7.5 weeks of Olivia!

So I totally dropped the ball on doing a 6 week update on Olivia, and we are already closing in on 8 weeks, so a 7.5 week update it will be 🙂

You can read previous updates here:


In the 4 week update I talked about how awake and alert Olivia was becoming, and that increased tenfold in the last 3.5 weeks. Now when she is awake she is full on looking around, making eye contact and following you with her eyes. As Olivia has started to awaken more to the world this means she sleeps less… and in the last 3.5 weeks that sometimes meant a lot less!

Around 5 weeks she started smiling and now she is smiling all of the time and it is beyond adorable. The above photo was taken at exactly 5 weeks old.

We also started giving her the pacifier around this time. Nothing cuter than a little baby with her suckie 🙂 I know some people have a love/hate relationship with the pacifier but it has been a lifesaver lately, especially during the middle of the night wake ups!

We were still getting the long stretches of sleep up until about 6 weeks. Then suddenly at 6 weeks it was like a flip had been switched and for the past 1.5 weeks Olivia has been fighting sleep like crazy. Suddenly it was taking several hours to get her down for the night and when she woke in the night she was often awake or 1 – 2 hours. This made for a pretty tired momma!

Baby wearing was key during some of these more fussy periods in the evening especially since her daddy has been working night shift the last two weeks!

And, when all else fails, I would just let her sleep on my chest during the day as it seems to be one of her very favourite places to sleep and really how can you not absolutely adore these baby cuddles!

My laundry assistant! 

It was so fun watching Olivia start to really look at things over the last few weeks. Every morning I lay her down on her play mat and usually prop a book in front of her while I get ready for the day! She also LOVES looking at the collage wall behind our couch in the living room. We call them “her pictures”.


She also got baby sat for the first time! She went over to my moms one evening while I got my nails done and then Eric and I rented a movie and ate sushi. Below is grammy giving her the bottle 🙂

And here she is cuddling with grandpa (my dad) and below sitting with her great grandpa (my grandpa). This is one loved little girl!

As mentioned, around 6 weeks Olivia went through the 2nd leap in her mental development. We noticed she was more awake and alert than ever and all of a sudden getting her to sleep took concentrated effort. For the first few weeks she would eat and you would rock her and she’d be asleep. If you got her into a deep enough sleep laying her in her bassinet was no big deal and she would always stay asleep.

Suddenly you’d lay her in her bassinet and no matter how deep of a sleep she was in her little eyes would fly open! Argh! So we had to start getting creative and making sure she was really swaddled well and also give her her pacifier – and sometimes prop that pacifier in her mouth because otherwise it would fall out and then she’d really wake up!

We’ve also started to create a bedtime routine over the last couple of weeks that includes a bath, changing into her PJ’s, nursing her and then rocking her to sleep. As mentioned, sometimes the rocking part lasted 1 – 2 hours. Oy! Olivia REALLY loves her baths now though and no matter how upset or fussy she is being she always calms down and relaxes in the bath.

Olivia is still sleeping in the bassinet beside our bed at night but during the day she is taking naps in her crib. Luckily the amazing baby nest my grandma made us makes the transition between bassinet and crib really easy. We will probably start to transition her to sleeping in her crib at night around 10 weeks or so but we’ll see how it goes. Eric was just on night shift for 2 weeks so I felt more comfortable having her in our room. Also when she was suddenly waking up every 2 – 3 hours after going for 4 – 5 hour stretches before it was nice to have her in our room as I’d just quickly nurse her in the chair in our room or in the bed in the middle of the night. I can handle walking down the hall to the nursery for one wake up per night but it got pretty exhausting with 2 or 3!

My aunt hosted a baby shower for Olivia last weekend and she was absolutely showered with amazing gifts and love! We are so lucky. She got so many cute outfits and she wore this adorable outfit that Aunty Lisa sent up for her. Dressing a baby girl is so fun! 🙂

Oh, and Olivia went to the doctor at 7 weeks and weighed in at exactly 12 pounds! She has been exclusively breastfed for the last 7.5 weeks and I have to say it’s a pretty cool feeling to know that the food my body is creating for her is keeping her happy, healthy and thriving!

I will leave you with this amazing photo my sister-in-law captured of her smiling the other night 🙂

We are so lucky and we love this little girl so much!


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The high of my week was starting to exercise again! I was 6 weeks postpartum last Friday and even though I don’t have my official doctor check-up until January 24 (almost 9 weeks postpartum) I’m feeling good so have added in some exercise again. I’m following the Fitness Blender Burn program and it’s felt so good to get my sweat on again. I am taking it very easy and really paying close attention to how I feel and sticking to low impact.

