May Long Weekend Recap: gourmet hot dogs, camping & trail running

Happy Tuesday! I did not mean to disappear for a week but things were just a bit too crazy last week and I couldn’t find the time to blog. Plus you know how sometimes when you feel really busy you aren’t really sure what you would say anyways? That was me last week. It was a 4-day work week for me as I took Friday off to go camping and earlier in the week I had our annual report deadline so spent a couple of long days editing that and getting it off to print. Then on Thursday we had an event so I had a two more late nights leading up to that. An all around busy week with work! And this week I’m off to Saskatoon (sitting in the Calgary airport as I type this) for our national conference! It should be a fun time.

Anyways, here is a long weekend recap as it was the Victoria Day Weekend (better known as “May Long”) in Canada this past weekend…

My weekend really started off on Thursday night with that work event. It was a ‘birthday party’ for our young professionals volunteer council. Luckily we have an amazing group of volunteers who do all the heavy lifting when it comes to planning events like this but I spent a lot of the day running around and doing last minute things.

Like picking up balloon bouquets!

IMG 7117

Let’s just say 14 helium balloons stuffed into my tiny car didn’t end well. Only 8 of them made it to the party… Dang.

It was a fun night! We did a tour of local non-profits and it was so awesome to see over 30 young professionals out learning about social issues affecting all of us in our community. We finished up the evening at a really cute cafe where they had a gourmet hot dog bar set out for us and yummy beer.

IMG 7132

My friend Carmine and I with our gourmet hot dogs – they had blueberry balsamic ketchup, bacon mayonnaise and more. So freakin’ yummy!

After a late night on Thursday night I still managed to drag myself out of bed on Friday morning for a trail run at 6:00am! Eric didn’t run with my friends and I but he got out for a run himself. Probably a good thing he didn’t come with us as we noticed just as we were both walking out the door that we wore matching shirts. Whoops!

IMG 7152

After the run I enjoyed some coffee and blog reading on our deck. It was the perfect start to a day off especially after such a busy work week.

IMG 7155

Then it was time to load up and head camping. Our good friends, Jen and Brennen, invited us along on their annual May Long camping trip just outside of Revelstoke, BC! I was most excited about spending an entire weekend with baby Sydney ;)

Into the mountains we go…

IMG 7160

The campsite was absolutely beautiful with a big reservoir right beside it and a stunning view of the mountains in the background. This was the view from our tent:

IMG 7197

I can’t believe I don’t have a photo of myself and Sydney to share! But I had an amazing time with best friend Jen and little Syd. We got in lots of quality catch-up time and Auntie Amber even got to change a diaper. ;) Syd is seriously the happiest little baby ever and I love her so much!!

IMG 7169

IMG 7191 IMG 7196

After a fun two nights and days camping Eric and I headed out bright and early on Sunday morning. We were originally thinking about stopping to go hiking on our way home but we were both tired and ready for a shower so we just went straight home. Eric hit the gym and I spent the rest of Sunday unpacking, putting away our camping stuff and cleaning the house. We had dinner at my moms with her and my grandparents that evening and it was spend some time with them.

Monday morning we were up bright and early to go on a trail run with some friends. We went to a park I’ve ran in a couple of times before but ran on new-to-me trails. I admit I complained as we got started on this run as it required a lot of climbing at the beginning but once we got going I absolutely loved it! It was so so beautiful and included some amazing single track trails and switchbacks.

IMG 7200

Three guys, three gals and three dogs! We were quite the group.

IMG 7198

I did my 21 Day Fix Upper Fix workout after the run as I knew I wouldn’t have much chance for strength training this week while I’m away at my conference. Then I just showered, puttered around the house and finished packing before heading to the airport in the early afternoon.

Another full and busy weekend but a great one at that. My heart is definitely feeling very full after spending this May long weekend with some of my favourite people and doing some of my favourite things – including a fun work event leading into it. So lucky that I have a job where awesome events like that are considered work.

How was your weekend? If you had the extra day off did you do anything special? 


Weekend Recap: running, puttering, brunching and more!

Happy Monday! And happy belated Mother’s Day to all of my momma friends – hope you had a wonderful time celebrating this weekend. I had a great weekend so I thought I’d do a recap.


It started Friday morning with a really really lovely run. We have been having stellar weather lately, and it kind of feels like summer has already started. It was one of those runs where I just felt super grateful to live in such a beautiful place and have the ability to run. Spring mornings are the best time for running!

IMG 7008

Who can spot my friend’s wiener dog busting up the hill in this photo?? haha 

IMG 7016

One block up from my house – love these beautiful pink May trees! 

