Our next adventure starts in November!

Before I tell you all about our most recent adventure to London & Iceland, which trust me I have a lotttttt to tell you about, I’m excited to tell you about our next big adventure, which is starting in November 2017!

<3 <3 <3

We have been so lucky to have two ultrasounds and get to see our sweet babe twice already. Once at 8 weeks, 3 days when it was just a little bean with a heartbeat of 174 bpm…

…And again just last week at 13 weeks, 6 days with a heartbeat of 161 bpm. And this time we got to see our little mover & shaker moving around, waving, kicking his/her little feet and standing on his/her head. It was the best thing ever.

Getting pregnant did not come easy to us, and I plan to share the whole story at a later date, but for now I just wanted to let you know that we are expecting. Our due date is November 13 (the day before Eric’s birthday!) and I am 14 weeks, 1 day along and at the very beginning of the second trimester.

More later 🙂 Thanks for reading. xoxo

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, grandmas and those waiting & longing to be moms out there <3


Podcasts, workouts, books and looks of April!

You guys, it has been so long since I’ve logged into my blog that I forgot the password this morning. Can you believe it! I definitely want and plan to start blogging way more again now that I’m back from our trip. I have so many trip posts to share with you and some other life updates / posts as well, so I’m excited to get back into it.

Speaking of our trip, I am so jet lagged that I’m writing this post at 6:20am on a Friday morning and that’s after I walked the dog, did two loads of laundry, made coffee, vacuumed the main floor of our house and unpacked my suitcase. Ha!

Ok, onto my April recap, even though April feels like it was sooo long ago now! This will probably be a short recap since April is a bit fuzzy at this point.


I actually didn’t start listening to any new podcasts in April, so this month I’m just going to share one of my favourite podcasts that I’ve been listening to regularly for awhile now.

Young House Love has a podcast is one of my favourite podcasts to listen to. The hosts John and Sherry are just super upbeat and I find them hilarious, so I always count on laughing out loud while listening to this one. This is a podcast I put on if I’m having a bad day or feeling blegh because you can’t help but smile when listening to this one. Do they talk about a lot of house stuff as that is what their blog / fame is all about – DIY house renovations! But I don’t find it over the top at all and they also offer lots of cool little quick tips and ideas for making your home in general a more pleasant place to live.


Well April was not the best month for me workout-wise. We got a TON of snow in April (it was as awful as it sounds) and so even my walks with Chloe were really limited. I did manage to go to 8 yoga classes in April and I also started swimming laps again at the pool! Swimming and I go way back as I used to be on the swim team in high school and also was a lifeguard and swim instructor in the summer. I credit swimming to helping me get enough cardio endurance to start running 8 years ago! Anyways, since i’m not really running right now I wanted a different kind of cardio in my routine so decided swimming would be perfect. I only went twice in April, but I’m hoping to continue going twice a week throughout the summer.

Side note: do any of my yogi readers use a B Mat? I have been using a Manduka eKO mat for the last two years, but have found it’s starting to get less grippy. I’ve heard amazing things about the B Mat. Let me know if you have one and if you recommend it!


I managed to read five books in April! My favourite was by far Homegoing, which is an incredible book and I highly recommend it. It’s almost like a book of short stories because it tells the individual stories of multiple generations in a family. It really does an incredible job showing how slavery can and is still impacting the descendants of slaves generations later. Since it tells a story from each generation, you can really see how it truly does take generations to even start to ‘move on’ from something as traumatic as slavery. I definitely recommend checking this book out.

My second favourite book of the month was Behind Closed Doors. This is a psychotic thriller, and man was it creepy, but I could not put it down! I was reading it while we were in London and absolutely every time we got on the underground I would pull it out of my purse to read a few pages – even if we were only going one or two stops.

The other three books I read were all OK, but nothing amazing. You can read my reviews of them all on my Goodreads account.


