Meals, miles, books and looks of February!

Remember how I whined about January dragging by? Well February FLEW by! I guess those three less days really do make a difference…

Anyways, here is my February recap.


There is a new restaurant in Kamloops called ‘The Painted Pony’ and it’s First Nations cuisine so the majority of the menu is centred around Bannock! Bannock is probably one of my top five favourite foods and I have already ate at this restaurant five times since they opened a few months ago. Eric and I had a yummy Sunday brunch after my 20km run a few weeks ago and even though I didn’t even come close to eating all of this food I did really enjoy it :)

IMG 5484

I made Peanut Butter Runner’s three ingredient pot roast in February and it was awesome! A $30 pot roast made 15 servings, which I think is pretty good bang for our buck!

IMG 5383  1

I’ve also been making these Greek Salad’s in a mason jar for lunch on a weekly basis. They are so good and easy to make ahead of time!

IMG 5380

And of course we had our yummy lobster dinner on Valentine’s Day :)


In February I ran 60 miles / 97 km and got in 36 workouts total (which I recapped on the blog yesterday). Those miles included one half-marathon race plus a couple of training runs for that race. I am planning on doing a 15km race on May 24 and a trail half-marathon on May 31 so those will be the next two things I start training for. I also plan to keep up lots of strength training and yoga as I feel so good doing it all and I’m extremely sore as I type this after two awesome strength/circuit workouts at the gym this week!

IMG 5738


I read four books and listened to one audiobook in February! I’ve linked to my goodreads reviews for each of the books below.

Winter of the World (Century Trilogy #2) by Ken Follett – I LOVED this book. It was even better than the first one which I didn’t think would be possible. I can’t wait to read the third one. If you are into historical fiction at all and if you are interested in reading books about World War II then you have to pick up this book. I have learned more about WWI and WWII reading the Century Trilogy than in any history class I ever took. 5 stars!

All Joy and No Fun (Audiobook) by Jennifer Senior – I found this book super interesting even though I don’t have kids. It is a really interesting history of how parenthood and childhood has evolved and changed. I think anyone who is interested in sociology, human nature or in having a family one day would enjoy this book. 4 stars!

Home by Toni Morrison – I’ve heard so much about Toni Morrison on the Book Riot podcast and while I can’t deny she’s an amazing and talented writer I was not a fan of this book. It was disjointed with a lot going on and I didn’t enjoy the storyline. This book fulfilled my ‘author over 65′ category for the Read Harder challenge. 3 stars!

IMG 5642

Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng – This is a really good book and is beautifully written but it didn’t quite live up to my high expectations. I couldn’t stand the parents in this book and found it to be a very heavy and sad story. I felt very strong emotions while reading this book and I would recommend it to others. I read it in two days and I gave it 4 stars!

The Greenhouse by Auour Ava Olafsdottir – This was my book club book for February and it took me forever to finish! It reads very awkwardly and I could easily put it down for days at a time. I also thought the storyline was a bit boring. This book was originally published in Icelandic and then translated so that could be it read a bit awkwardly. It did fulfill my ‘book originally published in another language’ category for the Read Harder challenge though! If it wasn’t my Book Club book I probably would have given up on it. 2 stars!


I did some thrifting towards the beginning of the month with Eric and got a bunch of great stuff at Value Village. I’ve already shared a few outfits in previous posts but here they are again :)

IMG 5820

I got this cute pencil skirt for only $7!

IMG 5787

This striped sweater was actually brand new! It still had it’s original tag on it. I think it was around $8. Such a steal!

IMG 5788

Not a thrifted outfit but here is another way I’m wearing my awesome Fabletics plum leggings. Seriously I have worn these SO many times since I got them! In this photo I’m wearing them with a long black shirt and black ankle boots!


And that wraps up February! Overall a good month. We don’t have a lot planned in March other than a fun weekend getaway to Sun Peaks this coming weekend. After that we will just be buckling down and saving money because we leave for Maui on April 2. I cannot wait!

What were your meals, miles, books and looks of February? What notable things happened to you in February? 


February Workouts!

So in February I decided to track all my workouts for the month and do a quick recap on them. I had heard a few people mention in their monthly recaps how many workouts they did that month but since I don’t track my workouts anywhere I’ve never known the number. Plus I run A LOT less than I ever used to so I thought I would track my workouts so when I do my monthly recaps and my mileage is super low I can at least say how many workouts I did.

I have a couple disclaimers to this post.

First, I know I workout a lot and do lots of double days but I truly love fitness and moving my body and I love so many different activities that I find it difficult to fit them all in so that often means doubling up. Definitely not saying that everyone has to, or even should, do this. If working out is something you hate and you only do it because it’s good for you then you’re better off just getting in your 30 – 60 minute workout every day and leaving it at that. I personally LOVE how I feel after a good sweat session and because I run with friends and go to the gym with coworkers at lunch it’s also a social thing for me.

Second, I only take rest days when my body needs them or I feel like I need a day off. I don’t schedule them into my week or make sure I take a full day off every seven days. I go completely by how I feel and also what is going on life-wise.

Finally, I also walk the dog on a daily basis so even on my rest days I would have gotten in a 20 – 40 minute walk with Chloe. I usually don’t count walks with Chloe unless we go for a longer hike because they are usually at a pretty leisurely pace. I’m not saying walking isn’t exercise, it totally is, I just don’t count it as a daily workout for myself.

