Whole 30: Days 11 – 15

Hello from Day 18 of Whole 30! I am officially over halfway through the program and it feels pretty darn good. I have to admit I was very unsure about how I would do going into this program. I can rock a fitness goal no problem but food is another beast. I have pretty intense food cravings and struggle with resisting food temptations, but doing Whole 30 really has not been a problem for me. I think a big part of it is when you aren’t eating things like sugar and refined grains / gluten you don’t crave it. I’m still waiting for the Tiger Blood to kick in but other than that I feel really good.

Here are days 11 – 15:

Day 11


My fav – chia seed pudding. Scarfed down in between showering and doing my hair and makeup. I was running late! 


Leftovers for lunch. 


Many handfuls of blueberries while making dinner.

IMG_1273 IMG_1276

Snacks – nectarine and larabar! 


More leftovers and a small salad for dinner! 

Day 12


Pre bootcamp snack 


Breakfast. Trying not to overdose on chia seed pudding so 2 runny eggs, avocado, apple-chicken sausage and cherries it was! 

Exciting news! I found compliant sausages. Spolumbo’s are sold in the deli section of Safeway here and the chicken-apple sausage and pork sausages have NO extra additives in them. This is also a Canadian company hailing from Calgary, Alberta so it was cool to be able to support a local company. I will definitely be buying more for the remainder of the program and afterwards. I love sausages, especially made on the BBQ in the summer :)


Forgot to take this photo until I was halfway done my leftover chili! 


Dinner! Pork and veggie kababs, roasted zucchini and 2 hardboiled eggs. 

I also would have ate a few different snacks during the day that I forgot to photograph. Probably things like mandarin oranges and bananas..

Day 13


Repeat of the day before breakfast but I really had to choke this one down. Sometimes eggs just don’t sit well with me in the morning and this was one of those times. 


Big ass salad with a can of tuna mixed with dijon on top of it. 


Snacky snacky! 


I’m soooo glad I found a compliant sausage. It’s just so summery for me to eat smokies / hot dogs / sausages but it’s hard to find ones that are Whole 30 compliant. This was the Spolumbo’s pork sausage with Eric’s homemade sauerkraut and mustard! 

Day 14


This was the travel to ikea day and above are ALL the snacks I packed. I only ate about 1/2 of everything there.

IMG_1312 IMG_1314

IMG_1319 IMG_1323



I really didn’t feel good at the end of Day 14 though. My stomach just felt really off. Shows how much better I do on three square meals as per the Whole 30 recommendations!

Day 15

Halfway there!!! Whooo!


I treated myself to a big yummy breakfast to celebrate reaching the halfway mark!


Lunch was a can of tuna with dijon on top of a mixed salad and a hardboiled egg on the side. 


Snacky snacky! 


A little spoonful of coconut oil! This may sound gross but it’s sooo yummy. Try it! 


I tried two new recipes on Sunday night! This lime cilantro chicken recipe for chicken thighs and this zucchini beet salad but with cashews instead of walnuts and no blue cheese of course. Both were super yummy! 


And blueberries while catching up on Game of Thrones with Eric. I am still two episodes behind so no spoilers on the ending please! 

There you have it – Days 11 – 15. I am now officially halfway done and only have three recaps left to go! Overall I am feeling really great and truly surprised at how ‘easy’ the program has been. The hardest part is making sure you are always prepared and planning ahead. And of course there has been a couple of times where I’d love a glass of wine, a piece of chocolate or sushi, but it’s less about the overwhelming temptation to eat the food and more because those foods feel like comfort and “treats” for me. So it’s about figuring out new ways to treat myself, like having a bath and watching Gilmore Girls with a hot cup of tea.

What are some of your favourite NON-FOOD ways to treat yourself?? 


Weekend Recap

I am typing this blog post on Monday night from our brand new couch! The words moving, driving and Ikea basically sum up our weekend. When we moved from Kamloops we sold a whole bunch of our furniture since most of it was used or hand-me-downs and didn’t really have a cohesive look. As it was getting closer to the date when we would be moving into our own place we knew we needed a bunch of furniture, the most important being a couch. I spent hours researching online and Eric did a bunch of price checking and after all that we decided our best bet for the look we were going for and the money we had to spend was Ikea.

The closest Ikea is in Edmonton, Alberta. 672 km (417 miles) one way.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.59.14 PM

Oh, and we decided to do the trip in one day. Crazy? Yes. But we really wanted Sunday at home to organize and get ready for the week.

Which led to this on Saturday morning…


That time says 3:54 in case you can’t see it :)

Epic road trip! It was actually really fun as crazy as that might sound!