I really have NO looks to share from April so I am sneaking in a quick London picture for you as I did love pulling my very favourite jean jacket out of the back of the closet again for our trip to London. I bought this jean jacket (americana wash) off amazon a couple of years ago and really can’t say enough good things about it. Actually last year when we were in Toronto I accidentally left it at the hotel and was devastated, but was able to call them and get it shipped back to me! Whew.

Hopefully our weather improves in May and I will feel more inspired to take more look photos for you 🙂

And that is my recap of April! I hope you are all doing well, and stay tuned for some trip recap posts coming soon!

What were your podcasts, workouts, books and looks for April? 


Currently: April Edition

Ohhhh hiiii! Ha ha. I feel like I’m starting a lot of my blog posts off with that lately. Blogging is just not really happening for me these days. It has been kind of a boring month. I have been quite sick for a lot of it, which has resulted in me not really doing anything interesting to share and also Eric has been working night shift and when he works night shift we don’t really get to do anything together because our schedules are so opposite, which also results in me having nothing to share!

However, in only 9 short sleeps we are departing on our next big adventure! We are going to London and Iceland for two weeks. In Iceland, we’ve rented a campervan to live out of for 9 days while we drive the Ring Road. It’s going to be a SERIOUS adventure and give me lots and lots of blog content to share with you all.

Until then, let’s do a Currently post 🙂

Reading: The Turner House by Angela Flournoy. It is an easy and quick read, and I am really enjoying the writing style and the storyline, the only thing I don’t love is that I’m just really not a fan of any of the characters. I have a hard time really loving a book unless I can find a character (or two!) to really get behind and root for. So for that reason alone it will probably only be a 3 or 4 star book for me, but it’s one of those books that I can completely appreciate why it’s so well loved and has won or been the runner up for so many awards even though overall it’s really not for me.

Loving: our new home. Even though we are not even close to being settled in 100% and still have a whole whack of boxes in the garage and not a single picture hung on the wall, I am just loving the space. It’s a great layout and set-up for us.

Feeling: so incredibly over winter. ALL of our snow had melted, so Mother Nature decided it would be “fun” to hit us with 30 cm (over 10 inches) of snow on Easter Weekend. (see above photo taken on Friday morning) Ya. And it’s still snowing out there as I type this. Not funny, Mother Nature, not funny.

Thinking: about what I’m going to have for dinner tonight. Doesn’t get any more exact than this 😉 But, since I’m typing up this blog post at 3:00pm, I think that’s a pretty legit thing to be thinking about!

Anticipating: our trip! This trip has been in the works since October 2015 when Eric first bought our tickets to Harry Potter & the Cursed Child. We have also been wanting to visit Iceland since 2015 and we bought our plane tickets last August!! So yes, it has been a long time in the works and I can’t believe it’s finally here, I’m so excited.

Watching: Friends! So much Friends, my all-time favourite show. I watched a few episodes on our flight back from Kauai at Christmas and then started watching the entire series again from season 3 in January. I’m now halfway through Season 10 and so sad I’m almost done. I just love this show so so much. It doesn’t even matter that I’ve already seen every episode 5+ times. I still love it.

Working: on getting a bunch of loose ends tied up at work before I am away for 2 weeks. I don’t really have someone to ‘delegate’ to at this current position the way I did in my old position / team, so I’m trying to get as much done ahead of time as possible and I will have my work phone on the trip with me and possible have to answer an email or two from away.

Grateful: for this life. Sometimes it is easy to get frustrated at life – our conflicting work schedules and how we never see each other, the neverending winter and me constantly feeling under the weather these days. However, at the same time we have so many things we wanted so badly a year, or even 1.5 years ago. A beautiful new house, steady, good, secure jobs that give us the means to travel. So even though I can get bogged down in the day to day, I truly am very grateful for this life I’m living and the path I am on.

Listening: to podcasts, always listening to podcasts.

Wishing: for the snow to melt and STAY GONE. No May long weekend snow this year pretty please!!

What are you anticipating, reading and wishing for right now?