Tea Date!

Let’s have a tea date!

If we were having tea today I would tell you how much I love my new fuzzy blanket that I picked up at Homesense last weekend for only $25. I’m slowly putting out a few different holiday themed pieces and this is one of them. Plus it’s sooo soft and fuzzy, perfect for cuddling up on the couch with like I did on Sunday night.

IMG 0411

If we were having tea today I would tell you that I was hoping the Week in the Life series would get me back to blogging regularly but it didn’t! I just don’t feel like I have much to say these days. Actually, that’s not entirely true, I have A LOT to say but not all of it is appropriate for the blog. I’m feeling especially political these days. Which leads into my next point…

If we were having tea today I would tell you it’s been very difficult to not write many ranting blog posts about my opinion on the current Syrian Refugee Crisis. If you are friends with me on Facebook you know my opinion on this “issue” (or non-issue in my opinion). I have been absolutely appalled and disgusted by the ignorant and racist posts being shared by many of my Facebook friends. Any “friends” on my Facebook who I haven’t spoken to since high school / middle school etc. who posted blatantly racist posts I just used this opportunity to delete them as friends. Obviously we don’t share the same values so why should we be friends on Facebook? All I will say on the topic on my blog is I’m so proud of Canada for bringing in so many refugees and I trust the government and the experts to do the proper screening processes and don’t feel the need to chime in and be skeptical about the processes they are following. This is their job, it’s not my job. It’s just sad to see all the ignorance and xenophobia out there.

Anyways, want a feel good story? Check out this one in the Calgary Herald about a Syrian family who arrived in Calgary yesterday.

If we were having tea today I would tell you that I am so looking forward to having two weeks off work at Christmas. I’m going home to FSJ for four days at the beginning of my break but for the 10 days after Christmas I will just be doing a lot of relaxing at home. Reading, watching Netflix, sleeping, cleaning and organizing, going to yoga and the gym. I cannot wait!

If we were having tea today I would tell you that I’m barely running or going to yoga, which made up my main repertoire of workouts a couple of years ago. Thanks to my Y membership and the Holiday Shred I am doing quite a bit of strength training, 3 – 4 times per week, and lots of high intensity strength training at that. I think the Holiday Shred workout has had burpees in every single workout the last week! It’s been so good for me to push myself again though.

If we were having tea today I would tell you I never did get into having a fitbit or anything like it but it sure has been interesting paying attention to how many steps I take on the Health app on my iPhone 6. I’ve been averaging around 7,000 steps per day which is pretty good. I would like to try and get that up closer to the 10,000 range though!

And that’s it for me!

If we were having tea today what would you tell me? 


Week in the Life: Weekend Recap November 14 & 15

To wrap up my “week in the life” series I did all of last week I am going to do a weekend recap!

Saturday Morning 

Saturday was Eric’s birthday! I really wanted to get up and make him breakfast and coffee but we were up until midnight the night before watching Parenthood and he beat me out of bed in the morning and made his own coffee. Darn it! After I got up I had some coffee and gave him his birthday present (a pair of Bose Powerbeats wireless headphones and a whole bunch of candy!) Then we hung out and drank coffee and read our books for awhile.

Around 11am we headed out for a 5km birthday trail run with Chloe!

IMG 0312

After the run I went and picked us up lunch, again I told Eric I would pick up whatever he wanted and he chose Carls Jr. so that’s what we had :)

Saturday Afternoon

We spent several hours on the couch/in the chair on Saturday afternoon watching Parenthood! I think we watched 3 or 4 episodes in a row. It was a very low-key afternoon!

Saturday Evening 

We picked up my uncle who was visiting my mom this weekend and headed down to Red Collar Brewing which is a really cool microbrewery that also has board games. I was the DD so I only had one beer but the boys enjoyed a few beer each and we all shared nachos while playing crib.

IMG 0315

After Red Collar we headed to The Keg for a late steak dinner. It was a fun night!

Sunday Morning 

Saturday was another late night so we slept in a bit Sunday morning. I crawled out of bed around 8:20am to a complete winter wonderland outside. I didn’t take a photo but there was a lot of snow and also huge huge snowflakes were falling. I’ve never seen snowflakes so big!