The low of my week was dealing with my little sleep fighter. Little miss Olivia is going through Leap #2 and a few days ago started fighting sleep like crazy. It has been taking 1.5 – 2 hours to get her to sleep at night and also for her daytime naps. Thank god she still sleeps quite well and for about a 4 hour stretch once she does go to sleep.

The low of my week was also the FRIGID temperatures we are having. It felt like -50 F yesterday with the windchill!! Insane.

A podcast episode I loved was The Lazy Genius Loses Weight. Such a great message for this time of year when so many people are setting weight loss goals. I am really focusing on NOT thinking about weight loss postpartum and rather focusing on feeling good and eating foods and moving my body in ways that make me feel good – who cares about some number on the scale!

For my workouts, I completed Fitness Blender workouts on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I went to mom & baby yoga on Wednesday and I walked Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Plan is for another Fitness Blender workout today!

The best money I spent was on purchasing the Core + Floor Restore program after reading about it on Fannetastic Food. It’s been so fun to follow Anne’s blog since her daughter Riese was born the same day as Olivia!

My plans this weekend include our baby shower! Tomorrow my aunt is hosting a baby shower for Olivia and I’m looking forward to showing her off to a bunch of extended family 🙂 Other then that, not much. Since Eric works for 14 days straight and then has 7 days off and I’m on maternity leave weekends really don’t mean much to me right now. It’s just another 2 days. However, Eric will be on days off starting next week and that we can’t wait for. Just watch Olivia start to sleep perfectly again 😉

What was the best money you spent this week? What was the high of your week? What is the weather like where you are? 


What’s saving my life right now newborn edition

As mentioned in my December recap post, one of my favourite podcasts series last month was the What’s Saving My Life Right Now series on The Simple Show. I thought I’d do my own post about what is saving my life right now the newborn edition…



We have both this fisher price swing, which was gifted to us, and the 4 moms mamaroo. Olivia really liked the mamaroo when she was little little, but now seems to much prefer the swing. I would not eat lunch, pee or get anything done on some days without this swing! Usually she will happily swing away in it for a good 20 minutes, which is precious time with a newborn who always needs to be held / entertained when they are awake and alert.

Baby wearing

As mentioned, I have a bit of a fuss pot on my hands these days and baby wearing is another way I am managing to get things done with a little babe who wants to be held all the time. I love the ring sling for around the house, I find it the easiest to get on and get her in all by myself. The other day I did a couple loads of laundry and cleaned and organized her room while wearing her in this sling.

When we had some warmer weather last week we got out for some nice outdoor walks using the Ergo 360. This is a much sturdier carrier and nice for outdoor walks or if I’m going to be wearing her for a longer amount of time. I’ve also figured out how to get this carrier on all by myself!

I also have a boba wrap but I need to practice with it more because the material is soooo stretchy and I have trouble getting it tight enough. The one time we did walk in it I felt like I had to have my hand under her bum the entire time. But I know some people who love the boba and carry their little one in it until they are a toddler so I think I just need to practice more.

Indoor track

So a couple weeks ago it got down to -44 C (-47 F) and this week it is around -35 C (-31 F) with the windchill. I am soo grateful for the amazing indoor walking track we have available to us (for free!). Olivia and I have been going almost daily with my mom. We push her in our BOB stroller, which is also a baby product I LOVE.


Eric is on night shift right now, which means he leaves for work around 6pm and isn’t home until 7:30 the next morning. This means he is gone during the hardest time of day with Olivia, 6 – 1oish pm. She is usually quite fussy during this time and the last few days especially putting her to sleep has been a several hour process. If I was staring down the barrel of handling 14 of these evenings in a row all by myself I don’t know how I would have handled it. Thank goodness for family, mostly my mom, who have been coming to help in the evenings. The above photo is Olivia cuddling with Grammy (my mom) the other night.

Wonder Weeks App

I’m so glad I downloaded the Wonder Weeks app. I haven’t read the book yet, but even just the app has been super useful for understanding what is happening in that little head of hers. Since Olivia was 11 days overdue she goes through her leaps early. She’s only 6.5 weeks old and already going through the second leap, which is part of the reason she’s been so fussy in the evenings and so hard to put to sleep lately.

Nursing Nightgown

I was never a nightgown person, but I love this nursing nightgown from Motherhood Maternity and now wear it to bed every single night. It’s super duper comfy to sleep in and perfect for those middle-of-the-night nursing sessions. I plan to order myself a second one!

What’s saving your life right now? Doesn’t need to be baby/child related 🙂