Weekend Recap


I really do not have an exciting weekend recap for you at all. I worked the majority of the weekend as next week we are leaving for Toronto for 5 days so I worked the long weekend so I wouldn’t have to take quite so much time off for our Toronto trip.. new job and all :) So the above was my Saturday scene. I grabbed a large coffee from a new little local coffee shop just around the corner from our house! I miss the coffee shops I would frequent in Kamloops so I’m trying to scout out some new ones.


Sunday morning I met up with a new running group for a trail run! We did 9.5km in just over an hour on a really beautiful single track trail through a provincial campground about 15 minutes outside of town. I’m excited to start running with this new group twice a week and find some new trails. I really, really, really miss the incredible group of running friends I left behind in Kamloops. I know that kind of tribe can’t be recreated over night (it took 7 years before!) but hopefully this is the start of some new trail friends :)


I worked for half the day after my run on Sunday and then spent the afternoon on the couch snuggling Chloe and watching Gilmore Girls! The sun had come out again but I really wasn’t feeling well and needed some down time. My throat is still really sore but I’m feeling a little better finally.


This photo of Chloe is quite hilarious though – she stood up tight to the fence in the only line of sun in the whole yard! 😀 She was out there for almost half an hour.


Remember the snow on Friday? Well this was the weather yesterday. So amazing! We went for a really beautiful hike with my sister-in-law and two of our nieces.

And that was the weekend – pretty uneventful. Next weekend I’m heading down to Kamloops for three days. Can’t wait to see some friends and my mom and do my very favourite race – the Blackwell Dairy 15km. Then on June 1 we fly out to Toronto for a week, which should also be very fun.

How was your weekend? 


From a sunburnt back to freezing feet in 7 days; life in the north!

Hi hi hi!

You will all have to bear with me as I try to adjust to this whole move thing. Not only are we adjusting to a huge, huge move but we are both also adjusting to new jobs and new schedules. At my old job I worked 8:30-4:30 and now I work 8-5. Trust me, that extra hour on the day makes a difference! That said, we now live in a much, much smaller city (town?) so my commute is only about 5 minutes one way so I do go home for lunch every day, but still, it’s been an adjustment all around. I have also started teaching spin classes from 6-6:45am twice a week and going to a bootcamp class once a week at the same time. That coupled with the fact that Eric leaves for work at 5:45am means the alarm goes off very early for us in the mornings! So by the time I get home from work at 5, walk the dog and eat dinner it’s basically time for bed!

Anyways, enough with the excuses of why I haven’t been blogging. Here are a few photos to show you all what my new life in the north looks like :)

Last weekend, May 14/15:



We spent the entire weekend outside! Saturday my cousin and I went to yoga and then walked to the Farmer’s Market, met up with my other cousins wife and their kids – literally spent the whole day outside. On Sunday, we went down to the river with Eric’s sister and her family and my cousin and his family and spent the entire day at the river. Kids in bathing suits, me in shorts and a tank top (and sweating). It was insanely beautiful and hot. In fact, I ended up with quite the sunburn at the end of the weekend despite continually applying SPF 40.

Anndddd…. this morning (May 20):


It’s actually a good thing though (believe it or not) because we’ve had some very out of control wildfires up here already this spring so the precipitation (even if it is in the form of snow) is going to help calm those down.

Yup, welcome to #lifeinthenorth. Enough said, eh? :)

Ok, so that is my quick little update. I am going to try and get back to regularly posting and reading blogs again soon. Hope everyone is doing well! xoxo


Moments from a new life

Hi hi!

Our life still feels pretty unsettled these days. We are staying with my grandma right now before we move into our rental unit on July 1 so we don’t really have our own space or our own stuff — though staying with my grandma is soon luxurious, she takes such good care of us — but it still is hard to not have your own space and just makes you feel a bit unsettled.

Anyways, here are a few moments from our ‘new life’ as of late….

IMG 0367

The sunset was stunning our first night back up north. This deserves a blog post of it’s own – but making this HUGE life change was a massive, massive leap of faith for us. So far, it’s felt really right and really good though and I felt like this amazing sunset on our first night up here was a little reminder that yup, you made the right choice and everything will work out as it should.

IMG 0392

IMG 0425

We’ve been exploring new hiking and walking trails in our new area. They definitely don’t have the incredible abundance of hiking trails that Kamloops did, and we will miss having them right in our “backyard”, but the ones we have found are pretty nice and will do for now!

IMG 0466

I managed to get out for my first run in weeks! My good high school friend Robyn was up visiting from Calgary for the weekend so I met her for the last 6km of her 16km training run. We also talked for the entire run so that has to be some sort of an extra workout right?

IMG 0478 IMG 0485

It has been pretty awesome to spend so much time with family we rarely got to see before. One of them being my cousins little 7 month old guy, Gabe. Chloe and Gabe are especially good friends and Chloe figured out exactly how to stand so Gabe’s little head would rub her belly in her favourite spot. It was pretty hilarious!!

IMG 0405

Webster is not with Eric, Chloe and I right now because my grandma is allergic. So he’s spending the month at my dad’s house with two other cats and a dog! So far they all seem to have one another figured out though and my dad often wakes up in the morning to find Webster settled right on his chair! He is the king of whatever house he lives in.


Other moments not pictured – I started teaching spin classes at the gym this week and have also started a Tuesday morning bootcamp class. So Monday – Wednesday I get up at 5am in the morning! It’s been OK though because it’s so bright up north so early. Eric has also been really busy working and spending time with his family so I honestly don’t feel like we get a lot of time together and I kind of miss him. I am looking forward to an upcoming trip to Toronto with Eric, my dad and my brother though. I’m also looking forward to being back in Kamloops in a couple of weeks and seeing all my friends there and doing my favourite Blackwell Dairy 15km race even though 15km honestly feels wayyyyy out of my reach these days…

What are some moments from your life lately?