A weekend full of thanks!

Last year after the Thanksgiving weekend I posted a weekend recap that also included many of the things I am thankful for sprinkled throughout the post, it was a fun format to recap Thanksgiving so I am going to do the same thing this year!


It was a four-day weekend for me as I had Friday off of work in lieu of some of the overtime I’ve been working lately. I really really needed the long weekend too as work has been flat out crazy busy lately.

I am thankful to have a job that I love but also one I can step away from when I need to. I am thankful for supportive coworkers and a supportive boss who 100% believe in the concept of work-life balance.  

On Friday I went for a trail run in the morning, to the gym for Group RX, for lunch with my mom and grandpa and in the evening Eric and I went grocery shopping and bought everything we needed to host Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday!

I am thankful for the gym, and more specifically the local YMCA/YWCA. I absolutely love going to classes there and how strength training has completely changed my body. 

On Saturday morning I woke up at 8:30am and immediately rushed off to my favourite Saturday morning flow class at 9. I really didn’t think I was going to make it to class so I was soo glad I did! It was a slower flow which was exactly what I needed after lifting heavier weights during Group RX on Friday.

I am thankful for yoga and the peace and clarity it has brought into my life. 

IMG 9803

After yoga I picked up my mom and we went to buy some tulip bulbs. She then helped me rip out our current flower bed and plant four rows of tulip bulbs for the spring. I cannot wait for all of the bulbs to grow into beautiful flowers!!

I am thankful we own our little house and even though I sometimes complain about the size and the lack of outdoor space for storage I know it is more than many people have. I am thankful we have a place to make our own. 

After planting I did some other house stuff with Eric and we prepared for his mom and nephew to arrive. Sunday we were up bright and early to get our turkey in the oven! Eric and I were officially cooking our very first turkey and hosting Thanksgiving. We may have overdid it a bit and bought a 12-kg / 25-lb turkey at the grocery store. Yup, it was a little too much food for five adults and one child…

I am thankful for the ability to not only purchase quality, healthy food for us to eat on a regular basis but also that we have the means to purchase all of the fixings for a big Thanksgiving meal! 

IMG 9811

IMG 9814

IMG 9822

IMG 9817 IMG 9826

After more than four hours in the kitchen we had cooked up an amazing feast! Huge thanks to my mother-in-law and my own mom for all of their help and guidance. I’m not sure we would have known what do with the turkey without their help and advice!

I am thankful for a husband who not only likes to cook, but is good at it, he did the majority of the cooking for our feast! I am also thankful to have amazing women role models in my life teaching me how important life skills like how to cook a turkey. 

IMG 9813

IMG 9833

Before we ate our delicious dinner we headed out on a nice little hike with the dogs. We hiked 2km in the beautiful sunshine. Holler for wearing a tank top in October!

I am thankful for my love of being active and moving my body. I am also thankful for our family members who are willing to be active with us. I am thankful for the incredibly easy access we have to so many amazing hiking trails. 

After we had all stuffed ourselves silly and packed up all the leftovers (our fridge is seriously beyond overflowing with leftovers!) Eric and I spent about four hours on the couch watching back-to-back episodes of Parenthood. It’s the most relaxed I’ve felt in a long time and was so fun. Also we are over halfway through season three now and it’s hard not to binge on the episodes because they are sooo good!

I am thankful for guilty pleasures that help me relax and recharge. I am also thankful for binging on TV series with my husband, one of my favourite things for us to do together!  

Monday morning I met up with eight running friends for a beautiful 11km run on a remote country road. The fall colours were absolutely stunning and it was a perfect morning for a run.

IMG 9846

Oh running, I am so so thankful for you. I am thankful for the people you have brought into my life, the places you have taken me and the adventures I have had all thanks to you. 

After the run and some Thanksgiving leftovers we all piled into the truck for two of my favourite fall activities – the corn maze and the pumpkin patch! We wandered the corn maze for almost an hour, and then my mom and I went and got some coffee while Eric, our nephew Drayden and his mom continued to wander around trying to solve clues.

IMG 9852

IMG 9853

After the corn maze it was off to the pumpkin patch. We walked out with 10 pumpkins of varying sizes for only $25!

IMG 9863

IMG 9860

I am thankful to live in an area with so many fun things to do. I am thankful for the opportunity to make memories with our family on such an important holiday. 

And I added some new fall decor to our house :)

IMG 9862

I am thankful for simple pleasures in life, like the smell of a delicious candle burning and how much happiness I get from looking at these fall decorations. 

Sunday evening was spent eating more leftovers and really just lounging around the house. I spent a lot of time reading my latest book, The Dog Master: A Novel of the First Dog, it’s pretty good and I’m enjoying it way more than I thought I would.

I am so thankful for my love of reading. To quote George RR Martin, a reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. I am so thankful for all the different ways reading and books have opened my eyes and lit up my soul. 

IMG 9861

Above all, I am always the most thankful for this guy and our beautiful and messy life together.  

This year, I am also thankful for the hard moments in life because they make the good moments that much sweeter. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian readers! I hope you had a wonderful weekend full of food, love, family and friends.

