Second Trimester Recap: 1st Half

You can read the recap of my first trimester of pregnancy here!


I’ve decided to split the second trimester recap into two posts. Partly because the second trimester (weeks 14 – 28) has felt so so long and partly because I had a very different experience the first half of the 2nd trimester than I did the second half. I am actually not quite out of the 2nd tri yet, as I hit 27 weeks yesterday. So I will officially be in the third trimester on Monday, August 21. Also, halfway through the 2nd trimester would be week 21, but I started feeling very different physically and mentally around week 23, so that’s where I’m going to split this recap. My blog, my rules ūüėČ

Weeks 14 – 16


Honestly, weeks 14 – 16 were still very “first trimester-ish” for me. I still did not feel amazing physically and I got sick 2 or 3 times during this two week period as well.

Almost 15 weeks at Lisa’s wedding!¬†

I remember my blood sugar dipped super low at Lisa’s wedding and my amazing friends saved me by bringing me a sprite. I seriously thought I was going to pass out. I also threw up twice on my flight home. Ha! So the ‘1st trimester’ sickness was not totally gone at that point.

Once I got back from all my whirlwind traveling in May I started to feel better, so I’m sure all the travel had a lot to do with it as well. I also started adding back in regular workouts, which really helped me feel better. I just feel more like myself when I sweat regularly.

I did a Surf Fit class in Calgary with my friend Robyn at 15 weeks pregnant. I was still going on my belly in yoga and during workouts at this point. It was about 1-2 weeks later around 16/17 weeks that it became uncomfortable to be on my belly. When they say ‘you’ll know’, it’s so true. You will know when it doesn’t feel ‘right’ anymore! I’m still going on my back, but not for long periods of time.

Mentally & Emotionally

Mentally and emotionally I was feeling WAY better at this point because we had just had an ultrasound when we got back from our Iceland/London trip and saw our little babe at 13.5 weeks. How I feel mentally/emotionally throughout the pregnancy has really changed as we’ve gotten closer to big milestone appointments, like our anatomy scan later on in the 2nd trimester.

Weeks 16 – 20


Aka: my favourite weeks of pregnancy so far! Actually, weeks 16 – 22 were all around pretty amazing physically as I was rocking my workouts, sleeping great and feeling tons of energy during this 6 week period.

Look at that cute little 16.5 week bump! I can’t believe I thought it was huge at the time.

Weeks 16 – 20 were awesome! I was at the top of my game physically and doing multiple challenging HIIT / Strength workouts per week from I was even doing some more high impact stuff like full burpees (not onto my belly) and jump squats during this time.

My sleep was ah-mazing! I was sleeping through the night and waking up in the morning feeling energized. I also had lots of energy throughout each day and had no problem being productive around the house. Overall, I felt really really good physically.

18 weeks when I did a very tough 5km hiking race with my sister-in-law!

19 weeks! Again, how did I think the bump was “big” then!? Ha

Oh and I also felt baby move for the first time around 18 weeks. I *thought* I’d felt a little flutter before (much earlier – around 13 weeks) but 18 weeks was when I first felt baby move definitively. The movements were very few and far between at this point though.

Mentally & Emotionally 

I was still feeling pretty good mentally and emotionally at this point. I think I was still ‘riding the high’ from that 13.5 week ultrasound and also riding the high of feeling so so good physically. It was around weeks 19/20 that I started to get a bit anxious again as we got closer to our big anatomy scan at 22 weeks.

Weeks 20 – 23

21 weeks is when Eric felt the baby move for the first time! So special! By this point I was feeling Baby H wriggle and move several times a day. Best feeling!

I celebrated Canada Day at 21 weeks. Those are maternity jeans but a non-maternity top. Even now at 27 weeks I’m still wearing a good mix of maternity and non-maternity clothes. Though my non-maternity leggings are starting to get uncomfortable for yoga/workouts so I just ordered two pairs of maternity leggings from Gap.

Physically, I was still feeling pretty good from 20 – 23 weeks. I was still doing HIIT/Strength workouts a few times a week, walking the dog lots and also going to both regular yoga and prenatal yoga classes. It was right around 22 weeks that my sleep started being less than stellar though and I found myself tossing from side-to-side a lot and also started getting up in the night to pee a lot more.

After a morning Fitness Blender workout!

22 weeks – aka the week I ‘popped’!

Not going to lie, it was around 23 weeks that I started feeling a little less than stellar but I will get into that more in the 2nd half of the second trimester recap ūüôā

Mentally & Emotionally

Weeks 20 – 22 were a bit of a struggle mentally and emotionally honestly. So many people think that once you’re past the first trimester you’re ‘in the clear’ but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I also found out about two other infertility sisters who experienced second trimester loss around the 20 – 22 week range and it broke my heart to read their stories. I was feeling so so anxious for our anatomy scan on July 11… Most people can’t wait for the anatomy scan to find out the sex, I couldn’t wait to find out baby was healthy and thriving. I was feeling very worried about discovering something was wrong and I remember I had a high level of anxiety leading up to it…

…in the end, as you guys know, all was A-OK and Baby H was super healthy and happy in there and I felt huge relief after getting to see him/her and hearing that all was good. I’m not sure if everyone feels this much anxiety in their pregnancy, but after trying to get pregnant for 2 years and basically being told it wouldn’t happen for us without some major medical intervention, I not only feel incredibly blessed and grateful to have gotten pregnant after our first IUI but also like this pregnancy is very fragile. And when you have been through infertility you know alllll the statistics about miscarriage and pregnancy loss and it can be very hard not to focus on them or think about the worst happening. Especially when you have so little control over the little human growing inside of you. When you’re in the thick of it you realize you have NO idea what’s going on in there and if everything is happening as it should.

