Weekend Recap

As mentioned in my tea date post the other night, I am now on my own on the weekends since Eric works through the weekend. And he leaves the house at 6:10am and is home around 7:30pm so he is truly gone alllll day!

Here is what I got up to this weekend…

Friday night I worked late so I didn’t get home until almost 5:45pm and then I immediately grabbed Chloe for a long walk. I really wanted to get my 12,000 steps in for the day and I was only at 5,400 steps by the time I got home. An hour later I had knocked off another 5,000+ steps and I managed to get the last 1,400 or so in just by walking around the house that evening.

After our walk I curled up in the chair with a glass of wine, some chocolate and started a new book!


I am really enjoying it so far.

First thing on Saturday morning I went to the ski swap with my aunt. I really want to take up cross country skiing this winter and I was happy to end up getting a pair of skis for only $10. Dare I say I’m excited for more snow to fly?!


After the ski swap I headed straight to the 10am vinyasa flow yoga class. It was a wonderfully sweaty class! After yoga I got straight to business and my main priority for the weekend – cleaning the house. I normally do a bigger clean every weekend but since I’d been sick the weekend before it had been about 2 weeks since the house had really been cleaned and oh did it need it! 4 hours later I had done all the dishes, cleaned out the fridge, scrubbed the floors, vacuumed the whole house, scrubbed all three bathrooms and washed and folded all of our laundry! Whew. It was a productive day.

It was also a beautiful and sunny day out and I had planned to take Chloe for a walk in the afternoon, but it was so sunshine-y I decided a run was in order instead. We covered off 5km in just over 31 minutes. I am embarrassed to say it was my first run in 3.5 weeks. It is definitely going to be hard to keep up my running through the cold/snowy northern winters especially when I don’t have a solid group of running friends up here. Thanks to Fitness Blender workouts and yoga I felt pretty good.


After the run I came home, showered, visited my grandma for a bit, and then did my hair and makeup.

Eric and I are going to try to keep having little “date nights” on Saturday nights to break up the redundancy of his long shift and also to have some time together. Since he doesn’t get home until 7:30pm I wanted to be ready to go so as soon as he got home he could get changed and we’d head out. So while I was waiting for him to get home I sat on the couch and played with snapchat filters and made a snapchat story about my day. I love the new fall themed ones :)


We went to a newer restaurant that only opened a couple of months ago and had some beers and appies. It was a nice night out!


Sunday morning I slept until 7:45am and then got up and made myself coffee and waffles for breakfast. Forgot to take a picture of the waffles! After breakfast I sat in the chair and read my book for a bit. I love weekend mornings that start with reading and coffee!


At 10am I went to another vinyasa flow yoga class that really focused on the hamstrings, which was just what I needed after the run the day before. After yoga I had an amazing snack plate for lunch!


Then I walked over to the arena that is about 5 blocks away to watch our nieces play hockey.


Our niece Lena is in the black helmet :)

After the game two of our nieces came back to hang out with me for a bit while my sister-in-law went grocery shopping. We took Chloe for a walk in the snow. It definitely wasn’t as nice out as it was on Saturday.


Then while the kids watched Monster High on Netflix I sat down with my Minimalist Baker cookbook and did some meal planning.


In the afternoon I went grocery shopping and spent my afternoon evening in the kitchen. I made the above lentil ragu with spaghetti squash for my lunches and I prepped this chicken recipe in my crockpot, I will start it tomorrow morning before going to work. I had Drop Dead Diva on in the background while I meal prepped. I just started season 4! I need another mindless show to watch after this one is over.

When I was done all the meal prep and clean up I went next door to my grandmas and visited with her over a cup of tea and while working on my knitting project.


Then I sat on the couch last night writing this blog post while visiting with Eric about his day. Poor Chloe misses her dad so much now that he’s gone for such long hours. She crawled onto him as soon as he got home!


My <3

And there you have it, one weekend alone down – two more to go! Luckily there is so much family around they all keep me busy and this weekend actually flew by.

How was your weekend? If you had a weekend (or multiple weekends) without your spouse / partner, what would you get up to? 


Tea Date

It’s 8:43pm on Wednesday night and I’m curled up in my bed with my favourite cream knit blanket from my grandma, a cup of green tea, Webster curled up at my feet and Drop Dead Diva on in the background. It feels completely luxurious!

One week ago at this time I was curled up under multiple blankets shivering like crazy with a terrible fever. Last Wednesday night I got quite sick and didn’t really start feeling better until Monday. Even now, a week later, I still have a nagging dry cough that is driving me crazy and keeping me up at night.

Anyways, since I’m writing this blog post while sipping on a cup of tea I thought I would do a tea date style blog post.

If we were having tea tonight I would tell you that getting sick last week and missing two days of work has completely thrown my routine off. I have felt so so behind and so busy this entire week!

If we were having tea tonight I would probably tell you that Eric started a new job (same company but new department and moving to a union position) and he now works 21 days straight and then gets 7 days off. 21 12-hour days I might add! This means we will only have one weekend off together per month. I am feeling kind of sad about it, we hang out a lot on the weekends since moving north and I’m not sure what I’m going to do to stay busy 3 weekends out of the month!