A new TV storage combination, coffee table, couch, desk and a whole bunch of other small miscellaneous items later and our truck was FULL. Full.


And then we turned around and drove all the way home. We pulled into the driveway at 9:00pm, a full 17 hours after we left!

Crazy but it was also kind of fun. The last couple of months have been really insane for us and it was actually kind of nice to spend so much time together and just talk to each other, listen to music and hang out. By the end we were both ready to get OUT of the truck but overall it really wasn’t that bad.

On Sunday we just did stuff around the house ALL day. I organized the garage, Eric finished putting together our ikea furniture and we got our living room mostly set-up. Tonight I’m really feeling settled in and relaxed in our new home and it feels good. When I recently reflected on the last 4 months it’s a little bit unbelievable all the change and upheaval our lives have been through. Hopefully now we will truly be able to settle into our new routine and new life.


How was your weekend? 


Whole 30: Days 6 – 10

I am writing to you from Day 12 of Whole 30! I will admit, Days 10 – 12 have been kind of hard for me. I didn’t have cravings the whole program and I have suddenly started getting them the last few days, which does jive with the timeline online. That said, I also think I’m just getting lazy and not planning ahead well enough and making sure I have enough food on me and getting hungry, aka hangry, which makes me crave ALL THE FOOD. Last night I picked up Wendy’s for Eric and it was an extra exercise in willpower to not dig into it! Part of Whole 30 is changing your habits though and an old habit would have been to eat a fry or two on the drive home just because, it was interesting to observe how much I wanted to eat one more because of habit than because of actually wanting a fry…

Here’s what I ate Days 6 – 10!

Day 6


Egg muffins, mandarin orange and 1/2 an avocado for breakfast. 


Berries at my desk pre lunch time yoga. 


Turkey burgers, avocado and dijon mustard over spinach and carrots. 


Afternoon snack 


Pork chop, braised cabbage and apples and potatoes for dinner. 



Day 7

Day 7 was a Saturday and we spent ALL day (14 hours total!) painting the duplex we are renting with my aunt and uncle (who own it). It was a very physical activity full day but I managed to stick to Whole 30!


Turkey sausage + 2 eggs + mandarin orange. 

So after the corn my turkey sausage was the second FAIL of the month. It has dextrose in it! Ugh. Complete oversight of mine. I was so focused on avoiding these additives that I wasn’t super diligent about all these other ways food companies label sugar in products. Now I know and two more packages of the turkey sausage will patiently wait in my freezer until I’m done Whole 30.

Again, to me, these small mistakes like eating corn and having dextrose in my organic, gluten free turkey sausage is just not worth a restart. Eat an ice cream cone? Have a bite of a Big Mac? Yup, those warrant a restart. But just small little slip-ups like this are not going to make me restart. That’s just me though! Also I didn’t realize that about the turkey sausage until the next day so you’ll see me eat it a couple more times in this post.


Leftover for lunch. 


Snacked on watermelon allll day! 


Such a good dinner! Pork and veggie kababs, a potato and a salad with lemon juice on it! 


Dates for dessert. These tasted like brown sugar to me!! Amazing how our taste buds change… 

Day 8


Egg muffins, runny egg, 1/2 an avocado and watermelon for breaky! 


My Father’s Day BBQ feast! This time steak and veggie skewers with fresh chopped veggies on the side. 


One of many, many, MANY handfuls of cherries I had that day… 


Leftovers and baby carrots for dinner. 

Day 9


Chia seed pudding! Heated up with almond butter almonds and raspberries on it and this breakfast is PERFECTION! 


Big ass salad with a can of tuna mixed with dijon over top of it. 


Sweet potato chili for dinner! It simmered in the crock pot all day and was perfect! 


More cherries!!! 

Day 10



Perfection in a bowl! 


I was called into the staff room for a birthday celebration and was so excited to see a FRUIT TRAY and not cake!! I could partake :) 


Leftover sweet potato chili for lunch! 


Nectarine and mandarin orange for a snack. 


Munched on some cashews while making dinner. 


Salmon, acorn squash and roasted potatoes for dinner. 

And there you have it, the next 5 days of my Whole 30! The next time I check in I will officially be halfway done the program!

I will also try to blog more soon, work has been really busy this week and Eric and I have also been moving this week! We are moving right next door into the duplex attached to my grandmas, so it’s insanely convenient, but I still think moving is always a pain. Last night was our second night sleeping there but the whole place is still in disarray and not really unpacked. So all my spare time has been spent doing that! Hope everyone is doing great :)

If you were doing Whole 30, or have done Whole 30 before, what kind of slip-up warranted a restart for you?