3 days with good friends!

Last week Olivia took her very first plane ride (actually 4 separate plane rides!) as we traveled down to southern BC to visit some wonderful friends. We spent three nights at my best friend Jen’s house and Olivia had the best time watching her two little ones. She has a 3.5 year old and a 2 year old so it was a busy busy – but super fun! – 3 days.

Olivia and Sydney (3.5 years old) are BFF’s now! Sydney was SUCH an amazing help with Olivia – or Baby Livy as she called her! – and was so so sweet with her.

BFF Jen and the brood of kiddos!

Just chilling in the big kids high chair!

We didn’t really get up to a whole lot. We hung out around the house, read to the kids, put the kids down for naps, went to the park, played outside on the deck and visited a lot! On our last day there Jen, Olivia and I went into Kamloops. It was a super quick trip and I didn’t get to see nearly as many Kamloops friends as I would have liked to – but I’m looking forward to being down for longer visits this summer!

We did see my friend Katie who was 5 days overdue when this photo was taken and since this has given birth to a beautiful baby boy!

And we stopped in to visit my grandpa!

My friend Carmine works right across the street from my grandpa’s apartment so she popped out for a quick walk and visit with us as well!

As mentioned, we didn’t get to see as many friends as we would have liked but our main reason for this visit was to see my friend Jen and her family.

Of course, now that we have adorable kids we only got one photo of us together! We ended each evening on the couch after the kids were in bed with a DELICIOUS glass of cold white wine and watching TV or visiting. We watched the season finale of our favourite TV show This is Us together! I also have continued the white wine trend since I got home. So delicious after a long day!

I met Jen 11 years ago when I was in my first year of college. We worked together at a restaurant in the city I was going to college in. It just so happened that she had grown up in Kamloops so when I moved there for school we kept in touch and she eventually moved back as well. We’ve been through a lot together and she is one of my go-to mom friends. She is an amazing mom to her kids and it’s wonderful to have a friend who knows me so well to lean on for advice and opinions. As I get older I know friends like this are one in a million, so I so appreciate the ones I have!

The visit was EXACTLY what I need to break up the monotony of maternity leave. I LOVE being home with Olivia right now and would not trade this time for the world, at the same time that the days are fast and busy they are also slow and boring and they all look very much the same. I really felt like I needed something different to break that up and this trip was the perfect thing!

I’m now back home feeling refreshed and with a renewed perspective and I just know that as we get into spring and summer the days will get more busy and less monotonous. That said, we have a HUGE snow storm rolling in tonight and we’re supposed to be getting between 30 and 40 cm of snow over the next few days – so spring isn’t quite here yet!

I will share more about Olivia on the flights in a separate post about traveling with a baby ūüôā

White wine or red wine? 

Does your BFF live nearby or far away? 


Currently in March

Reading¬†The Untelling by Tayari Jones. Everyone is talking about An American Marriage right now so when I saw this book by Jones on sale on kindle I decided to buy it. So far it’s just OK. The writing is really good but the story is kind of meh.

Loving¬†the nicer spring weather we have had this past week. On Sunday Olivia, Chloe and I went for an almost 1 hour walk outside and yesterday I ran errands in my birkenstocks! It is supposed to snow later this week though but I’m crossing my fingers that is not accurate. March came in like a lion (we had a HUGE snowstorm on March 1) so it dang well better go out like a lamb!

Feeling¬†pretty good. I was feeling super super tired last week but I feel better this week. I average about 6.5 hours of sleep a night according to my Apple Watch, which isn’t awful but definitely isn’t the 8-9 I used to get. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m just so happy I have a 12 month maternity leave as I couldn’t imagine working on such little sleep and I *really* hope that I’m sleeping more by the time I go back to work!

Thinking¬†about yoga teacher training! I am so excited that I am finally doing something I have been thinking about for several years. Yoga teacher training starts in August and I just know it’s going to be an amazing experience.

Anticipating a super busy summer with many trips down south starting in May. I have a feeling the last 7 months of my maternity leave are going to absolutely fly by.

Watching¬†Shameless. I’m about 7 episodes into the first season and feel meh about it even though multiple people recommended it to me. I’m also still watching Scandal each week when new episodes come out and I just watched the season finale of This is Us.