Ok, so here are my February workouts. In 28 days I managed to get in 36 workouts! I am only counting workouts that are 20 minutes+ as I did a few 10-minute ab workouts in the evening some days.

Here’s what my month looked like:

IMG 5819

Sunday, February 1 – 1 hour hot flow yoga class (lunch) + strength/treadmill workout (pm)

Monday, February 2 – 1 hour spin/TRX workout + 75-minute yin yoga class (pm)

Tuesday, February 3 – 90-minute hot slow flow yoga class (pm)

Wednesday, February 4 – 3.1 mile / 5km run (am) + 1-hour Group RX* class (lunch)

Thursday, February 5 – 45 minute core conditioning* class (lunch)

Friday, February 6 – 3.1 mile / 5km run (am) + 21 day fix full body cardio (pm)

Saturday, February 7 – 75-minute hot flow yoga class (am)

Sunday, February 8 – 12.5 miles / 20km run (am) + 2-hour journey through the 7 chakras yoga workshop (pm)

Monday, February 9 – Rest Day!

Tuesday, February 10 – 3.1 mile / 5km run (am) + 21 day fix upper fix (pm)

IMG 5535

Wednesday, February 11 – 1 hour Group RX class (lunch)

Thursday, February 12 – 45 minute core conditioning class (lunch)

Friday, February 13 – 3.1 mile / 5km run (am) + 21 day fix lower fix (pm)

Saturday, February 14 – 6.2 mile / 10km run (am) + 1 hour hot hatha yoga class (pm)

Sunday, February 15 – 1 hour hot yoga flow class

Monday, February 16 – 1 hour Group RX class (lunch)

Tuesday, February 17 – 4 mile / 6.4km trail run (am) + 45 minute tabata class at the gym (pm)

Wednesday, February 18 – 75-minute hot hatha yoga class (pm)

Thursday, February 19 – 45 minute core conditioning class (lunch)

Friday, February 20 – 2.25 mile / 3.6km run (am) + 21 day fix Dirty 30 (pm)

Saturday, February 21 – 75-minute hot flow yoga class (am) + 3 mile / 5km hike (pm)

IMG 5751

Sunday, February 22 – Half marathon!

Monday, February 23 – 75-minute yin to meditation class (pm) (I would consider this rest, it was a super mellow class)

Tuesday, February 24 – Rest Day!

Wednesday, February 25 – 3.1 mile / 5km run (am) + 1 hour Group RX class (lunch)

Thursday, February 26 – 45 minute core conditioning class (lunch)

Friday, February 27 – 3.8 mile / 6km run (am)

Saturday, February 28 – Rest Day!

Total: 10 yoga classes,  11 runs, 15 strength workouts!

*Group RX is basically bodypump – an hour long full body workout using a barbell and weights

*Core Conditioning is really more a HIIT class as it includes weights, core and high intensity moves like burpees and mountain climbers and is different each week


Honestly, I’m feeling pretty awesome these days. I feel more fit than I have in a long long time and I’m really happy how my body is feeling, looking and performing so I’m going to keep it up. I sought after a balance between yoga, running and strength training for many years and I think I may have finally found it!

Hopefully this post wasn’t too boring for anyone. I really enjoy looking back on my weekly workout posts from years ago so that’s why I post about workouts every so often.

Do you keep track of your workouts? If so how many did you do in February? 


Coffee Time!

Coffee time! Grab a cup of joe, have a seat and let’s have coffee together this morning.

Photo 767

If we were having coffee I would tell you that my latest TV show obsession, Friday Night Lights, surprises even me. You guys, I can’t stop watching this show and I love all the different storylines, characters and all the drama. It’s a lot less about football than I thought it would be and I just really love the different characters and where their stories are taking them. I’m almost done season 1!

If we were having coffee I would tell you about my friend Jessica and the new e-course she’s launching. If you have big goals you want to achieve in 2015 but you aren’t sure where to begin her 30 Days of Gutsy course is for you. I’ve been following Jessica’s blog for over seven years now and it’s been amazing to watch her grow into the incredibly inspiring person she is today. Her Get Gutsy Blog/Community is one of my favourite daily reads. Click here to check out her new course, you have until Saturday to register!

If we were having coffee I would tell you that the same Jessica mentioned above recommended I try listening to the The Lively Show podcast when I tweeted that I was looking for more podcasts to listen to and I’m obsessed! It’s such a great podcast and she interviews really interesting people. I’ve listened to about 5 or 6 episodes in just a few days.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I finally downloaded the new Taylor Swift album last week and have basically been listening to it 24/7. If I’m not watching Friday Night Lights or listening to a podcast I’m listening to TSwift.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I’m looking forward to making a super quick overnight trip home to see family this weekend even though it’s for a very sad reason. My paternal grandfather passed away after a long and very difficult battle with cancer last weekend so I’m going home for his funeral.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that we only have 35 sleeps to go until we head off to Maui for six nights. I’m really feeling the need for a vacation lately so it really can’t come soon enough.

If we were having coffee I would tell you I’m super excited to start reading The Girl on the Train finally after hearing so much buzz about it recently!

If we were having coffee this morning what would you tell me?