Girls just want to have fun

I think everyone knows from reading my blog that I love a good girls weekend and time spent with my girlfriends. I feel so grateful to have some wonderful girlfriends in my current city but also in cities and communities across North America. Here are a few ideas for girl time if you are trying to plan one anytime soon… This could be with girlfriends or family members (sisters, mothers, grandmothers…Mother’s Day is coming up! )

1. A Girls’ Weekend! 

DSC 0491

Lisa, Leigh, Lauren and I during our girls running weekend in San Francisco last fall! 

My favourite! I try to have a minimum of one a year. When I was younger before we all got tied down with marriages, houses, babies etc. I used to have 2 – 3 girls weekends every year! It’s so much fun, and actually pretty therapeutic, to go away with girlfriends. When we went to San Francisco last fall we rented a full apartment and it was the best idea ever! I recommend using a website like to get accommodations for your next girls weekend!

2. A Summer Picnic

Photo 929

Last summer I had the pleasure of co-planning a super fun picnic fundraising event through my work. It was AWESOME and made me realize how fun picnicking is. Many wineries have picnic liquor licenses and encourage customers to bring their own food. Get together a group of girlfriends, bring a dish each and catch up! Bonus points if it’s at a winery over a bottle of wine. PSA: If you’re a local make sure you go here to stay up-to-date about our 2015 Pop-up Picnic!

3. Start a Summer Book Club 

IMG 6325

Reading Big Little Lies on the beach in Maui. 

Light summer reading is my favourite kind of reading. Get together a group of girlfriends who also enjoy reading as a hobby, pick a book and a date to discuss it. I recommend a Liane Moriarty book, I’ve read three of her books lately (The Husband’s Secret, Big Little Lies and What Alice Forgot) and thoroughly enjoyed them all! They would make a good summer book club read.

4. A Girls’ Night

A night in with wine, cheese, maybe some sushi? Yup, perfect girls night if you ask me. It’s also fun to step it up a notch and maybe take a girls night to the spa for manicures and pedicures.

Do you have any upcoming girls weekends, days or nights planned? I’m SUPER excited to host Lisa for a long weekend in September! That is the next girls weekend I have on deck.


Maui: Day 5 & 6

Click here to read about days 1 & 2 and here to read about days 3 & 4 in Maui!

Day 5 – Tuesday, April 7

We started our second last day in Maui off with a hike on the Waihe’e Ridge Trail. When I was googling hiking and trail running in Maui this was one trail that came up over and over again and our hike on it definitely showed me why!

The entrance to this trail was a good hour drive from our condo so we left at about 8am to head over there as we wanted to be on the trail before 10am.

67IMG 6626

Unfortunately it was a misty/rainy morning so not the best time to hike this trail as some of our beautiful views were obscured by the mist and we couldn’t see a single thing at the top. It was still a fun hike though!

IMG 2228

IMG 6606

It was a super muddy, slippery and wet trail. I would NOT attempt this trail without proper footwear! You climb 2,500 feet over 2.25 – 2.5 miles and it’s pretty technical. It’s definitely not a simple stroll. I couldn’t believe it when we were coming back down and saw a woman in Toms heading up!

I slipped once or twice and ended up with a muddy backside and hands!

IMG 6605

62IMG 6600

If you are into hiking this trail is a must do while in Maui! It took us just under 2.5 hours to do the 4.5 mile / 8ish km round trip hike.

Click here for more photos & details about our experience on the Waihe’e Ridge Trail!

69IMG 6580

After the hike we had our first shaved ice experience. Soooo yummy and it totally hit the spot!!

We then met up with Solana, her husband and Candice at Coconuts Fish Cafe in Kihei for fish taco’s! Wow, what a busy place, we waited a good 40 minutes for our food but the time passed quickly since we were visiting and Solana promised it would be worth the wait and it totally was. So so yummy.

70IMG 6584

After a fun lunch Eric and I headed to the Maui Brewery!

IMG 6627

We enjoyed a flight of tasters which included some different flavours like pineapple beer and coconut beer. We then each had a pint before getting a growler of the “Mana Wheat” to take back to our condo! Mana Wheat was a pineapple flavoured beer that we both really enjoyed.

71IMG 6587

We enjoyed a quiet meal in and lots of beer for our very last night in Maui! We spent one last night eating on the lanai while overlooking the beautiful ocean. So perfect.

Day 6 – Wednesday, April 8 

We started our last day off with another run on the nearby Kapalua Coastal Trail!

73IMG 6670

74IMG 6671

Click here to read more details and see more photos about the Kapalua Coastal Trail!

After our run I finally decided I was GOING to get my pancakes from The Gazebo Restaurant down the beach (remember I tried the first day and the line was crazy!) so I phoned and ordered takeout and brought the delicious banana pineapple macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup back to our condo to eat on the lanai. Sooooo good!

75IMG 6637

After the run and breakfast I drove Eric to a tattoo shop as he was getting a tattoo the last morning we were there. I then went back to our condo to get it all cleaned up and get us checked out. One thing I will say is that in the future if we have a late night flight (our flight wasn’t until 9pm) out of somewhere we will likely just pay for the extra night at our accommodations. Our last full day in Maui felt a little rushed and exhausted without a ‘home base’ and I think it would be worth the extra money to have another full relaxing day before catching a late flight home! That was my takeaway anyways.