Working¬†on being better at meal planning and eating food from deep in our freezer and pantry. I default to going grocery shopping when we have perfectly good food at home way too often, so I’m trying really hard to stop doing that and use up some of the food we’ve had on hand for awhile.

Grateful for my adorable, perfect daughter. She is more fun every day. I love her so much!

Listening¬†to music more often! I almost never listened to music (podcasts all the way) but have started listening to some spotify playlists while Olivia and I are hanging out during the day and she seems to like it! I usually just play the ‘top hits’ playlist.

Wishing¬†that the nice weather would come and stay for good. I’m so done with winter!

What are you grateful for, thinking about and wishing for right now? 


What my workouts look like lately

I’ve done lots of posts on the blog over the years about my workouts because working out is a big part of my life and something I really love doing. Nothing feels better to me than a good sweat session.

Now, here I am with a 3.5 month old baby, definitely a very different phase of life than ever before. Luckily I am on maternity leave so my full-time job right now is taking care of baby Olivia. But let me tell you, this boss really keeps me on my toes. Just when I think I have my breaks (aka naps) figured out – she throws me for a loop and wakes up early or doesn’t go down for a nap when I think she will. So I have to be flexible about when and how I fit my workouts in these days and they are definitely cut short more often than they used to be!

Here is what my workouts look like now…

Lot’s of interrupted at-home Fitness Blender workouts…often finished with a 14 lb baby as my weight!


This is my main go-to workouts right now. I try to do Fitness Blender workouts at least twice, if not three times per week. It works best for me if I follow an actual fitness blender program vs just randomly doing workouts, I like to have a plan and I love the big check marks I get on their new website calendar! I did the FB Burn program in January and I’m working my way through the FB Sweat program right now. These programs are 5x per week but I usually only do 2-3x per week and then add the missed workouts on at the end to get an additional couple of weeks out of the programs.

Lots & lots & lots of walking.

With little baby Carlos in tow… Eric, Olivia, Chloe and I enjoyed our first family walk outside last weekend. It was soooo beautiful out. Then Olivia, Chloe and I got out for another walk yesterday. I also walk at the track with my mom 3ish times per week and meet a group of other moms and their babies for a walk 1x per week. Olivia loves the ergo 360 baby carrier and she feels so-so about her stroller. She just recently got big enough to face out in the ergo and she loves loves loves that because this baby really enjoys looking all around and taking everything in!

Some running mixed in with the walking… when I feel like it that is.

Usually 1-2 x per week when I go to the track with my mom she pushes the stroller and I do some running. I am yet to do more than 5 minutes of running straight. Usually I do 1/2 lap run, 1/2 lap walk and work up to a full lap of running and 1/2 lap of walking. I do have the BOB Revolution stroller so I definitely can run with Olivia in the stroller, but my mom likes pushing her around the track which is nice for me so I can focus on my run! I am looking forward to some outdoor runs once the weather gets nicer and all the snow melts.

A little bit of yoga.

I am probably averaging two yoga classes at the studio per month. I’d really like to try and bump that up to three now that Eric’s work schedule has changed and I have a bit more flexibility in my evening schedule. I am also trying to do 1 – 2 yoga practices per week at home even though practicing at home really isn’t my thing… Exciting news, just last week I put my deposit down for Yoga Teacher Training! That will be starting in August 2018 and I cannot wait. I definitely need to really get my strong yoga practice back though. If you have any favourite at-home yoga practices please send them my way.

And just started back at spin once a week!

I’m going to regularly go to Tuesday evening spin at the gym. I bought a punch card the other week and have gone twice now. Holy moly it’s a workout. I’m a sweaty mess by the end but it feels soooo good to do some intense cardio! I also am doing a spin instructor training at the gym coming up in April (the first two full days I will be away from Olivia – cue sobbing emoticon face!!) and I’m looking forward to that as I really want to start teaching more and more fitness classes in the future.


So that’s what my workouts are looking like these days! It’s not as easy to workout with a baby as it was without one, but I just need to make sure I go into each day knowing what my workout is going to be that day and prioritize it in my schedule. Sometimes that means only doing half a workout, or finishing my workout while also dancing, singing and making faces to keep Olivia entertained, and sometimes it means skipping it all together because she’s not napping well that day. If there is one thing I’ve learned since becoming a parent it’s that being flexible and adaptable is key!

What do your workouts look like these days?