New House Tour

Hello, hello!

The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy moving into our new home. We have now been sleeping over here for almost 2 weeks and as of this weekend we finally, and officially, moved the last of our things over. Hallelujah!  Just some cleaning is left at our old place. Oh, and the garage at our new place is CHOCK FULL of stuff to be unpacked and put away. One step at a time though. The kitchen, living room and master bedroom are all unpacked which I guess are the most important parts.

So, onto the tour 🙂

Here is the entry way when you first walk in the front door… The door to the right takes you down to the basement and then going straight down the hall takes you up to the main living area. That little door you can see two the left takes you into the mudroom where there is some built-in shelving, a door out to the garage and a 1/2 bath with a sink and toilet.

It’s a nice big open concept kitchen / dining room / living room, which we love!

The stairs on the far left of the above photo go up to the bedrooms – master bedroom, two spare rooms, and a laundry room.

Top of the stairs, the doorway on the left goes into the master bedroom.

Another angle from the top of the stairs. The master bedroom is to the right of this photo and the laundry room is right there at the top of the stairs. This is the first time I’ve ever had laundry on the same floor as the master bedroom – luxurious!!

I only took a picture of one of the extra bedrooms upstairs because they all look the same 🙂

Master bedroom.

First time ever having a TV in the bedroom too…. LOVE IT!! I spent an insane amount of time in bed watching Homeland this weekend 🙂

Possibly my favourite part of the entire house… the window seat in our bedroom! Love love love it.

Another favourite feature, the double sinks in the master bedroom ensuite <3

And finally the basement, if you scroll back up to the very top photo remember how I said the door on the right goes down to the basement? Well here it is..

We have a few more things in the basement now, these pictures were taken when we very first took possession.

And that’s it! It’s wonderful to have so much space. We gained about 600 square feet over our rental that we lived in for the last 9 months and about 900 square feet over our townhouse in Kamloops. Pretty exciting to have so much space. We actually have a few cupboards in the kitchen with nothing in them! We’ll see how long that lasts 😉

Hopefully now that I’m feeling more settled in the new home I will be able to get back to regular blogging again!


Happy hump day coffee date!

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Let’s have a super quick catch-up via coffee shall we?

If we were having coffee today I would definitely talk about how we get possession of our new house today! I unfortunately have to work at an event all day until 6 tonight, but Eric is on days off right now so will start moving our stuff over today.

If we were having coffee today I would definitely complain about the weather. It’s been around -30 C (-22 F) with the windchill for the last week. Considering we got our first heavy snowfall on October 1 it has been a lonnnggg winter!

If we were having coffee today I would also tell you that in the future I will be planning warm weather getaways for March, not December. Don’t get me wrong, going to Hawaii in December was amazing but I am needing a warm weather getaway right now more than anything!

If we were having coffee today I would tell you that not being on social media has honestly been amazing for me. I truly don’t miss it at all. I literally feel like I have gained extra time in my day, which I know is also sad because that shows how much I was on social media before. The endless scroll was a serious problem in my life.

If we were having coffee today I would admit that I have replaced some of my social media scrolling with online shopping.. I’ve ordered a few things from Wayfair for our new house and I ordered some new workout clothes from Gap Fit because they were having a 35% off sale the other day!

That’s it for me! What would you share with me if we were having coffee today? 



Happy Friday! Hope you all have a great weekend. Here is a currently post sharing more about what is going on in my life right now…

Reading Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult. It’s my book club pick for March. I am about halfway through and I like it so far but it’s definitely tough to read. As any fans of Picoult know she always tells her books from a few different perspectives. This particular book is told from three perspectives and one is a white supremacist. It is SO hard to read the chapters from his perspective and think about how there are people in our world who actually think like that *shudder*

Loving taking a break from social media!!! I have deactivated my personal Facebook & Instagram accounts for the month of March and it has been great so far. I literally feel like I have gained extra time in my day by doing this (which is also quite sad! Ha) I created a fake account to manage some work related social media stuff I have to do, so I think extended personal SM breaks will happen much more often in my future.

Feeling so so ready for spring. We got our first snowfall on October 1, so it has been a longggg winter in the north. We had some amazing chinooks and warm days sprinkled in over the last five months, but recently it turned cold again and is back around -20 C and I’m so over it. In the future I will be booking warm getaways for March as this is when I really need it!

Thinking about our upcoming trip! We are heading to England and Iceland in April/May. We are spending 4 days in England and taking in Harry Potter & the Cursed Child and then we’re heading to Iceland for 10 days where we rented a campervan to drive the Ring Road. So far the accommodations, plane tickets and campervan are booked but I’m starting to think about what else we’ll do while there!  Any and all suggestions welcome.

Anticipating getting possession of our new home next week! We get possession on Wednesday and I am sooo excited. Luckily we have our rental until the end of March so we can take our time moving all of our things.

Watching Big Little Lies on HBO. I watched the first two episodes last night. It follows the book very very closely so far and it’s pretty good. Reese Witherspoon is perfect as Madeline!

Working from home today, which is my favourite thing! I am so much more productive and it’s also just a nice treat/change. My last job involved tons of meetings, community events etc. whereas my new job is a lot more email and phone based so I feel like I’m often chained to my desk for 8-9 hours per day. I usually work from home a couple of times a month just to change up the routine.

Grateful for my amazing husband. With us working completely opposite work hours these days it makes me appreciate our time together even more. He is on night shift right now and I miss him so much and only see him for about 30-45 mins total each day but I sure am grateful for those little bits of time with him 🙂

Listening to lots of podcasts as always. Some of my latest favourites are Canadaland, Commons and Macleans on the Hill, which are all about Canadian politics. I am becoming more and more interested in (and distressed by) politics these days. Mainstream world news seems to be mostly obsessed with US politics so it’s nice to stay informed about what’s happening in my own country.

Wishing that I could close my eyes, snap my fingers and click my heels and all our stuff would be magically moved and put away in our new home. 🙂

What are you loving, watching and grateful for?