If we were having tea tonight I would tell you how I’m so over the book I’m reading. I feel like I’ve been reading The Passage forever. I kind of have been honestly, I started it my birthday weekend! By the time I was really not liking it I felt like I was too far into it to stop. I definitely won’t be finishing off the trilogy.

If we were having tea tonight I would probably complain about my cough. I actually think it’s getting worse. And of course it’s the worst at night, which sucks the most since I’m trying to sleep and stuff at night.

If we were having tea tonight I would tell you how much I’m loving doing at home workouts from Fitness Blender! I signed up for an 8-week program for busy people, all the workouts are under 30 minutes, and I’m really enjoying it. I haven’t really been doing much strength training for the past 6 – 8 months so it’s been nice to get back into it. The best part? Their workouts are FREE and their programs are sooo cost-effective. The 8-week one was only $20 Canadian!

I think that’s it for me tonight!

What would you tell me if we were having tea tonight (or this morning if you’re reading it in the morning!) ?? 


A weekend recap of thanks

I wasn’t going to write my annual Thanksgiving weekend recap full of thanks this year. The last year has been such a tough one and when I look back on the last two years of my Thanksgiving recaps I can’t help but feel sad about how different my life looks now. New city. Different job. Not running.

A whole different life.

However, this is a different life I very intentionally chose to pursue for very valid reasons, and I don’t regret it. It’s just different and sometimes I miss that old life. It was so beautiful and I did love it so much. Anyways, just because I’m feeling a bit nostalgic for a year or two years ago does not mean I should skip my annual Thanksgiving recap. So here we go.

On Friday night I got sushi takeout, read my book and went to bed early. Thrilling!

I am thankful for sleep. Luckily, sleep comes pretty easily to me and for that I am thankful as sleeping is one of my very favourite adult activities :)

On Saturday I spent the morning laying around and reading my book. It was nice to just relax and not feel guilty about it due to the falling snow outside.

I am thankful for my love of reading, it’s truly one of my greatest joys.


Saturday afternoon Eric said he was craving Chinese Food so we decided to go to a Chinese food buffet for lunch. We were pleasantly surprised they had $5 beers on special. So we enjoyed the Chinese food and a couple of beers for a spontaneous lunch date. It was so nice to just sit and chat with Eric for a couple of hours. Eric works 60+ hours per week right now, so I don’t get to see a whole lot of him and have missed some of our one-on-one and connection time a lot.

I am always thankful for my husband and our marriage. It truly is my rock right now.


I’m also thankful that I now enjoy beer as a few years ago I did not :)

After our lunch date we picked up Chloe and drove out to a lake that is a few minutes out of town to take her for a walk. I got to try out my new winter boots that I had just bought and Chloe and I had a little bit of fun playing in the snow. I also got to wear my new Live Love North ‘The Trees are Calling’ fleece which I absolutely love.

I am thankful for our special pup, whom I also love so so much. She brings so much joy into our lives and our daily walks are a truly treasured time for me.



After our hike we hit up the gym and I did a TRX workout (this one from Peanut Butter Runner) for the first time in forever. I was sooo sore the next day. I honestly cannot remember what we did on Saturday night now. I think I took Chloe for another walk and then went to bed early?

On Sunday morning I went to an amazing power flow yoga class at my new studio. It was such a strong class and I was dripping sweat.


I am so so so thankful for yoga. I started practicing regularly in 2010 and my practice has ebbed and flowed over the last 6 years but it is truly a form of fitness I really really love and I hope it is always part of my life! The power vinyasa classes I’m attending regularly now are my absolute favourite. 

Oh, we also sold our old truck on Sunday morning! I am thankful to be able to pay off that loan now and be done with that truck, which was starting to have engine problems!

Sunday afternoon we had Thanksgiving dinner with my family at my aunts. My aunt, her husband, their daughter, my grandma, my cousin and his wife and kids and my dad were all there. It was really nice.


Then Sunday evening we hosted Eric’s parents and his sister, her husband and kids and her husbands friend from work for another Thanksgiving dinner at our house.

I am feeling very thankful to see more of our families than we have in many years. It has been so nice to have them a phone call away (or literally right next door like my grandma is) and I am trying to not take it for granted and remember to appreciate every moment as we missed many family dinners and get togethers for many years when we lived far away! 

Finally, Sunday evening we just cleaned up the house and went to bed early because we both had to work on the Thanksgiving Monday. I don’t mind too much though as I’m using the banked day to go visit my mom in Kamloops in November (hopefully – approved time off is pending!)

I am thankful for a good job that has offered more financial stability than we’ve had in years. 


And there you have it, my Thanksgiving thankfulness recap a couple of days late. Yes, my life looks very very different than it did last year, or two years ago, but it’s still a beautiful life because it’s mine and I’ve very intentionally built it to be what it is.

If you are Canadian, how was your Thanksgiving? And whether you’re Canadian or not – tell me what you are thankful for *right now*?