Life is in this weird place right now where I feel like one foot is in one life and the other foot is in a different life. Our house is half packed and a freaking mess, I’m torn between trying to appreciate & savour the last 7-8ish nights in our first home to just wanting to be settled and fully moved into our new home. 

I’m saying goodbye to friends here, and feeling extremely sad, while also making plans and reconnecting with old friends and family and making summer plans.

Life just feels weird right now. There is no other way to put it.

Anyways, in light of that, here is a quick ‘moments’ post with a few photos/moments from the last few days.

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A stunning early morning walk the other day. I am so so so going to miss our favourite trails and these views. 

IMG 0009

Remember when my mom and I planted tulip bulbs in the fall? Look at what the flower bed has turned into now! So amazing and looking at it makes me so so so happy. I’ve been clipping bouquets for everyone! 

IMG 0026

I finally met sweet baby P the other day! He’s perfection. Can’t believe BFF Jen has two babies now! Weren’t we just dancing until 2am after a night of waitressing yesterday? 

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It was around October 2008 when Eric moved down here to join me for the first time and we were sitting down at Riverside Park and he looked across the river and said “we should climb that hill”. 

7.5 years later we finally did! Last weekend my brother, Eric, Chloe and I hiked to the top of Mount Paul in Kamloops. It was a brutal hike. Super steep. But the view was absolutely incredible. Definitely a big tick on the Kamloops Bucket List! 

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Yesterday I was “arrested” for the Jail and Bail fundraiser. THANK YOU to everyone who donated to bail me out! I managed to raise $1,350 thanks to all your help! 

And that’s it! Tonight I’m flying back up to Fort St. John for a meeting tomorrow morning. Then on the weekend we are packing, packing, packing and Saturday night is my going away party with my running friends, which I’m so excited for! Next week is more packing and loading up the u-haul, getting the house cleaned and doing the walk-through with our new tenants. Either Friday the 29 or Saturday the 30 we’ll be hitting the road for the 1,000 km / 600 mile drive to Fort St. John.

Here we go!

What are some moments from your life lately? 


Please help bail me out of jail!

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For 4 years and 1 month I was lucky enough to have one of the best jobs in the world. My title was Manager of Communications, and my main role was doing marketing and communications for our local United Way. But in actuality, as is typical in non-profit life, I wore many hats. My hats included fundraiser, event planner and volunteer coordinator to name a few.

One of the coolest events I had the opportunity to play a leading role in over the four years was our annual Jail and Bail event, which is a partnership between our organization and the RCMP. RCMP members go out in their cars, pick up people from all over the community and bring them to a ‘fake’ jail we have set up at a fun location. We have a judge who lays down (hilarious) charges and they have to raise a minimum bail of $1,000 to get out of jail. It’s a really really fun day!

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This year, since I am no longer working there, I agreed to be arrested for the event — which is happening on Wednesday! I have $455 more to raise to reach my minimum bail amount, but I’d really love to hit $1,500

If all of my amazing blog readers chipped in $5 or $10 or $20 I know I would get there! So if you’re so inclined, you could click here to bail me out of jail. You will get a tax receipt emailed to you immediately!

Now that I’ve told you about the event and my plea for bail, I’ll tell you a little bit about the amazing programs and organizations your money will support. United Way truly does incredible work in the community, I was so proud to be a part of such an amazing organization.

As a fundraiser I used to tell these amazing stories all the time. People used to say to me “I could never be a fundraiser, I hate asking for money.” But honestly, when you’re asking for money for something that you believe in as much as I believe in this organization, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do.

Here are three videos to show you the amazing places your money will go!


United Way supports a program called ‘Everyone can play’ and it ensures that all students have equal opportunity and access to extracurricular activities. A couple of years ago a single mom in the community had some health issues and wasn’t able to work for a few weeks. She wasn’t going to be able to rent a tux for her son at his graduation. The Everyone Can Play fund helped cover that cost.

What I think is really special about this story is that when I first started talking to Debbie about doing this video she was very hesitant. I promised her that we would make her anonymous and we would figure out a way to share her story where she herself didn’t have to be in the video. Then as we continued talking she said to me, “Will this video help raise more money so more people can get help?” I said, yes that’s the plan and why we are doing this video. And she said, then I’ll be in the video.

How’s that for bravery and courage? And thanks to Debbie’s bravery to share her story the campaign in her region doubled last year!!


Tammy was also working a full-time job, trying to make ends meet as best she could, when life happened and before she knew it she couldn’t make rent. Thanks to the Rent Bank, which

The background to this video is how hard it was for Tammy to share her story. But, like with Debbie, she wanted to share her story to help raise more money so more people would be helped. So brave. So inspirational.

Art Supplies 

Probably my favourite video project that I worked on was the art supplies video. The goal of this video was to show donors from the Campaign Kick-off Breakfast the incredible direct impact their donations can and do have in people’s lives. It’s been so interesting to learn about art therapy over the last few years and how life changing it is for so many people.


Now, after seeing these videos and seeing first hand the incredible ways your money will go to help people in need, I really hope you will consider making a small donation to my bail by clicking here

Every dollar counts! So even if you can only make a $5 or $10 donation, please do. It will add up fast.

Thanks so much for your consideration :)


A few life updates

Oh hi!

Life has been a bit crazy lately. Since I started my new job on March 29 I have taken 6 flights and have 2 more to take on Friday. I have been back-and-forth a lot and it’s honestly been a little bit exhausting. I definitely don’t feel quite like myself these days.

However, as of Friday I am back in Kamloops for two full weeks while also working at home so I’m looking forward to having that time at my current home to say goodbye to friends, finish packing (though Eric has already done most of it) and get ready to move up to our new home which we will be doing on April 29.


So here are a few “life lately” photos and updates for you:

winery photo

Last week I was gone for 4 days, then home for 4 days and while we really should have spent the 4 days I was home packing it was too beautiful out to only do that so we also zipped out to Monte Creek Ranch Winery and did a quick wine tasting. We then bought a bottle of wine to take home and enjoy on our deck with some cheese and meat. It was a lovely afternoon!

womens worlds

We also got out for delicious dinner and drinks before watching Canada face off against the USA in the Women’s Worlds Hockey Gold Medal Game (Canada lost, boo!) It was a super fun night out and lots of beer was consumed! I was glad Eric and I got some fun times together before I left for 10 days for work.

country road run

Since I’m not settled in Fort St. John yet and I don’t have a gym or yoga membership (though don’t worry I will be getting both!) I am not really working out much lately. Basically one of the only things I can do is run! So on Sunday I went for a nice Sunday morning 6km run on a country road by my dad’s place. It was really lovely and I only saw one vehicle the entire time! It’s kind of nice to live somewhere with FLAT running routes again too, not going to lie :)

I am soooo looking forward to getting back into an exercise routine soon though!


I just finished reading this book for my family book club. It was….. strange. The writing was phenomenol, the story pulled me in and I did read it rather quickly, but ya, it was just strange. I don’t know any other way to describe it. One thing I LOVE about book club is I pick up books I never would have read otherwise because of it. So that’s definitely a win!


And that’s about all that’s up with me lately. I saw some high school friends for drinks the other night, went to see my cousins new house and meet his baby boy who I hadn’t met yet. Other than spending time with family I am basically just working right now. I know that things will be much difference once we actually move up here and get settled into our new life. Lots of change is happening right now for sure but it feels good.

I am so behind on reading blogs so tell me…. what is new in your life lately?