Weekend Recap: sunsets, running, babies, yoga & zombies

Happy Monday! Did I ever have a fantastic weekend. It was the perfect weekend full of activity, social time, down time and being productive.

Friday Night

Friday night I went to my grandparents apartment right after work and had a quick visit with them. On my way home I picked up Indian food takeout for Eric and I — so good! We watched some Walking Dead and I just chilled on the couch for an hour or so. Then I got hit by this random burst of energy and spent over an hour cleaning the house. It was totally random but I’m glad the urge hit me because then it meant the house was clean for the rest of the weekend.


Saturday morning I rolled out of bed around 7:30 – this seems to be my natural wake-up time on the weekends – and put on a pot of coffee. I had some coffee and read my book for a bit before heading to my favourite 9am hot yoga flow class. I have not been to this class for weeks and it’s my absolute favourite. We did an amazing 75-minute flow practice and I was dripping sweat. I felt so good after. Saturday afternoon I did some errands like grocery shopping and gassing up the car. It felt good to meander through the grocery store knowing I didn’t have to rush to be anywhere at a certain time. When I got home from grocery shopping I had a nice long video chat with Becky!

Later in the afternoon on Saturday Eric and I packed Chloe up in the car and hit the road. There is a hike outside of Kamloops called Battle Bluffs and I have been wanting to check it out for months! We finally made it out there on Saturday evening for a sunset hike. For any locals, the driving directions here were spot on.

This would be a beautiful hike any time of the day but at sunset it was especially stunning.

IMG 3698

IMG 3727

IMG 3729

IMG 3708 IMG 3706

Can you believe that within a 20-minute drive and 30-minute hike from my house I am standing somewhere as stunning as this? So so lucky I tell you.

IMG 3736

It was epic. Saturday night ended with homemade pesto-proscuitto-arugula pizza and oktoberfest beer. Totally earned after that hike!


Sunday was a pretty busy, go-go-go day but still great. It started with a 12km / 7.5 mile run along the River’s Trail in Kamloops. Even though this was a super flat run and we did 10 and 1′s it still felt pretty hard to me. I’m just not used to running on the road these days. The fall foliage was absolutely stunning. There is nothing better than fall running! And the company was pretty good too as I went with my friend Carmine and we chatted the whole time so that made the miles fly by.

IMG 3738

I ripped home after the run, had a “shower” (aka sponge bath) and headed for a visit with Jen and miss baby Sydney as she was at her parents house for the weekend. So fun to have a quality catch-up session and of course get some baby cuddles in.

IMG 3740

I then when straight from baby cuddling to yoga! My yoga studio is offering a new yoga sculpt class on Sunday afternoons and I’ve been dying to check it out for a couple of weeks now. It was an awesome class using 2 and 3-lb weights. The room wasn’t heated but I was dripping sweat anyways. Will definitely be trying to add this class into my schedule more regularly.

I then freshened up at the yoga studio and went straight to the movie theatre to meet my mom and brother for an afternoon matinee. We saw Gone Girl and I was so impressed. I read this book quite awhile ago, maybe two years now, so the details aren’t super clear in my head but from what I can remember they did an absolute excellent job turning that book into a movie. The movie totally made sense, followed the book (from what I remember) and was actually quite funny (in a dry and dark way).

They also kept the ending true to the book which I liked. I may be the only person in the world who liked that ending in Gone Girl but I swear it just makes sense. Any other alternative would not have worked with the messed up twists and turns of that book. It was the “perfect” ending for such a crazy book in my opinion.

Walking dead

Sunday night consisted of, you guessed it, more Walking Dead! We are about halfway through season 4 right now. I heard on the radio that over 17 million people tuned in for the season five premiere a couple of weeks ago and is the #1 show on television among adults 18 – 49 right now.

Sunday night also included some meal prep (making a giant salad and baking some chicken). I have an insane work week ahead of me with work events happening Tuesday through Saturday in the evening and I’m actually out of town for work on Thursday night. So I’m hoping having healthy food prepped will help me make good choices.

How was your weekend? Do you watch The Walking Dead? 


Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! I am popping in for a quick Friday Five post on this beautiful morning.

Oct 17 run


We are staying strong with our Friday morning trail runs despite the dark mornings. We used to run 6 – 7 and we are now running 6:30 – 7:30. It’s dark and we need headlamps for the first half but the second half of the run is usually light and we get to witness some pretty stellar sunrises. Like the one this morning:

Oct 17 sunrise

I actually really enjoy trail running in the dark! When there are four dogs and three people it’s not scary at all, it’s kind of fun and feels adventurous. Oh, and it feels really hardcore :)


The reason I’m currently blogging on Friday morning is because I was up way too late last night watching The Walking Dead. I’m weirdly obsessed with this show. I just want to binge watch it until I’m done! We are about 3/4 of the way through the third season right now and it just keeps getting better and better!


I am soo excited about a mostly unplanned weekend. I have some tentative plans like a running date on Sunday and I want to go to yoga both days but overall I’m trying to keep it open because the next weekend after this one that I don’t have plans is November 15/16. I’m used to spending my fall hibernating on the weekends but this fall has been SO busy so this weekend is going to be all about hibernation.


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As I may have mentioned before I‘m hosting another DietBet. It started on Wednesday and goes until November 15. This is going to be a tough one for me as I’m super busy at work right now with events. I had a lunch event on Wednesday, attended a chili cook-off yesterday at lunch and have another lunch event today. My strategy with all the eating events I have is to only fill my plate 60% full. That way even though the food I’m eating is still relatively unhealthy, I will be eating a lot less of it. I also plan to keep protein bars in my purse in case I get hungry. And of course I’m tracking my food through MyFitnessPal. Hopefully this strategy works! Wish me luck. PS: There is still time to join the DietBet if you’re interested!

What are your Five on Friday today? 


What type of traveller are you?

I have a fun sponsored post for you today. I was contacted by Dukoral Canada to promote their “What type of traveller are you?” contest and since I love all things related to travel and travelling, I agreed!


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Anyways, the next time we take a tropical vacation I will definitely look into taking DUKAROL® beforehand as we all know any kind of stomach illness is not fun.

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Dukoral  Cover Photo

While I do tend to like adventurous travelling (as I’ve said before on the blog) I’m also not one to turn down a trip of any kind. We’re currently trying to brainstorm what kind of trip we might do in 2015 and we just can’t decide! We’re torn between something more adventurous and something more laidback and relaxing. I think I need to figure out a good in-between. Any recommendations?

So take the quiz and maybe the next time you are travelling somewhere that you might be at risk for some stomach issues check out DUKAROL®!

What type of traveller are you?