Ok, that’s it for the first half of the second trimester recap. I’ll be back in the next week or two with a recap of the second half!


Coffee Date

Should we sit down and have coffee & a donut today?

I am actually not enjoying this right now, this is a photo from my vacation last week when I met my friend Tara for a coffee and donut at PDK Cafe in downtown Kamloops. We used to run together and now we eat donuts together ūüėČ

Anyways, as I write this blog post I am drinking a cup of coffee and also eating a sweet potato bowl. Same, same right?

If we were having coffee this morning…¬†I would probably talk about how it feels like summer is absolutely flying by. How is it already August 10? Eric’s last week off work for the summer is August 21 – 27 and we’re going camping and fishing with his family. I’m looking forward to having one last summer hurrah.

If we were having coffee this morning…¬†you might ask me when I plan to go on maternity leave (I swear I get asked that once a day right now) and I would tell you that I’m hoping to work until Friday, November 3. My due date is November 13, so I think this is totally doable. And yes I am planning on taking the full year off – so grateful to have that option in Canada!

If we were having coffee this morning…¬†I might mention that I really miss spending the majority of my day laying by the pool and reading my book, which was basically what I did for the majority of the time I was down south last week.

If we were having coffee this morning…¬†I would likely complain about how HOT our house gets during the day! The front of the house faces directly east and the back faces directly west so we get the full morning sun on the front and the full afternoon/evening sun on the house in the back. When I got home from work yesterday it was 24 C in our house! In the summer I like to keep it closer to 18 C. So I’m trying to figure out where to strategically place fans and which windows to open and close when to see if I can keep it cooler in here during the day.

If we were having coffee this morning…¬†I would tell you that life feels kind of boring lately. We haven’t been able to enjoy all the summer adventures we usually do because of Eric’s work schedule and that has bummed me out a few times this summer. However, I know this is just a phase of life we’re in now and it too shall pass. Plus for the most part our life is ah-ma-zing right now and I honestly wouldn’t change a thing.

If we were having coffee this morning…¬†I might remind you that four years ago to the day, I was doing this. Scrambling over a mountain in Squamish for my first (and so far only) 50km ultra marathon! I still cannot believe I did a 50km race. That honestly feels like a different life sometimes.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee this morning? 


Podcasts, workouts, books and looks of July!

Hello everyone! I disappeared last week because I spent 6 days in southern BC at my mom’s lake house. It was pretty lovely and I will do a more thorough recap of that little vacation later this week.

In the meantime, here is my July recap.


I am full on obsessed with the Girl Next Door Podcast. So much so, that I started at the beginning and have been listening to ALL of their episodes! A big task considering they have been podcasting every 2 weeks since 2014!! It means some of my other podcasts are queueing up big time in my feed as I binge on Girl Next Door, but I don’t mind because their podcast is so fun to listen to. An episode I really enjoyed is when they talked about how they met their husbands and marriage maintenance back in February of 2014.


July was another solid workout month for me, though near the end of the month I did start to feel a bit of pressure in my lower belly which reminded me I might have to ease off on some stuff for the remainder of this pregnancy. I wrote more in this blog post about the types of workouts I’ve been doing during pregnancy.

  • In July, I continued to walk 10,000+ steps every single day. As of today (Aug 7) I have walked 10k+ steps every single day since June 1! I am going to try and keep it up for August as well.
  • In July, I went to 6 regular yoga classes and 3 prenatal yoga classes.
  • In July, I did 9 Fitness Blender (HIIT / Strength) workouts.
  • In July, I swam twice (hoping to increase this to 2x per week in August!)

I am definitely feeling pretty happy with my activity level these days.


I managed to read another 5 books in July! My favourites from the month were definitely¬†Dark Matter¬†and¬†At Home in the World.¬†Both were page turners, though Dark Matter was more of a thriller, what’s-going-to-happen-next type of page turner and At Home in the World was just a super interesting memoir about traveling the world with 3 children in tow – Tsh Oxenreider is such an amazing writer and her words really brought the places they visited alive on the page.¬†I was disappointed in both¬†The Color of Our Sky¬†and¬†The Widow,¬†I thought both would be better than they were. I really enjoyed¬†Option B.¬†It’s a very interesting book on resiliency and I enjoyed how the authors balanced sharing the real life battle that Sheryl Sandberg faced after losing her husband alongside pertinent statistics and information related to resiliency and happiness. Overall a good reading month!

Looks… or not!

I don’t have a single ‘outfit’ look to share with you this month honestly! The one I was going to share was my pretty kimono from Pink Blush Maternity but I realized I already shared that last month. I will try to be better about taking a couple of look photos in August, I’m honestly living in leggings and long maternity tops these days…


I had trouble narrowing down which photo to share from July as I don’t have a really beautiful one to share like I did in June, but rather a few photos to sum up my month…


I need to do a full post all about my garden and gardening soon, but suffice to say I’m loving it. It is so fun and satisfying to grow your own food – and to eat food you have grown. So far lettuce is doing the best as I’ve harvested my lettuce several times already.

This is a photo of our back patio / deck where I have spent A LOT of time this summer. I absolutely love this space and how it came together. It is my little oasis and I love to sit out there and read on weekend mornings or in the evenings.

Probably my favourite photo of July ūüôā Baby H waving hello at our anatomy scan on July 11! We have decided to stay ‘Team Green’ and not find out what we are having but I know people love to guess… so what do you think Baby H is? Boy or girl?

What were your podcasts, workouts, books and looks of July?