona and rome

10 day trip to beijing

Ahhh well, it’s fun to daydream at least and I know we have a lot of lifetime yet to fit in fabulous traveling adventures. If there is one thing I’ve learned over the past several years and many small and large trips all around North America and to Europe it’s that I never regret spending money on travel!

I’d love to hear your favourite travel websites to get deals from? What vacations are you pining over lately?




A weekend of picnicking, camping, fishing and cooking!

Happy Monday!

This past weekend started out a bit on the low side when the camping trip we’d been planning had to end early due to bad weather, but it finished on a really high note so I can’t complain too much.

The weekend really felt like it started for me last Thursday night, when we hosted our Pop Up Picnic! This is an event that GenNext, one of our volunteer groups, took on planning but our office gave a lot of support since the planning committee all had full-time jobs and were really doing it off the sides of their desks. So planning the Pop-Up Picnic was a big part of my work for the last several weeks. What is a pop-up picnic? It’s a picnic in a secret location! We sold tickets (and sold out by the way) and people were not told the location of the event until the day before. We brought them out to one of our local wineries where we had gourmet food, wine and some live entertainment. The event was a smashing success and we heard nothing but amazing feedback! Can’t wait to host another one next year. I have done some really fun things for my job in the last 2.5 years but planning this event has definitely been one of the highlights. I was buzzing all evening and all day Friday from it! Search #popupkamloops on instagram and twitter to see more photos!

Photo 928 Photo 929

Photo 931

With my friend Katie at the picnic!

On Friday I only worked until noon because of the late night the evening before and then we loaded up and headed camping with my mom and brother. Unfortunately the weather got the better of us and we ended up packing it in mid-morning on Saturday. I barely slept on Friday night because of the pouring rain on the tent coupled with the insane wind and we were woken up at 5:30 am by our tent blowing in on us. The insane wind also meant no fishing or swimming. That makes camping not so fun!

The rest of the day on Saturday was pretty much a write-off because we were so tired from not sleeping the night before that we spent most of it laying around and napping. Sunday more than made up for it though! I remember I answered a questionnaire on my blog awhile ago and it asked you to describe your ideal day and Sunday was pretty darn close.

The day started with a 1 hour / 7km trail run with Eric. Then I puttered around the house and read my book over a cup of coffee before going to an amazing flow yoga class from 12 – 1. I then did some errands including stocking up on groceries (what is better than having a stocked fridge?) and in the afternoon we went to a lake about 15 minutes out of town and spent a few hours fishing and kayaking.

Photo 926

Then last night I made a brand new recipe in the kitchen for the first time in months! I actually can’t believe how long it’s been since I did experimenting with recipes. I had tweeted and facebooked that I was looking for recommendations of something to do with basil and Alli sent me this amazing summer “pasta” recipe from her blog. It definitely did not disappoint! It used two ingredients I’d actually never had before (to my knowledge); pancetta and mascarpone cheese. The flavours of both were amazing and complemented each other so well in this dish! I highly recommend trying it out.

Photo 927

I spent the rest of Sunday evening reading my book, cleaning up the kitchen and writing this blog post. It was the perfect day that included being active, being outside and being productive. It was a pretty go go go day though so I could have used a bit more relaxation time, but fishing was pretty relaxing!

Oh, and the heat wave is over! It has cooled down considerably the last three days and I could not be happier about it. I actually feel like myself again!

How was your weekend? What would your perfect day look like? I think my Sunday would have been even more perfect if it would have included brunch or a coffee date with a friend and an afternoon nap :)