IMG 0319

I made a green smoothie (needed to detox after the night before) and coffee and then did some meal planning and made a grocery list while reviewing my Holiday Shred 2015 documents. Around 10 Eric headed to the gym and I headed to the grocery store to stock up on everything I needed for the weeks meal plan! I also got some more cute holiday decor while there :)

IMG 0325

After grocery shopping I quickly dropped everything off at home and went to a 1-hour hot yoga flow class. It had been two weeks since my last yoga class and I woke up feeling stiff Sunday morning so knew I needed it!

Sunday Afternoon & Evening 

I posted this picture on Instagram yesterday and it basically sums up the afternoon for us…

IMG 0323

We drank baileys and coffee and cooked and cleaned! I literally was in the kitchen from 2:30pm until almost 8pm. We made:

  • Turkey chili
  • Pulled Pork in the crockpot
  • Shepherd’s Pies x 2 (one for our freezer and one for a friend who is having health issues)
  • Peanut Butter popcorn for snacking on this week
  • Oatmeal for breakfasts this week

And while I made all that stuff (with some help from Eric, for example my shepherd’s pie was NOT turning out so he helped me with it) Eric cleaned! He vacuumed and scrubbed our floors, wiped down our walls on the top and main floor and even rearranged our bedroom.

IMG 0327 IMG 0330

IMG 0332

We also did three loads of laundry. Whew. My feet were aching by the time I sat down to write this blog post! And in about five minutes I’m going to hit publish on this post, fold some towels and then crawl into bed.

For the second weekend in a row I had a very relaxed and quiet Saturday and a very busy and productive Sunday. I think I might have to try and reverse it next weekend as it is a bit exhausting going into the week after a super busy day!

And that concludes my “week in the life” posts for 2015. Thanks for reading and glimpsing into my day-to-day life last week!

How was your weekend? 


Week in the Life: Friday, November 13

I certainly cannot start my ‘Day in the Life’ recap from yesterday without acknowledging the absolutely tragic events that happened in Paris yesterday evening. I am so so so sad about this and thinking and praying for all those affected by this tragic and horrific act.


So here is how my day went down yesterday. It was another day off of work for me as I had some overtime built up so decided to take a long weekend.


So remember how in my blog post the night before I said I allowed myself two Parenthood episodes before bed and I was typing up that post halfway through episode 2? Welllll, after hitting publish on that post I ended up staying up watching 3 more Parenthood episodes until 11:30pm!!! Whoops!

So Friday morning started with a glorious sleep-in until 7:30am and the only reason I got up is because I had to move my car out of the way for Eric to go to work. After moving my car I poured myself a cup of coffee, ate some oatmeal and read my book. After breakfast I got more coffee and actually crawled back into bed and continued to read my book for about 40 more minutes. Coffee in bed while reading was kind of glorious, not going to lie!

I finally decided I should be productive so I got out of bed, did the dishes, put in a load of laundry and cleaned up the main floor of our house. I also swapped out our fall decor for our winter/christmas decor :) No Christmas tree though.…yet!

November 13 winter decor

Then I got ready to head to the gym where I did a 1 hour Group RX class (which is just like BodyPump – choreographed weight lifting to music using a barbell!) I love Group RX and try to go once or twice a week. I even sub it from time-to-time but subbing it is not my favourite since it requires a lot of concentration and then I can’t use as heavy of weights myself!


After the gym I came home and had some awesome nachos for lunch while watching another episode of Parenthood. I am halfway through season 5 now and it takes everything in me not to watch episode after episode!

November 13 lunch

After lunch I got to work scrubbing our bathroom. I do clean our bathroom regularly but I wanted to do an extra scrub with a magic eraser and really get the soap scum out of the tub. I spent a good 20 minutes scrubbing our shower and bathtub and I’m so happy with how squeaky clean it is now.

Later in the afternoon I met up with my mom, my uncle and my little cousin for a hike with the dogs!

November 13 walk

After our hike Abi came back to our place with me and on the way back we did some shopping! We went to Best Buy and the Dollar Store to get some things for Eric’s birthday today. Then Abi helped me wrap up his gift :)

November 13 birthday present


In the evening we went over to my mom’s house for dinner and she also had a delicious chocolate fudge cake so we celebrated Eric’s birthday together a day early.

November 13 birthday dinner

After dinner we came home and I plopped myself on the couch to write this blog post and also watch more….. you guessed it, Parenthood!

While writing this blog post I also regularly refreshed my twitter feed to get updates on the tragedy in Paris. I just can’t believe this has happened :(

What is one sentence to describe your morning, afternoon and evening yesterday? If you had a Friday off work what would you do?