Eric’s tattoo turned out awesome! He has always talked about getting one in Hawaii one day so I’m really glad he did.

76IMG 6690

After picking him up with that tattoo shop we decided we were going to drive inland and check out the Maui Winery. The photos I took really do not do justice to how BEAUTIFUL this drive was. It was so lush and green and stunning. I can’t even fully describe it but it’s worth the trip if you’re ever in Maui. It’s also at the beginning (or end depending on which direction you go) of the Road to Hana.

78IMG 6644

The pineapple wine was soooo yummy. We brought a bottle home with us and have already drank it. If you ever see this wine and you like delicious and sweet fruit wine definitely pick up a bottle!

79IMG 6703

Click here for more photos & details about our experience at the Maui Winery!

We finished up our trip to Maui with dinner at The Fish Market and beers on a patio in Paia!

82IMG 6685

What an amazing and special trip we had. So so grateful for every moment. We’re already brainstorming when we can get back to Maui. It has completely stolen our hearts and we are just grateful we’ve traveled other places already because we don’t think we’ll ever want to spend money traveling somewhere else again!


Maui: Day 3 & 4

I’m finally recapping our trip to Maui! Click here to read about Day 1 & 2. 

Day 3 – Sunday, April 5

Day 3 was our early, early morning day. Our sleep had been off since arriving in Maui so on Easter Sunday I set my alarm for 2am (what? I know.) and got up to make coffee and get ready to go to the Haleakala Crater for sunrise. If you look up ‘Things to do’ in Maui on Tripadvisor the Haleakala Crater is number one and apparently getting up there in the wee hours to drive up for sunrise is worth it.

We left our condo at 3am and while I know that sounds crazy keep in mind that we weren’t totally on Hawaiian time yet so it really felt more like 6am to us. The drive up to the crater really wasn’t bad at all and went by pretty quickly. I couldn’t believe that in 2 hours we drove 10,000 feet above sea level!

31DSC 0625

33DSC 0633

38MG 6455

Click here for more photos & details about our visit to the crater at sunrise!

When we arrived back at our condo around 11am it was crazy to think we’d already done so much that day! haha. Not going to lie, the crater wiped us out and we spent the rest of day three laying around our condo and on the beach. In the afternoon we drove into Lahaina and checked it out a bit and on a whim bought a Go Pro camera! Talk about an unexpected travel expense ;)

We obviously had to play with our new toy so when we got back to our condo we went straight into the water for almost two straight hours! We ended up snorkelling until just before sunset this day and it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. I can remember sitting bobbing in the water, looking at the sun going down and telling myself “remember this, remember this, you are so lucky” (not going to lie, remembering this memory right now means a lot to me because we’ve had some crappy things happen in our life lately).

IMG 6500

IMG 6498

This sea turtle swam right up alongside us while we were snorkelling. It was SO cool!

47IMG 6491

Click here for more photos & details about our experience snorkelling at Napili Bay!

When we were done snorkelling we rushed inside, grabbed beers and dried off and rushed back outside to watch the sunset from the rocks alongside the beach in front of our condo.

52IMG 6504

IMG 2181

On day 3 we got to watch the sunrise AND set and both were absolutely stunning. I remember feeling so grateful for being on this dream vacation and having these amazing experiences.

After that we went to Imu Imu BBQ down the road from our condo for a late dinner. It was a cool place and the food was pretty good.

IMG 6478

The waiter gave me a pretty flower to put in my hair :)

IMG 6480

And that concluded Day 3 of the vacation :)

Day 4 – Monday, April 6

This was probably our most relaxing day of vacation! We laid around our condo all morning. Drinking coffee and reading on our lanai. It was lovely and relaxing! We were going to go for another hike this day but both of us decided to just relax and it was a good call because we were both tired and let’s be serious, doesn’t hanging out looking at this view sound like heaven? I’d do anything to be back here right now.

IMG 6518

Around lunchtime we decided to try another new beach for snorkelling and drove a few moments down the road to Honolua Bay. This bay has really great reviews for snorkeling but we found the water pretty murky.

051IMG 6621

050IMG 6622

Click here for more photos & details about our experience snorkelling at Honolua Bay! It was fun but definitely not as nice as snorkelling at Kapalua Bay or Napili Bay!

The only other thing we had on deck for day 4 was the Kaanapali Sunset Luau!

I wasn’t crazy about going to a luau but Eric really wanted to. We didn’t book anything ahead of time and just ended up at this luau because it was super close to our condo.

60IMG 6565

59IMG 6550

The sunset from that beach was AMAZING but other than that the luau was just OK – I would give it 3 out of 5 stars.

56IMG 6529

Click here to see more photos & details about our experience at the Kaanapali Sunset Luau!

And that concludes Days 3 and 4 of our wonderful trip to Maui. In hindsight, 6 days went by WAY too quickly and I can’t wait to go back for 10 days or two weeks in the future!!