I then spent all day Friday in a conference and hit up Group RX right after work for the first time in two weeks! I was sore the next day. On Friday evening I really felt like I should be doing things around the house but I was exhausted after an intense week so I curled up on our deck swing with a glass of wine and my book and then went to bed early. Perfection.

IMG 7022


After a blissful 9.5 hours of sleep I was out of bed early on Saturday morning puttering around the house. I did dishes, cleaned windows and cleaned the floors by 8:30am. I then headed off to the most amazing 75-minute hot flow yoga class with the sun shining in through the windows. It felt so amazing.

After yoga I spent all afternoon puttering around the house. Cleaning and organizing this and that. We made a trip to Home Depot for some flowers and I spent the cleaned up our back deck area and planted some new flowers. I actually mopped the deck and it made it feel so much cleaner even though I know it doesn’t look any cleaner in this photo :)

IMG 7042

Saturday evening I attended a charity event with my coworkers. It was a male beauty pageant to raise money and awareness for an organization that works with people in the LGBTQ community. It was SO FUNNY and well done. This photo below is from the swimsuit portion of the evening ;)

IMG 7053

Also I’m pretty stoked on this dress from Target (RIP Target) that I wore.

IMG 7088

I crawled into bed at midnight on Saturday for a quick sleep.


Sunday was a crazy busy day full of go-go-go. After 6.5 hours of sleep I got my butt out of bed to go for a run with Eric and Carmine. We did just over 10km on the trail in 1.5 hours. It was super warm out even at 7:30 in the morning!

IMG 7071  1

IMG 7075 IMG 7078

After our run I literally had 25 minutes to get in a quick body shower, throw on some makeup and rush off to meet my mom and grandma for Mother’s Day brunch.

So lucky I got to spend Mother’s Day with the two most influential women in my life! After spending many years living far away from my mom and only having my grandma here temporarily I feel especially grateful for the time I get to spend with them both.

IMG 7086

And the brunch was so so spectacularly delicious, especially after that run.

IMG 7081

And then I was off and running again. I had to spend four hours at the YMCA yesterday afternoon doing the first half of my group fitness course. Even though I’m already teaching classes I still have one more course to finish off before I’m totally certified. So close to being done. I will do a blog post about the entire process soon!

After my course it was off to baseball. I keep forgetting to take photos at our baseball games because the two games go by so quickly. We tied our first game and lost our second. It was also 27 C (80 F) yesterday afternoon which is insanely hot for this time of year! I LOVE playing on a slo-pitch team, I played team sports my entire life and it’s been awesome to be part of a team again even though it’s a huge commitment (a minimum of 4 hours each Sunday evening).

It was 8:30pm by the time we got home from baseball so we basically just crashed on the couch and watched Game of Thrones and I wrote this blog post and then it was bed time. A wonderful spring weekend for sure!

How was your weekend? How did you celebrate Mother’s Day? 



Oh boy it’s been a long time since I did a TGIF post! It’s been a bit of a crazy week around these parts and work has been very intense/busy for me this week with evening or early morning events and meetings every day but Friday!

The high of my week was definitely meeting up with Jen and Sydney for a park date yesterday afternoon. We sat on the grass and caught up and little miss Sydney Rose played and smiled and cracked me up. I haven’t seen Sydney for almost two months and in baby world that is a long time!

The low of my week was a good friend’s mom was admitted to the hospital the other night. There are still a lot of unknown’s about her condition and my heart aches for my friend and her family.


The book I’m reading is I just started reading “Edge of Eternity” by Ken Follett last night! This is the third book in the Century Trilogy and since I absolutely loved the first two books, yup all 900+ pages of them, I’m excited to dive into this book! It’s a big book, I took a photo of it next to my (empty) wine glass for size comparison, but I’ve loved the first two in the series and I expect to feel the same about this one!

For my workouts, I completed Monday I went to a HIIT class at lunch, Tuesday was a hot flow yoga class at 6am and teaching TRX after work, Wednesday was a 1-hour trail run in the morning, yesterday turned into a rest day and today I’m planning on a 1-hour trail run in the morning and Group RX after work.

The best money I spent was $5 for Nutella fro yo last night. Even though it didn’t quite live up to my high expectations it was still pretty darn delicious and I had been pining after the Nutella fro yo for awhile.

My plans this weekend include I need to get in a long run at some point as I have a 15km race in two weeks. I’m also planning to go to yoga at least once, maybe twice and I am attending a work-related event (that should be super fun) on Saturday night. Sunday morning I’m going for brunch with my mom and grandma for Mother’s Day, doing a fitness instructor training all afternoon and then we have two back-to-back baseball games Sunday evening. It should be a busy but fun weekend!

What was the highlight of your week? Any fun weekend plans?