What are you thankful for today? 


Oktoberfest Trail 8km Race Report

I had a really awesome time running a fun trail race on new-to-me trails last weekend so I thought I would share my experience on the blog. It feels like in 2015 I mostly ran races I’ve done before so didn’t do many race reports this year.

Last weekend a group of five of us drove up to Harper Mountain, which is a small ski hill about 30 minutes from town for an Oktoberfest 8km Trail Race. My running partner Tara had ran the race the year before and said the trails up there were amazing so I was really looking forward to it and it did not disappoint.

The five of us convoyed up in two cars, got checked in and had a coffee in the lodge and before we knew it the 9am start had arrived.

IMG 9715

There were not a whole lot of people doing this race, maybe 40 or so, but because the trails were single track it took quite a while for everyone to spread out.

IMG 9717

Most of the trails around Kamloops are very open and bare. We do live in a very desert like climate after all. The trails up at Harper Mountain were amazing! They were technical with lots of roots and rocks and you were almost always under the cover of the trees. They also had some amazing single track trails and most of the race was on rolling hills so it was a very runnable 8km.

IMG 9745

IMG 9721

IMG 9733

One of my favourite parts of the whole race was near the end when we broke out of the trees and ran along the side of the ski hill. I looked behind me and the autumn colours were beyond stunning!

IMG 9743

Such a fun Sunday morning! The group of us that went up together are the same people who tend to run together every Friday morning for an hour. Those early morning runs on Friday are more about social time than they are about getting a workout in. I even get up for them on days when I don’t have to work, like this coming Friday.

I feel so lucky to have made so many amazing running friends since I first started running in 2009.

IMG 9744

As of right now I don’t have anymore races planned for 2015 so the Harper Mountain Oktoberfest 8km trail race was the absolutely perfect way to cap off my race year. I will definitely be back again to do this race next year!

I also had an awesome run in the trails last night with Carmine, Donut and Chloe! Gosh do I ever love fall trail running. I really don’t want this season to end.

Do you have any fall races planned? If you trail run what kind of trails do you prefer? 


Meals, miles, books and looks of September!


I think I ate more yummy food in September than just this but I recently took ALL photos off of my iPhone to try and free up space (and then just ended up getting a new phone anyways!) so the only food photo I have are the delicious fish taco’s we made a couple of weeks ago. We had a homemade mango salsa on them and they were crazy yummy!

IMG 9756


It was another low mileage month for me. Only 41.2 miles / 66.3 km. That included one race, the 18km trail race we did when Lisa was visiting! On top of those runs I also did 4 hot yoga classes, 7 strength/bootcamp classes at the Y and taught 8 classes at the Y. I subbed several classes in September and it ended up being a bit too much for my schedule. In October I am back to teaching two classes most weeks, I teach Monday nights and Wednesday mornings. I absolutely love my Wednesday morning class. I get so much energy from teaching! One day I was completely wiped after a long day of work and had no clue how I was going to teach but after 45 minutes I felt completely energized again!

IMG 9312


I only finished two books in September. I am so close to finishing a third book but didn’t quite get it done in time to count for the month. However, I did really enjoy both the books I read!

The Engagements – I had heard about this book on Book Riot ages ago and had it on my to-read list so when I saw it on sale for $4.99 I knew I had to pick it up. I really enjoyed this book, the history about advertising and the diamond industry was interesting and I enjoyed the characters and how the author wove all the stories together. Four stars!

The House at the End of Hope Street – As you guys may remember from this post I absolutely loved this book and it will be a top contender for the best book I read in 2015. It’s just such a delightful story, that’s the only way I know how to describe it. It’s a quick read and I give it five stars.


I have so many looks for you this month! I’ve definitely enjoyed getting back into my fall wardrobe and also getting a little bit dressed up for work again as we are starting to get busy with lots of presentations and events.

Sadly my mirror remains dirty for most of these photos, ha!

IMG 9511

Top: Ricki’s. Bottoms: Le Chateau (but I got them at Value Village!) and necklace is J Crew.

IMG 9586

I was so happy to pull out my ankle boots and boots again in September! Top: Target. Bottoms: Costco. Boots: Aldo. Scarf: Made for me with love by my grandma :)

IMG 9587

I love this new blazer I got from Joe Fresh! My dress is from Costco and the blazer is Joe (aka Superstore!) I rarely find stuff that fits me right at Joe Fresh so that made me extra happy with this blazer find.

IMG 9588

I love this dress! The brand is Cleo but I got it at Value Village. The necklace is another one from J Crew and I was wearing red shoes from Le Chateau that I’ve had for years since our whole team dressed in red and black for our Campaign Kick-off Breakfast.

IMG 9517

And here is a house look! I am so not an interior design person but I have been having some fun lately taking a few photos of my favourite places in our house. This little space is my absolute favourite. I love turning on that lamp and curling up on that side of my couch with whatever book I’m reading. I was very happy to have these fresh flowers in the house for awhile — they lasted almost two weeks!

What were your meals, miles, books and looks for September?